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Love Letter: When The Worlds Kiss

Dear Miracle. Yes, you! The Christmas season is here and regardless of religion or spiritual belief, this is a sacred time when we celebrate the biggest miracle of all; the birth of a child, the birth of love. And we are all miracles. It is through our childlike eyes that we can see the purity and the divine in everything and everyone around us…

Dear Limits, I am Grateful for You

“Our human and earthly limits, properly understood, are not confinements but rather inducements to fullness of relationship and meaning. Perhaps our most serious cultural loss in recent centuries is the knowledge that some things, though limited, are inexhaustible. If we always have a theoretically better substitute available from somebody or someplace else, we will never make the most of anything…

How to Cultivate Tenderness toward Ourselves

To keep us tender in this world is the hardest yet most important thing. Our tenderness is where our greatest strength is. When we follow its thread of water, it leads us gently to our core where despite hardships we remained resilient and unbreakable. In a way – our tenderness is our hardiness because no thing and no one was capable of destroying that part of us…

Love & Prayer

There is incredible power to this kind of devotion; of a deeply spiritual act that kneels us each and every time like nothing else ever could. Prayer is an intimate love song through which we enter into a relationship with the divine. Prayer is an offering of ourselves wholebodily and wholeheartedly. Prayer, despite its gentleness, is never afraid and in our hardest times, it gets its feet dirty holding us…

The Art of Sacred Bathing & Spiritual Cleansing

Sacred bathing has been used throughout the world for many centuries. It is a bath of not just washing/cleaning of the body – but a purposeful and ritualistic experience with the intention of purification – connecting our body to our soul. It’s cleansing, protective and restorative effects are sacred…

Soil of The Soul: Nurture & Protect Yourself

Our body skins are beautiful; they protect our organs but they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Beneath the outer skin, there is another skin – invisible skin – of the soil of our soul. This is our bridge to connect to everything and everyone around us. To keep ourselves tender yet protected, we need to take care of our energy – to nurture, protect and bless ourselves…

Magic, The Natural Connection, Rainmaker & Name Giving

Magic is a shapeshifter. The alchemists described it as “the ability to turn lead into gold” or in other words, it is the ability to turn something mundane into extraordinary. At its true essence, magic is a way of perceiving our world in a new way – engaging with it and falling in love with it again. It runs wild and free but it is not found outside of us – it is rooted and threads in our everyday life, in the soil of our soul…

November and Himself

November falls and like deep magick, it smells of cold amber. Cold enough to hold us to absolute honesty. The secret melody of the Piper seduces us towards the tender edges. To follow red hawk and wolf for half a moon – sometimes trees grow too wide and hide us from our eyes – but when love comes, it comes rushing in like endless ocean, wrapping our world in weightless blue…

What Cinderella Knows

Cinderella wants us to know to stay unmistakably true to ourselves and our heart; that we can preserve that beautiful spark inside of us despite our circumstances. But she reminds us of the importance of support; to surround ourselves only with those that truly allow us the space to reveal ourselves freely and safely…

What Sleeping Beauty Knows

Beyond the themes of true love, patience, integrity and kindness of heart, there is an underlying thread of the soul’s path towards self-realization and sacred union, including the concepts of soul’s destiny and reincarnation. Sleeping Beauty personifies the human soul going through its transformation as fate goes beyond the prediction of sleep…

Eros & Psyche: Soul Connection, Desire, Zephyr, Zahir and Leather

It’s a story of fate, soul connection, trust, loss, purification and redemption.
Eros (desire) and Psyche (soul or breath of life) remind us to breathe life into the desires of our soul; a story of soul meets body, for the purified true love capable of transcending time and space. It is a reminder of the importance of trust & self love first in order to…

What Do You Feed (and Why)? Story of Wolf.

We need to feed them both. Because when one is starved, it will wait around the corner in the shadow and come out craving for attention. Denying parts of ourselves essentially means rejecting ourselves. And anything suppressed becomes our master controlling us. Trust with Wolf. Let it guide you and free you. Peace is the mission…

Dear reader, welcome to my space and thank you for being here

Art of Love, Mirror of The Soul  is an online space dedicated to the sacred arts where I teach and write articles on connection, intimacy, wellness, mysticism and folklore. My intention is to inspire an environment of love, empathy, emotional wellbeing and deepening our relationships, so that we lead more fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom and secrets of our world and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves.

My name is Lubomira, meaning ‘love and peace; great love’.  It is derived from lubov which means ‘love’ and mir ‘peace’.  I am a Bulgarian-Canadian writer, poet, humanitarian, intuitive empath, spiritualist, magical creator and author of love poetry book, Moonhold.

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Moonhold is a lyrical, mystical, visceral and spiritual exploration of love and vision. Describing emotional landscapes with empathy and precision, the story explores the complexity of human connection and intimacy. A timeless meditation on love as it transcends physical touch into spiritual oneness, and on the strength and fragility of the human spirit as it builds new life from decay.

The title moonhold refers to holding space for love and life through all of its changing phases and uncertainties, as the waning is always held by the waxing. Flowing from one page to the next, all poems are untitled, interchanging minimalism with lyrical free verse to further portray the natural flow of love through all of its movings, stringing together words and perspectives as the necklace of life, inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of Indra’s net of jewels.

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A truly beautiful and masterful collection of poems. 

Beautifully rich and layered; lyrical longer pieces exploring love and separation are woven together with little pieces of heart and soul; the very ribs from the author’s own chest. The tension with which heartbreak is held by hope is exquisite; and told delicately, with profound and kind wisdom. The story gathers around the reader and I think will always be a part of us. I feel quite bereft now it’s finished and sit feeling stragely alone without its accompaniment. A truly beautiful and masterful collection of poems.

– Emma Blas, author of ‘No Less Wild Than The Wind’