Our bodies speak the language of the moon. We wax and wane, and we all go through our cycles, just like the cycles of the land, and the moving waters of the waves – the ebbs and the flows. There is time for quietness and introspection, and there is time for action and for sparkling; and yet within its waning is the waxing even if we cannot fully see it reflected by the sun. Our moon sign in astrology is perhaps one of the most important ones to dive into and understand, as it shows us many things including our ability to love and to nurture and what we need to feel loved and nurtured, our deepest part of ourselves and connection to our mother, our lineage of soul, and our health and wellness – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Self care and self love are about tending to our deepest needs, and our body, and this is usually seen in astrology through our natal moon sign. Often times in my astrology sessions I give my clients wellness techniques and routines they can practice that are unique to the energy flow of their natal moon. And as it is a full moon tonight, let’s dive into the worlds of our natal moon.

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Our Natal Moon Sign

In Shamanic astrology, our natal moon sign is also known as the lineage of our soul and it shows what we came into this life with. This lineage of soul blends into itself three things: our family history, what’s written in our generic code and past life themes. As such, it can show deeply ingrained habits, as well as gifts and talents, and it can also show some challenges depending on its aspects. Using this approach for the moon signs allows is more compassion through which we create the spaciousness for deeper understanding, letting go and moving on to a different place on the wheel of life.

We feed our souls through life-giving lunar qualities of receptivity and reflection – the secret wisdom conceiled within nature. The moon is the womb through which we incarnated, and the soil within which we were first planted as little seeds. It is important to understand our nature, to then know how to nurture ourselves and what we need.

Psychologically, our natal moon is connected to our childhood, especially the first seven years; and it is can show unconscious and subconscious patterns of thinking and way of perceiving things. Our moon is the sacred space that we go to for comfort and love because it is familiar and known.

The moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer and the 4th house, and as such it is connected to the deepest part of us, to the home within us. Cancer symbolizes the high heart, the purity of soul, and what moves us most deeply, and so our moon sign shows what will soothe both our heart and our soul, and how our needs can be tended to and nurtured, so that we feel more connected to our inner self. The moon also shows how we express ourselves through relationships and knowing the sign of our partner will also help us to understand what they need so that they feel more intimately bonded to us.

Esoterically, mystics have long linked the soul to the moon. To the Sufis too, the soul’s inner receptivity to the divine light was pictured as the crescent moon – which is then filled by the solar fire of consciousness, i.e. the soul receives the light of spirit to be born. Ruled by the purity and innocence of heart and unconditioned love of the zodiac of Cancer, this all emphasizes the need to allow our hearts to be open, taking in the spiritual sustenance that nourishes our soul life within – the waters that nourish our unique physical, emotional and spiritual wild lands.

Our natal moon also links to our fertility and childbirth, and research by Dr. Eugen Jonas has shown that 80% of women conceive during the return of her natal moon phase, which essentially is a few day period each month when the transit moon is conjunct our natal moon phase. Our natal moon phase return each month is also our new beginning and time when our energy might feel most energized – so while people may talk about new moons being new beginnings, well, that’s not for every woman. If you are born on a waxing crescent, it is actually the waxing crescent each month that will mark your new beginning.

Now let’s go through two examples; and please keep in mind that these are very general, as they do not consider the unique constellation in which the sign resides, nor any of the aspects and house placements. Aspects particularly are extremely important, as they change the energy of the sign. 

And since tonight is a full moon in the sign of Cancer, let’s dive into the intimate sensitive cocoon of this beautiful water sign first; and then we’ll discuss the lineage of soul of the Libra moons.

Natal Moon in Cancer

Cancer moons come from a long lineage of nurturing and caring for others, and so they need to now allow others to care for them also.

If you look at the skies at night, you will notice that the constellation of Cancer is dimmer – showing us that we are now entering a quieter part of the sky – one that is private, sensitive and internal. We are entering a lover’s intimate moody cocoon. And tucked into its center, which is known as the heart of Cancer, is the open nebulous cluster called the Beehive cluster. It is one of the closest clusters to earth, holding the largest population of stars than other clusters near to us. And on each side of the beehive are two stars – each symbolizing a donkey; so it’s like two donkeys eating from the honey in the beehive. This is why in esoteric texts, the constellation of Cancer was known as the manger; and the ancients referred to this constellation as the one of the guides for the Magi towards the Christ child. Furthermore, the Sun crosses right through that Beehive cluster on its ecliptic path.

So what does that mean? This is a sign that has to do with nurturing, and love. From the breast of a mother, the child is fed and is alive. From our honey within, we feed others. Astronomically, you will also find that the mouth of the lion from the Leo constellation faces the beehive directly i.e. the lion eats from the honey as well. There are two chambers of the human heart: one receives blood, and the other pumps out blood. This is how we are alive. In astrology, the 4th house of Cancer is the first chamber i.e. relates to nurturing and unconditional love; and then the 5th house of Leo rules the second chamber i.e. expresses the love received through art and playfulness. We cannot give unless we’ve been given; we cannot love unless we’ve learned to love. The lineage of Cancer has been feeding and nurturing for a long time; this is why this is the lineage of The Great Nurturer, The Mother. You will continue to love and give and nourish others, but you need to also keep some honey for yourself; and in this life, it is about receiving from others also, and having stability and a supportive environment. It is about finding true love not false love; and finding the one who knows how to give to you and adore you just as much as you know how to.

As natural givers, Cancer moons need to surround themselves with other givers, because they need to learn how to receive and how to be adored by others. This is even more important, if they are born with a more individualistic ascendant sign such as Taurus, as the ascendant shows our path of life and purpose, so that they can shift their eyes away from caring for others and instead towards developing their strong individualistic self. It is a challenge for them to focus on their own needs as they always put others first and desire to make others feel well. When they feel overwhelmed let them know how much you appreciate them, how they have created a beautiful space for you and your relationships, how loving they make you feel and make sure you can do something sweet for them so that they feel taken care of by you.

For them to feel well, first and foremost – they need security and stability, and a peaceful home environment. They also need to have their own alone free time when they can just focus on themselves and their interests. This is a sign associated with higher intelligence, knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and yet they also have really childlike, pure and playful side. They love to laugh and need playfulness – and while they are playful, often times people around them don’t really support this childlike side of theirs. So laugh with them and give them space, encourage them to have a spa day!

Their homes need to look beautiful, fresh and clutter-free because their home is at the core of their being. If possible, it will be a great idea to even hire some help once in while or as their partner to clean up so that they have more time to focus on themselves and recharge their batteries. They are prone to worry, so soothe their worries by taking the initiative to show your maturity as their spouse, and that they can trust you to rely on you if something comes up.

Since Cancer rules the emotions and the heart, they need to surround themselves and emerge themselves in anything that deeply soothes their soul. It can be movies, music, dance, poetry, imagination, travel – they need to feel things through their body like water and be able to freely flow within their emotions so that they expand creatively also. They also need water – and if there is no possibility to be near the sea at the moment, they should try to take many showers or baths, or even wear more blue, orange and white colors, and especially soft and flowing fabrics such as silk. Traveling and daydreaming is absolutely healing to them, and they need to have their alone time when they can indulge in their imagination.

Natal Moon in Libra

Libra moons come from a lineage where they mastered the art of relationships and harmony amidst disagreements and differences. They spent many lives with their soul asking and learning “What is the nature of partnership and relationship?” They have some natural understanding of balance, or fairness; and they come into this life almost like a master of relationships, with a subconscious expectation that other people understand this too, and a subconscious expectation of associating with people who are going to have the same, or similar, standards of relating.

What happens, however, is that early on in life they find that that’s not the case; and that people cannot really meet their standards of relating in healthy ways. They might have even been told that their standards are too high; and people may often just not appreciate them for their relationship qualities. For example, people may not often give them validation or appreciation for the way Libra moons know how to beautifully create balance and harmony, and navigate delicately through conflict. So at one point, Libra moon begins to doubt their qualities, wondering, “Maybe I am just not good at relationships; I must be doing something wrong?”

What follows is that they begin to do even more for others. Whatever goes wrong in a relationship, they feel like it was their fault; like they should have known better, done better, met higher standards, or perhaps thinking that they are just not good enough. And then they try to do better next time, but each time something doesn’t work out – and that’s because they just need to accept that not all people know how to create the balance and harmony they themselves know. As a Libra moon, you know how to be a good partner, so there is no need to step all over your own boundaries nor prove yourself nor compromise to the extend of losing yourself. This is why, often times, you will become indecisive; and then your spiritual lesson becomes learning, or reminding yourself of, interdependence rather than the codependence into which you might have fallen unintentionally.

Libra moons come from a lineage of soul where they were too focused on the otherness, on relationships and mastering harmony, and so it is really difficult to now realize that things are different. They desire, and need, to have harmony in life and yet they often find themselves in co-dependent bonds due to that almost blinding need. On the other hand, many people just can’t meet them on their relationship qualities’ level because the truth is that most people just don’t know how to master relationships yet. As a Libra moon, you can show others the art of partnerships, how to be fair and delicate, how to have beauty and harmony; and yet it is about the inner peace nor the outer. Focus on your inner world, and don’t be hard on yourself nor think it’s always your fault if things don’t work out. Often times you just need someone to truly see you and appreciate you, and give you the validation of, “you are really a good, caring and loving partner to me, thank you.”

For your self care and wellness, you need to feel appreciated for all the things you do in partnerships; and you also need to have harmony in your relationships and homes for your wellbeing. Stay away from drama, gossip, shallowness – look for the real deal, and build your self esteem. Libra needs to learn what true beauty really is; because it is not found in the external, it is only in the heart; and real balance is also not in the external, it is in their ability to find peace, harmony within, otherwise they will feel lost and without purpose. Libra moons need to have balance, which can be difficult if you have kids or busy work schedules. One way to incorporate balance and harmony in your daily life is through taking time for yourself, in some quietness and aloneness, like a sweet retreat within, where you can truly figure out what you like and want, outside of what others expect them to like and want.

When you find yourself indecisive or confused, this is your body’s way of telling you that you might be falling into people pleasing or what others want, rather than settled in your beautiful strong core of a relationship master. Find that core within, know who you are, and take some quiet alone time to tune into what you want. As an intellectual sign ruled by Venus, you need a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment – and as an air expression of the Venusian energy, sound and words are important for you; so for example, beautiful music, poetry or romance novels might be things you enjoy.

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