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My name is Lubomira, meaning love ‘lubov‘ and peace ‘mir‘. Having lived across three continents, I am a Bulgarian-Canadian writer, spiritual guide, astrologer, storyteller, and humanitarian. I am also author of two poetry books Moonhold (2019) and The God-like Things (2021). In 2019, I created Art of Love, my online publication and initiative dedicated to deepening our human connections so that we lead more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom and secrets of our ancestors and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves. I teach and write on relationships, wellness, mysticism, and folklore. 

After completing my Master degree in finance and realizing the corporate world was not in alignment to me, I decided to devote all my time and skills towards social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and humanitarian work in marginalized areas worldwide. I blended my empathy, spiritual insight and integrative business background to build holistic solutions to complex problems and education development programs, as I believe that impactful solutions can only be built when we connect to the people in the field, understand their unique challenges and align empathically to their needs.

I’ve always been a creative person, loving to experience myself through various artistic ways such as writing, storytelling, poetry, jewellery making, dancing, and the visual arts. Somewhere along the way, heart-led, trust-led, life-led, I took on my creative path through my most beloved medium of expression: the written word.

Embracing my natural gifts and talents, I followed and trusted the natural flow and unique timing of my life, stepping into my calling. Mysticism and spirituality have always been a part of my life, and I’ve always felt and held a strong connection to God since I was a little girl. Throughout my adulthood I developed my spiritual self further through a disciplined way as I spent many years diving into the studies, as well as my inner worlds following the mystic’s path, and strenghtening my intuition, gifts and spiritual core. I gathered both knowledge and experience across many disciplines worldwide, including spirituality and Christian mysticism, philosophy, esotericism, symbology, spiritual astrology, human design, holistic wellness, folklore, ancient traditions and healing modalities, human development, psychology, and behavioural science. 

Coming from a lineage of intuitives and healers, along with my natural born spiritual gifts, I remain devoted to purity, and stay aligned to integrity and the teachings of the heart. My intention is be of contribution to other people. I am passionate about guiding others on their unique paths, to help them discern what is true to them, to help them strengthen their spiritual core, develop their self trust and confidence, and embody their inner wisdom. I approach all my work with discipline and integrity, and stay aligned to the higher spiritual ethics. People seek me for clarity, insight, guidance, and to help them untangle the complex while giving them a hawk eye’s view.

To me, this is not a lifestyle nor a social media page, it is a way of life I rever most deeply and live in my every moment. And while I do not hold the notion of a singular purpose, I believe that perhaps one of my greatest works is to return people to love; to make all things beautiful and mystical for them in the way they were meant to be experienced most naturally – to see the beauty in the simplicity of our ordinary every day, as this is where love always is.

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