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Spirituality, Mysticism + Esotericism

The Secret Threads

… Until one day we find ourselves before the landscape, which embodies everything that we have been looking for our entire life; the echo that called us for so long now swells into the sound itself. And we know. Here is the thing that I was made for…

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Connect To The Heart

Our heart is an intuitive center. The first thing that it does is that it scans the collective consciousness and then it embodies that as a feeling, as an idea, as a passion or as an inspiration. In other words – by the time we get that desire, there is already a need for it created in our world, desiring us in return, yearning to be experienced by us…

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Living in Love

And we fall deeper into love, deeper in to trust. We lean into the beloved, within and without. We live in love: we show up, we share and we connect, opening ourselves wholeheartedly allowing more life to flow through our body…

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