Natal Moon Reading

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Natal Moon Reading

Our bodies speak the language of the moon. We wax and wane, and we all go through our cycles, just like the cycles of the land, and the moving waters of the waves – the ebbs and the flows.

For us as women especially, our natal moon is perhaps the most important part of our chart. It is our natural flow, and connect to our body, all within as well as skin. Self care is of course a holistic process, and as much as we care for our physical self, we should also spend time each day caring for our emotions, our mind and our spiritual inner life. Our moon is actually all of these in one.

In spiritual astrology, the moon is known as the lineage of our soul. She holds all memory and energetic imprints of all lives into herself, she is the womb of which we are born. The moon is the deepest and most intimate part of us, it is where we came from, what we carry, it is our memory, heart and mind; it is the unique physical, emotional and spiritual wild lands within us; it is how we nurture and how we’ve been nurtured; it is the cave of our heart, the shelter of our heart, and it is our church within. The moon is the mother and the heart.

The moon is also what feeds us, what nourishes us and what we need to survive. She also shows our physical body and well-being, especially for a woman, and is also our intuition and connection to self and heart. Just as she waxes and wanes in the skies, so we too in our physical bodies wax and wane throughout our life. We begin small like a dot, a peanut size, and then wax, until we reach full size; and then, we begin to wane until we return to all five elements. The moon is essentially the completeness, an entirety, and it is a world that always holds us in love and warmth. It is important to understand our nature, to then know how to nurture ourselves and what we need, and this self knowledge begins from our natal moons.

Being the womb of which we incarnated, being the flow of our feminine yin energy and our body’s natural rhythm, and being ruled by the intuitive waters, our moon sign is also connected to fertility and conception. Our monthly moon phase return is our personal new beginning when our energy pulls in and attracts the strongest, just like we were pulled into this earth to be born, and it is said that that’s when women usually conceive.

Self knowledge is our most important tool in life, and being aligned to ourselves and our natural flow is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Natal moon readings can be invaluable as they help us understand and connect to our deepest parts, as well as to our body’s rhythm and natural flow of energy.

What does the reading include?

In these readings, I will go over your natal moon, its constellation or nakshatra, the lineage of your soul, significant lunar aspects and their implications on your life’s path, your natal moon phase and its natural gifts, wellness techniques and how to align to your body’s natural flow of energy and manifestation; and for those of you interested in conception, I can also list your 12-month ahead fertility and potential lunar conception dates.

Please know that all my readings are highly personalized, and depending on what you most need at this time, or are interested in, I’ll custom make it to be of most benefit for you. Reach out to me for any questions, or to inquire on what kind of session might be most appropriate and beneficial for you at this time.

How can you use your natal moon phase?

Aside from baby and fertility planning, you may also use it to align to your personal new beginning, and plant seeds for your month ahead. You can set new and fresh intentions, and be mindful of what ideas and inspirations show up for you during that time. You can use the days prior for more rest and retrospection, honour your body’s natural need for relaxation and quietness, do some cleansing or purification – so that you are ready and refreshed for your new beginning.

Knowing our personal phases allows us an opportunity for a deepening – to know the language of our body, it’s natural rhythm and flow of energy.

How to book?

You make a payment through Paypal – and then send me a message via the contact form on my website to confirm that you paid for the lunar conception and natal moon reading.

Please include your exact birth details – birth place (city and state), date and time, and also include your current place of location so that I can align the dates.

Once you’ve sent me your email – I will always reply to you within 48 hours to confirm that I have received it and we’ll take it from there. Please check your spam or junk folders because sometimes replies end up there. 

We’ll then discuss if there is anything you are currently doing for your wellness routine or anything else relevant to your intention for this reading. It is always best to be clear in intention when getting astrology or spiritual readings. 

All readings and reports are hand-typed by me and uniquely custom made to every individual; and are sent in PDF to your email.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of the reading.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

By booking this session, you agree to the Terms of Service.

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