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Holistic Wellness

Feminine Embodiment

What is feminine embodiment and why it matters? How do we come back to pleasure in our body and engage with the energetics of our woman’s body? And what are the core elements of the embodiment practice?…

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Connect To The Heart

Our heart is an intuitive center. The first thing that it does is that it scans the collective consciousness and then it embodies that as a feeling, as an idea, as a passion or as an inspiration. In other words – by the time we get that desire, there is already a need for it created in our world, desiring us in return, yearning to be experienced by us…

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The Art of Spiritual Protection

Our body skins are beautiful and while they protect our organs, they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Beneath the outer skin, there is another layer of skin – invisible skin – of our emotions and the soil of our soul. This is our bridge to…

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Transforming Emotions

The way to heal or transform our emotions is actually pretty simple: we find the opposite of it. For instance, for shame it is honour, for anger it is courage, for fear it is compassion, for betrayal it is loyalty, for abandonment it is commitment. And all can be healed through love…

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The Brilliancy of Feelings

Hold my hand, and let me take you into the brilliancy of your feelings. Our feelings are our inner compass; our navigation system which guides us through life. Feelings are pure, like water; there are no bad feelings…

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