Family Starry Sky Stories

US $2,500.00

Family Starry Sky Stories

In these truly beautiful and special readings, I blend astrology, astronomy and my storytelling to create starry sky stories for your children and you; what connects you as family through the soul songs you share in the constellations and starry skies above, what gifts each of you inspire and gift to one another as a family, and how each of you connects to the other in order to inspire more togetherness and understanding as a family.

These special projects may take up to three or four weeks, depending on my current schedule. Each family member’s story may be from 20-30 pages long.

Each person’s story includes analysis of their charts; spiritual wisdom and insight on their path ahead; their special gifts, talents and skills; how to listen to their body and wellness techniques for their energy to thrive; as well as how each person connects to the rest of the family members in the sacred love story that a family unit is; what gifts and wisdoms you gift one another and share; and how you may support one another on your unique paths in life.

You may choose to have a starry sky story addressed to each child and adult, so that it feels like a personalized letter to them; and you can then bind it all together in a book!

Each will share visuals of their natal celestials, including a fish eye view of their sky and close ups of the planets within the constellations, using an astronomy software. The images help to then put the stories together, showing the children the places of the sky and constellations where they share planets with their parents and siblings, so that they feel more connected to one another and see how the starry stories of life unfold.

I remain mindful of the children’s age, so that it is all written in an appropriate way for them; for younger children, the spiritual wisdom and insights for their paths ahead are mostly expressed through story and symbolism, though the wisdom within will last them for many years through adulthood. For the adults, the readings are like my soul purpose astrology readings that I offer, with the addition of synastry i.e. their relationships to the children and how, and why, the two adults came together to create a family.

The readings can be made educational for the children as well, as I find creative and child-friendly ways to describe the meaning of the planets through their connection to nature and our earth. I also love using some curious facts and insights, whether from science, math, music or wildlife etc., to sparkle their own curiosity, depending on their current interests and what would be appropriate for them. I make sure to connect all the story threads of each of you, so it all aligns into one precious story: the story of your darling family, a story made of love!

The quoted price is for up to four family members, such as two adults and two children. Each additional member is + $500.00 US.

What you need to know & book:

Please first send me an email via the contact form on my website to make sure that I have availability for do your special project at this time, or for any other questions you may have. 

Please know these projects take considerable amount of time, energy, creativity and my devotion, so be patient with the process. It takes time for me to analyze and interpret each of the individual charts, find the threads and connections, weave them into a story, and then begin the writing process in a creative way.

A draft may be sent for the children’s stories before I finalize their readings, but please let me know anything I need to know regarding spiritual beliefs etc.; for example, do they refer to God as source or universal energy, or does your family follow a Christian based tradition, etc., so that I remain mindful and respectful of the language in the stories. 

The payment is made through my Paypal. 

You need to know all family members’ exact birth details: day, month, year, city/state/country and exact time of birth.

We’ll then discuss anything you may need me to know – for example, if you want a little story of the higher purpose “why the parents met”, it is best if you remember the date when you and your partner met. 

These readings carry invaluable gifts for their lives, and are written with the intention that the spiritual guidance and insights they need know on their paths ahead will last them for many years ahead, through adulthood.

For the adult stories, they will be similar to getting a soul purpose astrology reading with me, but I will make it child-friendly if your children will read yours also. 

For all of you, I will be including synastry aspects through the symbolism of your natal celestials, and showing each of you how the other is supportive and helpful on your individual paths.

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