A small selection of my past international projects is featured below. I am currently consulting on and working with a very exciting social start-up with smallholder farmers in Zanzibar, which is not yet listed below, but feel free to contact me to discuss potential collaborations in the future.

I use human-centered design in my work, also known as empathic design, as it is my philosophy and practice that impactful solutions can only be built when we apply a multi-disciplinary integrative approach and we align empathically to the needs of the people in the communities.

Women’s Financial Empowerment

I designed the curriculum for “The Women’s Financial Empowerment Program” which is a 6-month (110 hours of learning) holistic training program to create access to employment, skill-building, and empowerment for women struggling with illiteracy, gender-based violence and extreme poverty. The program is designed to create long-term sustainable impact to alleviate poverty and relieve emotional barriers stemming from abuse. The program is currently taught in Congo, Africa.

Following my in-depth analysis and research, I used Human-Centered Design to create the customized content to address the specific needs of the women, and the desired impact of the program. The program is divided into six modules:

  • The Beginner’s Mind
  • Financial Literacy and Money Management
  • Empowerment, Creativity, Storytelling and Self-Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • The Business Project.

The training program is designed to create long-term sustainable impact by skill-building and self-development. The women learn to develop their talents and skills, while making a living and being financially efficient. The program uses a unique, holistic and integrated approach encouraging entrepreneurship and independence and focuses on long-term skills, financial sustainability and empowerment, incorporating in-context local issues of violence and suppression that the women face and are psychological barriers. 

Education as Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation

Through educational programs, the women develop the skills they need to start and grow their own business, make better decisions and be the leaders of their own lives. This also creates economic growth in their communities and aids in poverty alleviation. The content in the manual is designed so that the participants can achieve independence and realize their full potential as leaders and change-makers. The empowerment and self-development focus in the training aims to break the cycle of gender inequalities, abusive situations and poverty, by providing the women with the tools needed to make the changes they desire. Through education, women have the knowledge and skills to earn their living while also, improving their communities and overall wellbeing.

Women’s Empowerment

Everything starts with the power that women and girls have within them. Living with such harsh realities of poverty, violence and inability to have a choice, women and girls continue to remain dependent and victims to their circumstances. They struggle with feelings of unworthiness, self-blame and inferiority, in additional to the complex psychological effects of trauma and abuse. The concepts of self-reflection, self-care, confidence, trust building, supportive and safe environment, finding their voice and unique talents, and learning to receive, are emphasized throughout the program to empower the participants. Empowerment cannot be achieved in isolation – helping and supporting are the core skills for its effectiveness. The manual inspires collaboration and positive feedback for the fellow women and girls in the community.

By the end of the pilot program a number of the women had already started their own ventures generating profit, and all the women reported that they had gained greater confidence, particularly in finding their voice and trust in their skills. The program continues to be taught yearly in Congo, Africa. 

I also designed the Program Evaluation to assist in the Impact and Analysis Assessment. 

For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact me.    

Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development through Social Entrepreneurship

I’ve led education development programs worldwide. Through educational programs and skill-building, we develop the skills for the community to grow and develop. This also creates economic growth, alleviates poverty and decreases crime levels. This creates market access and generates income for the people while also providing long-term sustainable impact building human capital and self-development.

This unique approach encourages independence, development and sustainability, rather than aid-dependence.  

Social impact is measured both quantitative and qualitative, including social conflict analysis and negative externalities analysis to closely monitor the introduction of the programs and their development. Human-centered design is used to guarantee the best interest of the community is served dependent on the unique needs of the people in their specific environment and cultural conditions. 

Writing Personalized Fairytales to Children 

Writing personalized fairytales for children in hospitals and vulnerable environments, to support them emotionally and empower them through the use and inspiration of their unique “super hero” talents such as creativity, kindness, compassion, friendliness, joy, perseverance, confidence and trust.

Feel free to contact me if you’d want me to write a personalized tale for your child or collaborate further in this field.

Empowerment and Emotional Wellbeing

Creating programs for youth dedicated to alleviate the first world poverty problem – the malnourishment of self-esteem and human disconnection – by building healthier friendships and relationships versus toxic ones which lead to abuse and bullying. Selected topics include building self-esteem, establishing values, developing authentic friendships and relationships, beneficial use of social media, building intimacy, emotional intelligence, creating a healthy body image, and living a purposeful fulfilling life. Currently in progress.   

Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Initiatives

Raising awareness on global issues such as human trafficking and child trafficking. Words matters and our voices should be used towards what matters. Awareness is the first step to all and everything. I am dedicated to giving voice to those unheard, with the intention of creating a global community of change makers, and making a more inclusive and loving world safe for our children.

I raise awareness on various other global issues also and support campaigns for wildlife conservation; and am dedicated to providing tools and educational content based on facts and empathy, to inspire positive progress and possible solutions to complex and multi-disciplinary problems.

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