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The Choice: Love, I Will That I Am

Now is the time to choose love, not fear. We have to hold on, hold close and hold together. We have to align to a higher consciousness and tend to it consistently. We have to build a space of love, safety and connection and hold that space as much as we can; a fortress of trust. Protect it like a sacred heart…

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Mystic Nights: The Seven Rays and Finding Answers

The Seven Rays are part of ancient mysticism teachings. Esoteric philosophy says that as we re-incarnate, the Oneness is broken down into seven frequencies of vibrations called rays. The way to approach each other as humans in this life is to respect one another’s individual timings and paths…

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Storytime: Finding The Nameless Horse

Has he achieved such perfection? He penetrates the construction of the spirit. Only interested in the essential, forgetting the insignificant; penetrating into internal dignities, he’s lost all his sense of the external traits. He sees what he needs and does not pay attention to what is unnecessary. He is so wise that he no longer sees neither color nor shape…

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My debut love poetry book, Moonhold is a lyrical, mystical, visceral and spiritual exploration of love and vision. Describing emotional landscapes with empathy and precision, the story explores the complexity of human connection and intimacy. A timeless meditation on love as it transcends physical touch into spiritual oneness, and on the strength and fragility of the human spirit as it builds new life from decay.

The title moonhold refers to holding space for love and life through all of its changing phases and uncertainties, as the waning is always held by the waxing. Flowing from one page to the next, all poems are untitled, interchanging minimalism with lyrical free verse to further portray the natural flow of love through all of its movings, stringing together words and perspectives as the necklace of life, inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of Indra’s net of jewels.

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A truly beautiful and masterful collection of poems. 

Beautifully rich and layered; lyrical longer pieces exploring love and separation are woven together with little pieces of heart and soul; the very ribs from the author’s own chest. The tension with which heartbreak is held by hope is exquisite; and told delicately, with profound and kind wisdom. The story gathers around the reader and I think will always be a part of us. I feel quite bereft now it’s finished and sit feeling stragely alone without its accompaniment. A truly beautiful and masterful collection of poems.

– Emma Blas, author of ‘No Less Wild Than The Wind’

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Art of Love is an online space dedicated to deepening our connections, so that we lead more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom and secrets of our ancestors and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves. I focus on love, wellness, mysticism and folklore.

My name is Lubomira, meaning ‘love and peace; great love’.  It is derived from lubov which means ‘love’ and mir ‘peace’.  I am a Bulgarian-Canadian writer, poet, humanitarian, spiritualist, magical creator and author of love poetry book, Moonhold.

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