Nurture Your Soul Space


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Nurture Your Soul Space

Connect with me one-on-one in a spiritual guidance session where we will discuss any topic concerning your life. Relationships, love and intimacy, personalized wellness and self-care guides, self-development, consultations on private matters, aspects in your natal chart and how to work with the energy for your benefit, or just needing a supportive ear because you need someone to truly listen – I am here for you. We all have our own unique paths in life, and in these private nurturing sessions, together, in our sacred space, we will unfold the layers you need, as we bring clarity and heart’s alignment – and lots of loving support. 

These therapeutic consultations are best fit for one specific question or area of life into which we’ll delve further, focus on and discuss. In me you will find the empathy and care you may need, and I will offer any insights, tools, and guidance that may help you forward. Any topic is welcome and will be met with openness, empathy and understanding. I align to what you are asking and the situation you are describing, and bring forth insight, clarity, attunement and guidance, so that you can align with your own intentions and move forward in your desired way with more discernment and self-awareness. 

Examples of questions I’ve gotten before are:

“I am currently going through a separation with someone, and I think we may share a soul tie, which you described in one of your articles. Can you please offer me some insight on what it is, so that I can move forward with more awareness and clarity, and release the tie in a healthy way?”

“I read in your articles about the importance of sexual energy and the spiritual secrets of this, especially for women, and how it imprints on us affecting us forward and on our creations and children as well. Can you please let me know more on this topic, so that I can be more aware in my choice for the right partner in my life?”

“Can you please offer me some guidance on what’s best for my self-care wellness routine, according to what is most nourishing to my natal Moon placement and energy?”

“I read your article on Spirit Babies and Conscious Conception, thank you so much, it was soul soothing and meant so much to me! My situation is […], can you please give me some personalized tips on how to open my energy to be more receptive, and aligned to my natural flow according to my natal Moon phase and the ancient fertility technique that you mentioned?” 

“How can my partner and I create more intimacy and connect deeper in our long-term relationship? Our current situation is […] and we’ve already tried this […]”

“I read your article on Spiritual Baths for manifestation – my situation is […], my date of birth is […], I’d like to draw in […], can you please advice me on a manifestation ritual that would also open my heart center energy?”

“I’ve been feeling […] because of […]. Can you share some grounding techniques for me and how I can deal with these emotions?”

“You spoke about the potential dangers of the new age misunderstood topics such as “manifesting through sexual energy” which they call “sex magic” – thank you so much for bringing such clarity, intelligence and awareness, it really opened my eyes how I should be more discerning and do my own research because there are many people who don’t know what they are “teaching”! Can you please give me some more insight on that topic, how to harness the energy for my well-being?”

“I was told that I have this difficult aspect/planetary alignment in my chart – what does it mean and how I use the energy for my optimal benefit and/or transform it?”

“I am interested in the topic of … Can you give me some more insights, so that I can learn more about it?”

“I am feeling confused because I was told that I attract unavailable partners and can’t experience deeper emotions and intimacy. My background and childhood from what I remember and prior experiences in relationships are […] Can you share some insights with me or what I can focus on moving forward?”

“I read your article on […] and it deeply resonated because […] Can you give me some insight and additional guidance regarding my personal situation which is […]?”

“Can you prepare for me a specific spiritual bath ritual for the purpose of healing, energetic cleansing and psychic protection? My situation is […].” 

“Can you please do an astro-tarot reading for me for the full moon ahead and what energies will be supportive for me?”

So how do these sessions work?

The sessions are delivered in written form and sent via email within a week of you sending me your question.

First, you make a payment through Paypal – and then send me a message via the contact form on my website to confirm that you paid for a one-question consultation. Make your email as in-depth as possible, including the current circumstances, any background stories and anything else relevant, so that I can tune into more details and be of greater help to you in this spiritual therapy session. The more you share with me, the more I’ll be able to be of benefit to you.

Let me know in your email if you’d like your spiritual session to be using astrology, or tarot, or to be more of a talk interaction in which you share with me all you want and I’ll reply to it offering you insights like a traditional therapy session. If you don’t have a preference, that’s perfectly okay, as I will choose the modality or technique that will be most appropriate and beneficial for you and your situation.

Once you’ve sent me your email – I will always reply to you within 48 hours to confirm that I have received it and to let you know that your session will be on its way. If you don’t hear back, please know that I haven’t received your email, and contact me again. Also – please check your spam or junk folders because sometimes replies end up there. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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