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the god-like things

This collection of poetry explores the depth of the human connection – its memories, mysteries, and unique physical wild lands. Walking the distances carved and craved from intimacy, we are led along the circling stairways of life; of the houses we live in, carry, build, and those unlived-in. The poems smell of faith, stars and campfires, with a mystical sense of storytelling; with each page turning, we unveil layers of the human condition and our capacity for love, despite loss and separation. What emerges is a love story, a hope story, and a story of trust.

At once lyrical and visceral, sensate and esoteric, vulnerable and daring, seductive and ethereal, the poems offer sincere depth; dialogue with time, myth and place; moving seamlessly between philosophical curiosity, folk wisdom and sentimentality, as the author weaves the spiritual within the physical and emotional landscapes of relationships. From the tangible everyday to the vastness of imagination, this book is a beautiful reminder of the infinite possibilities in the ordinary gestures of our human moments.

Read my essay on “The Power of Poetry” published in The Poetry Question Journal, on the connection between poetry and mysticism.

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Publisher: Lubomira Kourteva
Publication date: January 10, 2021
Language: English
Paperback: 178 pages
ISBN-10: 1999109929
ISBN-13: 978-1999109929
Item weight: 231 g
Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.14 x 21.59 cm


Lyrical, intimate, brilliant and truly unforgettable. In fluid and sensuous lines, the author captures the human condition and the unpredictability of life. Recognizing the divine in our physical needs for connection, warmth and shelter, she explores the sacred physicality of the human identity in a highly original and creative way. The author is truly a gifted writer with a finely attuned sensitivity and poeticism; her empathy and heart are what humanity needs. There is an aura that is very mystical, romantic and ethereal in her words that wraps around you and doesn’t let go. Her words reveal us, see us, desire us, and she not only reflects the world but she continuously transforms it — both tender and illuminating, enormous and resounding.

~ Lia Catani

A stunning collection of poetry, shimmering with beauty along geographies of home, seas, fires, wild roses, snow and blue evening forests. From beginning to end luminous language, lyric depth, and the emotional heart of the poems take you. So many of the lines blew me away, and I found myself continually returning to savour the longing.

~ Amaya

A truly beautiful and masterful collection of poems. Beautifully rich and layered; lyrical longer pieces exploring love and separation are woven together with little pieces of heart and soul; the very ribs from the author’s own chest. The tension with which heartbreak is held by hope is exquisite; and told delicately, with profound and kind wisdom. The story gathers around the reader and I think will always be a part of us. I feel quite bereft now it’s finished and sit feeling strangely alone without its accompaniment.

~ Emma Blas, Author and Poetess

Exquisite poetry, by a brilliant poetess, that captures, with tenderness, elegance and lyricism, the depths of the emotional worlds. So truly beautifully written, love breathes on the pages, and touches the heart. I am completely and utterly in love with this book!

~ Fable Elowynn Moon

Breathtaking and soul awakening. Her poetry is love itself … striking the cords of my heart in a most beautiful, lyrical way, the way Pablo Neruda’s poetry does. Absolutely beautifully written book that stays on my bedside table.

~ Kaila Davi, Artist and Writer

No reader will come out of this book without feeling. From the start of the first poem, I was won. Until the last page, I was held, and even after, still am. This is a gorgeous book, so beautifully and elegantly written. The author is an incredible writer with a finely attuned poetic mind who is blessed with the true ability to express her emotions, beautifully and precisely, while capturing the reader’s own. Her writings feel like an intimate diary; a sensual, spiritual and emotional memoir of love. She writes with empathy and compassion of the connections we share to people, places and life itself. As I was reading the book, I felt my own feelings and thoughts inspired by a light that is feminine and sublime. Her heart, sincerity, empathy and warmth are deeply inspiring, especially in a world like today. She is truly a gift. 

~ Michelle, Editor and Translator

I love everything about this book of poetry. The writing is absolutely beautiful and there’s just something about it that has my heart. The poems are lyrical, emotionally moving, and inspiring to all the senses, sometimes in a very visceral way. I’ve re-read it a couple of times and each time I discover a new layer, feeling moved once again. While it’s a book of love, and about love, having a mystical, sensual and romantic aura about it, there are many nuances and complexities in its almost minimalist approach, offering philosophical depth and opportunities for introspection, which I personally enjoy.

~ Kayla, Poet

This book is zephyr – a romantic, mystical, warm breeze gently separating veils, unveiling the magical in the ordinary, revealing landscapes where every part of my being felt sacred and alive. In these sacred lands, as it turns out, is where we are all already living. All we ever needed to do is pay attention, remember and treasure it. I just really love the way she writes; it feels ethereal and yet profoundly human and sincere, reminding me of what truly matters in life. There is feeling, there is caring, there is depth. The words are rich with wisdom and compassion; she allows the language to dictate the lines and phrases, and what emerges is a very musical and crystallized tone. Through her eyes, I felt that I am falling in love with the world, again and again. Some of the images she creates are just so vivid, dreamy and otherworldly, that I’d really want to live in them. This book feels like love. It is mesmerizing, tender, and it is a heart, opened wide and beautiful, in your hands. 

~ Chloe

A truly beautiful collection of love poetry. The poems are tender, lyrical, and filled with emotion in and between the lines. Intimate and touching all the way through. This book swept me away in another world, like magic.

~ Evelina Finn Mayette

The poems are convincing and poignant, written in a pleasant manner presumably derived from the author’s feminine nature, with which its minimalistic displays are a perfect rendition of modern poetry.

~ Dai Ueno, Poet

Rare and profound book, beautifully written and richly nuanced.

~ Elise, Poet

This book is like a painting. It is beautifully written and offers layers of meaning with finely attuned wisdom. In its artful handling of loss, it also gives a lot of healing, as the writer never lets go of your hand. I found it heart-moving and ultimately transcendent. Just like all else this author writes, the language is absolutely gorgeous, affecting, elegant, captivating and deeply moving like water. 

~ Tinka

I am utterly in love with this book. With every page, every sentence, every phrase. The author has woven love into words in such a deep, profound way, that the feelings experienced while reading the book are palpable. Truly beautiful and unforgettable.

~ Rose Chai

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