Nurture Your Soul Space

US $80.00

Nurture Your Soul Space

Connect with me one-on-one in a spiritual guidance session where we will discuss any topic concerning your life. Relationships, love and intimacy, personalized wellness and self-care guides, self-development, consultations on private matters, aspects in your natal chart and how to work with the energy for your benefit, or just needing a supportive ear because you need someone to truly listen – I am here for you. We all have our own unique paths in life, and in these private nurturing sessions, together, in our sacred space, we will unfold the layers you need, as we bring clarity and heart’s alignment – and lots of loving support. 

These sessions are best fit for one specific question or area of life into which we’ll dive further, focus on and discuss; and we may use astrology and/or human design, and whatever other modality will be most appropriate and of benefit to you at this time.

In me you will find the empathy and care you may need, and I will offer any insights, tools, and guidance that may help you forward. Any topic is welcome and will be met with openness and understanding. I align to what you are asking and the situation you are describing, and bring forth insight, clarity, attunement and guidance, so that you can align with your own intentions and move forward in your desired way with more discernment and self-awareness. 

So how do these sessions work?

The sessions are delivered in written form and sent via email within a week of you sending me your question.

First, you make a payment through Paypal – and then send me a message via the contact form on my website to confirm that you paid for a one-question consultation. Make your email as in-depth as possible, including the current circumstances, any background stories, how you feel and anything else relevant, so that I can tune into more details and be of greater help to you in this spiritual therapy session. The more you share with me, the more I’ll be able to be of benefit to you.

Once you’ve sent me your email – I will always reply to you within 48 hours to confirm that I have received it and to let you know that your session will be on its way. If you don’t hear back, please know that I haven’t received your email, and contact me again. Also – please check your spam or junk folders because sometimes replies end up there. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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