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The Wisdom of Folklore, Fairytales and Myth

What Rapunzel Knows

All human societies need to love and to be loved, and to connect with one another. This is how we can experience the full fierceness of human emotions, and only then, would we be able to understand the value of the sacred part of our life…

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Weaving Life: Spindle, Shuttle and Needle

There is abundance of tales, lore and myth across many cultures, connecting spinning and weaving to the divine and to the threads of fate that lead us toward various destinations, and to each other. There is also the famous concept of The Web of Wyrd, which reminds us that it is our own actions every day that weave the yarn for the day after; a web marrying fate with destiny…

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The Dandelion Girl: Love Transcends Time

“The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, yesterday a deer, and today, you.” Love humbly begins from chance meetings, maturing into something meaningful when carefully nurtured and properly cultivated. Each day Julie sees something beautiful and substantial yet each following day is a deeper layer unfolding, beyond the veil of her eyes…

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What Cinderella Knows

Cinderella wants us to know to stay unmistakably true to ourselves and our heart; that we can preserve that beautiful spark inside of us despite our circumstances. But she reminds us of the importance of support; to surround ourselves only with those that truly allow us the space to reveal ourselves freely and safely…

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What Sleeping Beauty Knows

Beyond the themes of true love, patience, integrity and kindness of heart, there is an underlying thread of the soul’s path towards self-realization and sacred union, including the concepts of soul’s destiny and reincarnation. Sleeping Beauty personifies the human soul going through its transformation as fate goes beyond the prediction of sleep…

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What Do You Feed (and Why)? Story of Wolf.

We need to feed them both. Because when one is starved, it will wait around the corner in the shadow and come out craving for attention. Denying parts of ourselves essentially means rejecting ourselves. And anything suppressed becomes our master controlling us. Trust with Wolf. Let it guide you and free you. Peace is the mission…

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