Everything and everyone in life has a hidden potential yet to be revealed. We can see this by looking at a little seed – who could have ever even imagined that within this little seed is a mighty tree, is a sweet fragrance and blossom, is a sweet apple?

Potential is found when we look beyond the surface, and there is always much more beyond what we can see. Learning to see the deeper meaning of the things around us, expanding in our perceptions, is a life long work, but we can always begin, and begin now, and begin again.

As we look deeper, we begin to notice that each person is a small part of larger connected whole; and that each part is part of something else; and that in each is reflected the other, and all connects to all else like a necklace of pearls.

And yet – everything and everyone has a unique purpose and we are all unique in our true essence. This is what makes life beautiful. There is no one else like you, in skills, talents, movements, the way you feel into things and the way you see things – you are a unique tune, lyric, song within the orchestra of life; and through you, the way the cosmic fabric moves is unique.

You have an unrepeatable purpose that started the moment you were born and opened your eyes on earth. Up to this moment, you have lived a certain amount of your life and fulfilled some amount of that purpose, but there is still more to unfold, and as long as you breathe on earth there will always be an untapped potential within you. No matter your age, there will always be untapped potential that you can still identify, piece by piece, and live into in new ways.

Since the day you were born, you’ve been slowly unfolding your potential over time, understanding it bit by bit, as is the nature of this mystery we call life. Transcendence means not only grasping the greater whole beyond yourself, but also seeing the hidden potential within yourself.

You are the seed, you are the mighty tree, the beautiful fragrance of the blossom, and the sweetest apple that will spread sweetness, joy, inspiration and nourishment of minds, spirits and hearts.

We all have natural gifts, talents, skills and blessings given to us by the grace of God, and we are meant to give them back to humanity – we are meant to be of service to others. We are meant to dance our gifts for others. When you write you poem you dance for others; when you cook a meal you dance for others; and when you’ve been blessed by love knowing what belonging feels like, you can then use this to create this feeling of belonging for others. Our gifts are not meant for us, they are meant for us to contribute to others.

All begins with a seed

A rose is a rose is a rose. A rose cannot be an apple tree, nor can she be a blueberry. We are all as we are, and that’s precisely the beauty of it. We are all a poem, a unique melody. And as we unfold each of our petals, a new layer of us emerges in its true beauty – until our full bloom when we release our true, most natural and sweetest scent of who we are – of our true essence and spirit. It all begins with a seed, and while as a seed it may look like some other seeds, there cannot be comparison – we are all unique, that’s the beauty of it.

We may not see the bloom yet nor the fruit, but it is here – the seed is in the soil and in time it will reveal itself. Winter too is necessary. We learn so much from it. It is wisdom set in snow. It is a knowledge set in snow; and it is almost alchemical.

We see animals endure the cold foodless months, we see the limitations, the hibernations, the migrations, and the bared branches of the trees asking us for absolute honesty. All these changes we witness are kind of an alchemy, because in winter we witness the pure strength and courage of spirit, the endurance and the faith and trust. It’s no easy thing. There’s no pretense in winter; there is nowhere to hide, nothing to deny. We adapt. We prepare. And sometimes we perform extraordinary acts to get through.

It’s a knowledge, and it’s a wisdom; and it’s trust, all gained in snow. And this is when we see what we are truly made of. We see how far we’d go to help someone who needs us even if we have nothing to gain from it; and we see how far we’ll go to warm a little swallow, who may not even be able to thank us at all, and yet we’ll go and warm it and feed it, even when we think there is absolutely no chance for her. Because that’s who we are. It’s a strength, and faith and love, gained in snow.

All has its timing. There are clocks beyond the man made human clocks, with hands unclockable, unstrikeable by us. Trust the timing of your life, trust the unique unfolding of your life. There are seasons, and there are cycles. But we can’t push seeds into the frozen ground in winter; flowers will not bloom, it is not their time yet. We’ll only hurt them, and we’ll frustrate ourselves. Walk with patience of rhythm, trust the timing of your life, and stay open to what unfolds, knowing we are all different and unique, and that’s the beauty of it; all has its purpose, not one is bigger nor smaller than another. Each person, each emotion, all is a part of the story of life, and has taken you too one step closer to who you are in your true essence, in your sweetest natural scent.

Suggested Reflections:

What is the new work in you that is beginning to sprout?

Reflect on something new in your life and in yourself that you have taken an interest in.

What are you grateful for in your life?

Limit technology, email and/or social media and take intentional time of connection and reflection.

Discover something new you may love doing – what qualities is it bringing out of you?

What inspires you? What within you resonates with it, and why?

What new thing can you learn – something to open your perception, understanding, inspire a new idea through a perspective different than yours?

How can you nourish the new that is beginning to sprout from within you and in your life? Does it need more focus, dedication, work, water and warmth, patience?

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