“anyone could see it was always / by the sea i’d settle home
so when the key opens / place the blue gently in my mouth”

~ from The God-like Things by Lubomira Kourteva

video poetry

past the bushes violets thrive
& there’s a fox who ate some stars
sweep the ice clean
i offer you the marriage dance

aubade to a husband, october 2020
music by francis wells

dreamt we fed fireflies, october 2020
music by david celeste

cycles of the land, april 2020
acoustic guitar

visual: video + photography

in this heat i imagine gods
and waters,
give off my most natural scent,
expect miracles & i offer myself

stand wet at heaven’s gate
when the sea turns its old face away
we’ll make love in a bed of water and faith
separating, slowly
only to marry again
and again
in the hidden place where we never need to hide
because our bodies smell of stars and campfires

kiss me, from where else
you feel me, lubov
not just with lips
kiss me. from where else
you carry my home, lubov
if not in your heart?