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Having lived across three continents, I am a Bulgarian-Canadian author, poet, humanitarian and creator. My writing focuses on love, relationships, emotional connection, intimacy and teaching the brilliancy of feelings for holistic wellbeing. After completing my graduate degree in finance, I devoted my time towards international affairs and humanitarian work in leading development programs in marginalized areas worldwide to alleviate poverty and relieve emotional barriers from gender-based violence and abuse. I am the founder of my own non-profit initiative devoted to raising awareness on various causes and the importance of education while also engaging socially conscious people on how to make a difference through the lens of creativity, inspiring a global community of change-makers. As a spiritual guide and intuitive healer, I am passionate about guiding people to tap into their unlimited potential within, find their unique voice and create the life that they desire by offering them practical steps. I am also the founder of Art of Love, an initiative dedicated to inspiring an environment of emotional wellbeing and healthy connection, so that we lead more fulfilling lives. In June 2019, I published my debut poetry book, Moonhold. 

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