Astrology Soul Purpose Reading

US $220.00

Astrology Soul Purpose Reading

Soul-centered astrology focuses on the purpose and desires of the soul, and how to fulfill them. These sessions focus on helping you discover more deeply the intentions your soul has set during this lifetime as illuminated by your natal chart. My readings as not for the purposes of predictions, as I intend to bring you into your own creative power and move you away from expected behavioural patterns of a chart; astrology is merely a tool and an additional perspective on the wholeness that you are and the unlimited potential that you can be. Having said that, and using my intuitive abilities also, the report will include any current and/or upcoming transits that I feel would be significant to your soul path – how you can work with and navigate through the energies, and any opportunities that might be unfolding for you.

I use a mixture of Western, Vedic, Esoteric and Shamanic astrology techniques, in addition to my intuitive insights and spiritual guidance during the reading. I also integrate ancient wisdom and mythology to enhance empowerment, awareness and deepening of self.     

We will dive into your soul purpose and path of life, your atmakaraka, your nodal axis which point to your destiny point and past-life gifts, highest potential of your chart and anything else you’d like to know. We will shed light on what energies are supportive of your intentions and how to engage with them.

We can also create a Shamanic archetype chart which will point out the past life tribe you come from, your inner beloved and sacred marriage, and how it all aligns together with your present life purpose, with the intention of empowering you and guiding you towards greater awareness.

As a relationship and intimacy specialist, I also offer in-depth analysis on the purpose of your relationships in this life and what you need to do in order to experience more emotionally and spiritually fulfilled relationships.

I also offer synastry readings – offering insights into the relationship dynamics which may play out and any karmic links within the connection for deeper understanding. 

Depending on your needs, desires and intention, a report may be comprised of any of the following: 

  • Introduction to your planetary placements, aspects and house rulerships
  • Detailed analysis of significant and/or challenging aspects using astro-psychology with the intention of deeper empathic self-awareness to move past the limitations of patterns
  • North Node destiny description and path of soul’s intention, along with how to blend it with your South Node’s gifts and experiences
  • Atmakaraka (your soul planet) and its constellation/nakshatra explanation
  • Lineage of your soul as per your Moon sign, and wellness techniques for your well-being
  • Your birth star constellation/nakshatra, Part of Fortune, and any significant asteroids and fixed stars 
  • The higher purpose of your intimate relationships, and what you need to feel fulfilled and satisfied
  • Your inner beloved, and the sacred marriage

If your intention is relationships and intimacy, or synastry with a current partner – this is what the report would be focused on.

If your intention is soul purpose, the main focus will be on the North Node. 

If you want to gain a deeper insight into your relationship with someone, we can do a synastry report (you need to know their date and time of birth also).

If you feel as if you just fell into the rabbit hole and life seems upside down – I can take a look at your current transits for insight and help you find your way out. 

If you don’t know exactly what you want – no worries, I will guide you through a general astrology reading. 

For available bookings and/or any additional questions what would be most appropriate and beneficial for you, contact me. 

So how do these sessions work?

You make a payment through Paypal – and then send me a message via the contact form on my website to confirm that you paid for an astrology reading. In your email, send me your birth date, time of birth and place of birth – and what you want to focus on specifically. It is best to explain your situation or any concern you have in more depth, because then it is easier for me to tune into where you are on your path, and the more details relevant to your current situation I’ll be able to provide. If it is your first time getting your natal chart read, let me know – and I’ll guide you in depth through it as a general reading. 

All reports are hand-typed by me, delivered within a week in a PDF file.