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Sacred Storytelling 

Tell stories that open hearts and change our world.

I offer wholehearted presence and guidance, and support you in achieving your goals as a creative and storyteller.

You may want to achieve:

  • Find your voice and become a storyteller, writer or poet
  • Tune into your inner magician; Ignite your creative life force, imagination and transform the world, within and without
  • Develop confidence in your unique creative style and learn the art of wordweaving    
  • Complete your book or creative project
  • Create more meaningful and impactful change through storytelling for your humanitarian venture or activism passions
  • Receive personal mentorship customized to your specific needs and desires
  • Blend sacredness into your creative practice

As a mystic and storyteller, I weave the spiritual into the emotional and physical landscapes through the art of words; I’ll guide you along the way so that you shape your intentions, soul’s imprint and unique inner world into a beautiful expression on paperskins. What I offer is an integrative mysticism process that goes beyond words – we work together to blend heart, soul and the unique power of your voice, focusing on your talent to create meaning, purpose and become the art itself, because we are all mystics, experiencing ourselves as a poem of life; in our being is the sacred storytelling. 

A few ways we can work together:

Become the Inner Mystic Storyteller

This is a complete immersion where we create a custom made program tailored specifically to your needs. We work together for a longer period of time as we blend your soul, heart and voice; you go into your own mystical experience, find the essence of who you are and then learn to shape it into words, and a way of being, that will be meaningful for all areas of your life.

Story Mentorship

You want to develop your writing skills, write a book, are already writing it or you want to further develop a creative project. Maybe you feel lost or confused not knowing what to do next, or where to begin, and so we’ll work together as I support you and guide you in finding your voice, unique creative self-expression and completing your desired project. I assist you in structure, organization, and crafting your story in the way you intended.    

Artistic Collaborations

I am always interested and open to creative collaborations in art, poetry, film, music, fashion, photography and architecture. Words are impactful and carry worlds within them; and as an artist, dancer and jewelry designer myself, I love working with fellow creatives to make more magic together.

… and

You can hire me as a contributing writer for your publication or organization. I am dedicated to creating contect that is meaningful, authentic, memorable and impactful. 

If you have any other ideas of us working together, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you. 

One-on-One Consciousness Development Sessions

Nurture your soul space

These healing and consulting sessions are designed uniquely to you and your individual needs and intentions, because we all have our own unique sacred paths. Together, in our sacred space, we will work on your spiritual development, so that you settle beautifully into the core of who you are; and with increased awareness you will break limiting beliefs and thought patterns, discover your highest potential and who you are meant to be, open your heart with love, and tap into your intuitive wisdom and inner magician, so that you can fulfill the purpose and desires of your soul. These private sessions are intended for those who are ready and willing to embody their sacred selves and weave magic back into their life. 

Free Consultation:

I offer the opportunity to connect for a free chat and have a meaningful, intentional interaction and discuss customized session options. Learn more about the healing sessions and fill out the application, here.  

Sacred Reading

This sacred reading will give you intuitive and spiritual guidance that will help you discover what has been woven into the cosmic fabric of your path. 

Applying ancient wisdom and mystical techniques, as well as my intuitive abilities, we will use esoteric tools to bring forth clarity, awareness, attunement, and guidance for your path forward. We will shed light on what energies are supportive of your intentions and how to engage with them.  

These consultations are best fit for one specific question or area of life into which we’ll focus and discuss/analyze in detail. Any topic is welcome and will be met with empathy and understanding.    

Readings and sessions are US $80.00. 

Astrology Soul Purpose Reading

Soul-centered astrology focuses on the purpose and desires of the soul, and how to fulfill them. These sessions focus on helping you discover more deeply the intentions your soul has set during this lifetime as illuminated by your natal chart.

I use a mixture of Western, Vedic, Esoteric and Shamanic astrology techniques, in addition to my intuitive insights and spiritual guidance during the reading, as well as integrate ancient wisdom and mythology to enhance self-empowerment and awareness.     

We will dive deeper into your soul purpose and path of life, your atmakaraka, your nodal axis which point to your destiny point and past-life gifts, highest potential of your chart and anything else you’d like to know. We will shed light on what energies are supportive of your intentions and how to engage with them.

We can also create a Shamanic archetype chart which will point out the past life tribe you come from, your inner beloved and sacred marriage, and how it all aligns together with your present life purpose, with the intention of empowering you and guiding you towards greater awareness.

As a relationship and intimacy specialist, I also offer in-depth analysis on the purpose of your relationships in this life and what you need to do in order to experience more emotionally and spiritually fulfilled relationships. I also offer relationship readings focusing on the synastry between two charts, the dynamics which may play out and any karmic links within the connection for deeper understanding. 

Readings start at US $160.00.

Moonhold | Signed Copy

A signed copy of my first book Moonhold (2019) available upon request.

Personally signed and wrapped while vanilla candle burns, with intention of blessings.

Made with love.

Book Price: US $16.30

Shipping (US and Canada): $10.00

The God-like Things | Signed Copy

A signed copy of my second book The God-like Things (2021) available upon request.

Personally signed and wrapped while vanilla candle burns, with intention of blessings.

Made with love.  

Book Price: US $16.30

Shipping (US and Canada): $10.00

Create Impact 

My philosophy and practice are based on human-centered design and integrative thinking. This requires deep understanding and empathy – as I believe that meaningful, sustainable and impactful solutions can only be built when we align empathically to the needs of the people and apply a holistic multi-disciplinary approach. I mainly focus on social entrepreneurship and projects of impact. 

Take a look at my past humanitarian projects and if something resonates, I’d love to connect and explore how we can work together to create a meaningful difference in our world.