Dear one,

If you find yourself here, it means you desire to nurture your soul space, tune into the wisdom of your heart, and dive deep into the sacredness of your unique path.

My sessions are intended for those who are willing and ready to embody their true selves through self-awareness, effort and dedication. Below are some of my offerings, and you are always welcome to contact me if you are not sure which one may be most beneficial for you at this time, or if you’d like a custom made session designed uniquely just for you.

my offerings

Nurture Your Soul Space Consultation Session

Starting at: US $120.00

Astrology Soul Purpose Reading

US $330.00

Celestial Natal Reading

US $330.00

Relationship Synastry Reading

US $330.00

Astrology & Human Design Reading

US $500.00

Human Design Session

US $330.00

Human Design Path to Love Session

click here to learn more

US $330.00

Astrology Soul Love Reading

US $330.00

Fertility & Spirit Baby Reading

US $330

Family Starry Sky Stories

US $2,500.00

For any questions, custom made sessions, or private coaching, you are welcome to contact me.

my poetry books

Moonhold | June 2019


The God-like Things | January 2021


create impact

Social Start-ups & Humanitarian Projects Consultations

My philosophy and practice are based on human-centered design and integrative thinking. This requires deep understanding and empathy – as I believe that meaningful, sustainable and impactful solutions can only be built when we align empathically to the needs of the people and apply a holistic multi-disciplinary approach. I mainly focus on social entrepreneurship and projects of impact. 

Take a look at my past humanitarian projects and if something resonates, I’d love to connect and explore how we can work together to create a meaningful difference in our world.   

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