: dedicated to deepening our human connections, so that we lead more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom and secrets of our ancestors, and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves.

In an ever-changing world where people are seeking to reconnect to their true essence, and to one another in togetherness, Art of Love is inspired to offer soul growth and to assist you on your path towards a deepening of love. Art of Love is devoted to the teachings of the heart.

Our greatest adversary is forgetfulness: forgetting our heart, inner truth and ability to love. No matter what has happened in our life, we all have, at least once, been touched by love, and we know how powerfully its beautiful aroma scents our hands and still holds the hands of those we’ve held with it. 

Love has various shapes and forms, different speeds and movements. It unfolds through compassion, tenderness, joy, grace, trust, and generosity. And yet love isn’t an air in the sky, it is something to be embodied; we are meant to build love, contain love, emit love. With a patience and kindness of rhythm, we are meant to embody it through our every day lips, hands and gestures along the ordinary circling staircases of our life. 

My intention is to whisper you back into your heart,

with love + peace,


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You are a main character in your child’s fairy tale

You are a main character in your child’s fairy tale

You are Aladdin, and sometimes you are the magic carpet being everywhere all at once; and you are Sinbad, traveling the vastness of the world and sometimes fighting strange and non-sensical creatures. And you are Gerda, putting on your red bright shoes, showing them that hope is the through line of each story, that love is the greatest power one could ever hold …

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Natal Venus Inconjunct Uranus

Natal Venus Inconjunct Uranus

Love is about freedom within our bonding, and it is about accepting and supporting our unique selves; it is about giving our beloved the wings to fly in the way they need to, and loving all parts of them, wild, free and beautifully charmingly untamed. This is how fires keep burning through the years …

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