As the moon is transiting my beloved descendant today, I felt it’d be a beautiful time to write about love.

What is the purpose of our relationships according to Esoteric and Shamanic Astrology?

What do you need in love and in a relationship for your soul to fulfill its higher purpose and desire?

What is your soul’s intent in a relationship, so that you feel satisfied?

The stars are our guiding light; a way for us to tap into a higher purpose by opening up new doors for esoteric knowledge. Astrology is by no means something to live by or identify with – but rather to expand with and then make our own choices as new insights emerge to inform us. I say this as someone who has studied astrology for a long time, including Western, Vedic, Evolutionary, Shamanic and Esoteric Astrology, and in my own practice I don’t focus on what will happen but rather to gain insights and opportunities to evolve further spiritually; to align to our greater purpose and unveil the desires of our soul, which caused us to reincarnate. Astrology is meant to be used as a tool for awareness; it was the energetic channel through which we entered the physical body as a soul. So what I find most useful is to guide people to focus more on the themes, purpose and personal development which can be found through the natal chart – rather than looking for specific predictions.

In this article I’ll share insights from both Esoteric and Shamanic Astrology.

Shamanic Astrology. 

Similar to Esoteric Astrology, Shamanic Astrology operates through an archetypal and mystical framework anchored in the universal truth “As Above, So Below.” Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices and it is based upon the core beliefs that everything is interrelated, interconnected and everything has its purpose when seen through a higher view. Its astrology aspect portrays the shamanic beliefs as it gives us a different perspective; one of deeper understanding rather than good or bad aspects and planetary positions. For example, many people say negative things about someone with Saturn in their 7th house or hard Venus-Saturn aspects and yet in Shamanic Astrology, these aspects often times have a protective nature; due to events in past lives, the hand of Saturn protects the native from getting married earlier to people who would eventually harm them and so, a better partner comes later on.

Shamanic Astrology is a kind of a ceremonial and connected approach to astrology with the intention of creating greater awareness to a person’s life purpose and their relationship to Great Mystery or God. Often times, it serves as an esoteric tool to validate and confirm what the person already knows or to strengthen their own senses and intuitive abilities. This allows and helps people in trusting their own inner knowing and inner process through a greater understanding of the mysteries that they have come to explore, develop and evolve.

The main purpose of Shamanic Astrology is to give us the understanding of our own intention, purpose and the cycles of initiation throughout our life. This approach provides a vision of the possibilities we are here to experience and empowers us to make more conscious choices – because ultimately astrology is only a tool and we are the once responsible for our own experience of this life.

Free Will and Fate.

One misunderstood area of astrology is the relationship to free will and fate. Contrary to most beliefs, astrology is not merely a way for predicting and accepting a predetermined outcome. If that was the case, why would we be here at all? No one knows it all because we were never meant to know it all. We will always be students, seekers and mystics. There will always be something we don’t know because it is precisely in this unknowingness that we learn to trust, learn to explore, learn to stay curious, learn to be surprised and awed by life’s miracles, and we learn to experience ourselves, fully and completely, in a way we never did before; we embody our true essence. This is why no astrologer ever will know it all also. As human beings, we will always be limited to our conditioned mind and understanding; there are concepts that we were never meant to know completely and especially tell others about it with certainty – which may also alter their paths. We must hold ourselves accountable to spiritual integrity.

In the old days, when someone went to the best astrologers, the first thing they’d ask the native is: are you on a spiritual path? And if the person said yes, the astrologer would tell them to leave because they can’t give them any predictions. The more we expand, the more conscious we become of our own patterns, and the more unpredictable we become – because we take life in our own hands, we break down old paradigms and we raise our vibration causing new dimensional experiences to open for us. And so – the original chart may no longer matter as much; some parts of it we would have integrated, while others we’ll fully “escape” because we are more conscious and don’t need to learn those “lessons” any more. Themes will remain and the greater purpose will remain – but the way we’ll be approaching life would be different and as such, the physical manifestations will be different.

Our lives are fated, or feel fated, only as long as we live unconsciously. When we let past experiences, preconditioning and old habits to dictate our actions and behaviours, we will remain limited by old karma and fate.

Does that mean that everything is free will? No. Some events will happen such as soul contracts. No matter what we do or where we go – if we are meant to meet someone, we will. But what we do with that after, that’s up to us. Our psychic timeline looks like a rope – made up of many other tiny ropes manifesting into something more tangible attaching to the main rope. What becomes more predominant such as intentions, thoughts and behaviours becomes the main rope. Our sacred purpose will run as a stream throughout our life yet how we approach it, along the twists and turns of life, can always be altered. As for astrology – it is a way to guide us, by bringing awareness to the little corners of our psyche that we haven’t seen yet.

So let’s begin.              

The Marriage / Relationship Axis: 1st and 7th house.

In both Esoteric Astrology and Shamanic Astrology, the rising sign represents the desire that brought us to life. We incarnated in a physical body because we had unfulfilled desires from past lives and these desires generate the birth and the driving force throughout our life. 

While our ascendant describes the path we need to follow to fulfill our soul purpose and who we are learning to grow into and become, our descendant describes our significant other and our marriage or long-term committed partnerships. It also signifies our shadow side that needs to be integrated to fulfill our path.

We are holistic beings and as such we also embody the energy of our partner – but it is often a bit more unconscious. This is why our greatest lessons in life, on a spiritual level, are learned through our relationships. 

 Integrating The Shadow Self.

The 7th house represents our inner partner. It is the image we create for the kind of partner we want and are attracted to, which also includes all of our shadow sides that we haven’t yet integrated. In other words – our unacknolewdged sides will often times be expressed through partners. Once we integrate our shadow, or our unconscious personal elements, through acceptance and allowance – we will be faced with less mirroring and will move towards a higher manifestation of our 7th house including the partners that we attract and the kind of relationships we’ll experience. Actually, the 4th, 8th and 12th houses also feature a lot of our shadow side through our relationships with other people but that’s a different topic.

Our ascendant develops very early on in life and is made up of what we know about ourselves, what we want to be, what we identify as ourselves and what we want to be seen as. Our descendant develops around the same time and contains all that we are unconscious of or the parts of us that we don’t want to associate with. So in essence, we split ourselves in two. Our descendant is both what we are attracted to and repelled by in other people – and in ourselves. Whatever we desire but we haven’t integrated within ourselves, we look for in others. We can’t really know our unconscious side – but we can experience it in flashes through others – which then allows us to integrate these parts of us when we acknowledge them to be true about our own selves. We have to allow ourselves to be comfortable with parts of us that maybe aren’t so “pretty”; the truth is that we all contain everything within us. This doesn’t mean we have to act on these qualities – but it means to be in allowance and humility that we hold them too – rather than always contributing them to other people.

We search for us in others. Once we integrate and come into connection within – then we start to experience the entirety of who we are and can experience a love of greater depth. This will also allow us to be much more discerning about who we allow into our lives as partners rather than continuing to replay and relive old narratives; we will no longer settle for less because we won’t need someone to show us our shadow side. When we come into our wholeness, we won’t even be attracted to anyone who isn’t on our resonance anymore; we are able to stay in our truth, aligned to our own higher purpose and stand on our own; and this is when we can enter into sacred relationships. Becoming our whole attracts another whole; and we experience something truly deep and fulfilling.

The Purpose of Relationships Through The Ascendant-Descendant Axis.

Relationships are hard. But there is always a purpose and a common ground that we can tap into to experience a better, more mutual path ahead, which would satisfy both of our higher desires and dharma.

Look at the sign of your ascendant-descendant axis and then, read below for a discussion on what you desire on a soul level to feel satisfied in your relationships.

Let’s say your ascendant is Scorpio, then look at the Taurus-Scorpio as it relates to both, vice versa. Remember – you are both in it together, so your energies will naturally merge.

If you are new to astrology, a few points to remember:

1) It doesn’t mean that your spouse/partner/lover would be the sign of your descendant; it only means that their qualities would align to that energy. So if the descendant is Scorpio, you would just be attracted to people who are more scorpionic and your relationships will be more scorpionic, of great passion, emotional depth, spiritual bonding even telepathy, and may revolve around power and obsession, depending on the manifestation of the energy.

2) You may not feel the way described in the axis and purposes described below until later in life after you’ve gove through a few longer term relationships, as these are usually deeply seated desires, requiring learning about our own soul’s desire and walking our own truth of heart.

3) When it comes to synastry and compatibility, it doesn’t mean that both partners would have the same axis – but it would be important to be with someone who is just understanding and supportive of your own desires and needs.

4) Keep in mind that these are only general themes, as the house planets and their aspects will influence the energy and offer more precise insights.

a r i e s – l i b r a

Balance Between Independence and Co-dependence 

The key to this is learning about interdependence. The energies of Aries and Libra are quite different, so when they interact the relationship may be more difficult compared to other axis. Aries is all about the “I” as a beginner and initiator, but their soul evolution would eventually have to move toward “the other”, as they learn to consider other people more than themselves within the relationship. On the other hand, the energy of Libra is all about “the other” and through their relationships they will learn to be a bit more independent in a healthy way and tone down their overly dependence on needing a relationship. The mutual intent of this relationship axis is their personal soul journey through a relationship – as both learn to tone down some of their more extreme sides and yet stay authentic to their soul’s desire.

Relationships that are healthy thrive on interdependence. It is important to realize that we need another as much as they need us, that we must give to another and not only take from them. Often times, we give what we want to receive, and not what the other person truly needs. Humility and vulnerability, while also building a healthy self-worth and reliance on one’s own inner life, rather than needing external validation all the time, are all themes and lessons that may play out for this axis. Loving must become more selfless, and based upon self-love and self-acceptance. 

t a u r u s – s c o r p i o

The Deepest Kind of Love

This axis is about experiencing love that is deep on all levels – emotionally deep, soul deep and sexually deep. As both of these signs are connected to the senses, and all beyond the senses, it is all about surrendering oneself, and experience oneself, through trust, passion, intimacy and vulnerability; it is about complete merging of body and soul, as we allow ourselves, fearlessly, to be entirely stirred up by the wildish soul of another person.  

On the one hand we have Taurus energy, which is all about experiencing the physical pleasure of life through the senses such as touching, smelling and tasting. And then we have Scorpio energy, which is all about experiencing the emotional depths of life and transforming themselves through the intensity of life force energy. When we combine these two, we have the deepest of desires for the ultimate soul-body-mind-heart merging. Both of these signs rely and depend on trust – so trust and privacy are the foundation of the relationship; and sexual compatibility and keeping the spark alive become a priority. And yet it is merely about sex, it is about emotionally connecting to one another as deeply as possible; emotional connection is what will bind you.  

This axis is also known as the Tantric Path, because the energy of it is capable of experiencing the kind of love that would transform and transmute their entire being. It’s all or nothing. It’s everything. Sex is never just sex here – it is a way to feel one another deeper and reach the highest ecstasy, to reach God. They are here to learn about how to master life force energy, how to bring spirit into matter, and how to harness sexual energy to then channel it through their entire being.

These individuals would not be found on dating apps and shallow small-talk is boring to them. Casual sex-only relationships should also be avoided, even if they are tempting to them earlier in life. They would be able to align to their higher purpose only when they are intimate with someone that they love and are emotionally and spiritually bonded with. Usually in their younger years they’d prefer something more “stable” or “carefree” or even “open”; and yet they’d always attract intense partners and experience their relationships very intensely. This is because they are meant to transform through this and be aligned to their own passions and vulnerabilities; they need to surrender to love completely.

They need their souls and bodies to be in love. Their path to God is through experiencing a physical love connection, which is also emotional and spiritual. When you have this axis, you need that kind of sacred love – the kind that would take you into the deepest realms of intimacy – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Touch and sex become very important in this life, and yet you can stay celibate for years if not in love. If you are in a marriage or relationship, and your intimate life is not going well, you need to address this, otherwise you may separate or distance yourself from your partner even further in more unconscious ways. You can try couples therapy or introduce some eroticism and imagination to your intimacy, to rekindle the spark. And remember: it is all about emotions, so emotional connection is key, which will then inevitably spark the physical desire also.

You need to acknowledge these deep desires that you have within you, and not be ashamed of your powerful urges, because it is your soul’s intent to be passionate and experience itself through the surrender to deep love. You would not be satisfied with someone who isn’t your everything; you need intimacy on all levels. You need this to feel alive and you need to learn to surrender in the changing waves of love. Your path to enlightenment is through learning how to feel all feelings, pleasures and passions. You are here to experience love in its deepest way that most people can’t even dream of. And you will.

g e m i n i – s a g i t t a r i u s

The Adventurous Quest For Truth

These free spirited adventurers are on a quest to discover their individual truths. Both of them need a lot of space; they need a sense of freedom and a space where they can cultivate their unique curiosities. This doesn’t mean they would never like to be in a marriage but these are the people who may love long-distance relationships and hold on to them for a long time without much worry or concern. It’s not because they don’t care for each other but it is because their souls need to explore and make their own quests for finding their truths.

Each of them seeks more knowledge, even if they go about it in slightly different ways. That’s just part of their curious childlike wonderful personality – and this is what will draw them back towards one another again. After their unique travels, within or without, they will always come back to their partners joyfully sharing their adventures and loving each other even more. Both would love traveling together and exploring but would also need time on their own to do their own thing embracing their curiosities and need for space. So give yourselves the freedom to be who you are and allow one another to go on your own paths when you need to – it would of mutual benefit. 

When you are living together, it might be helpful to each have your own space in the house where you retreat and do your own thing – or have your own hobbies outside of the relationship. However, remember that it is important to then re-connect to your partner, because otherwise you may drift apart too much. One way to do that, is to share and communicate, while appreciating one another’s expressing of self. 

c a n c e r – c a p r i c o r n 

Our Home is Our Kingdom

These two energies are what becomes the home of the zodiac. Capricorn is the archetype of the provider and the father, while Cancer is the nurturer and the mother. They are in a way the pillar of society – and they areall about family even if they approach it from different channels. Many people who have these axis enjoy the traditional family dynamic – and even if they don’t fit the traditional style family, something in their approach would always have that undercurrent energy of providing and nurturing. Perhaps they’ve dreamt of having a family since young age, and subconsciously choose their partners on the basis of “Can I build something stable with this person?”

Their deepest intent is building a supportive and warm home; the king will build the foundations of security and the roof of protection, while his queen will build the walls within which their love will be nourished and grown. They are here to learn about building and nurturing, harmony and stability, and they do this through creating a family and a home, whether physically or metaphorically. They can build a business together, a social venture together, or even a community garden together. But the essence is the same: it serves to hold, nourish and support.

Another manifestation of this axis is the building of family values and/or continuation of tradition. This doesn’t have to be necessarily traditional but they will feel a sense of almost nostalgia and a deep connection to roots, to land and to culture. They may desire to somehow take older traditions and re-shape them into something more modern and new, while continuing to remain respectful of the ancestral wisdoms. Maybe they like the restoration of vintage things, and even have a business connected to that – or are involved in historic work, or just love history itself. They may also feel inspired and bond through building their own unique values in their home, setting some family traditions, and passing on to their children a sense of stability in their roots, and building their community whether as a family unit, a community or a business venture.   


l e o – a q u a r i u s

Empowering Each Other’s Individualities

These two are highly individualistic signs in that they are very autonomous. When vibrating at their highest level, they don’t need someone else to complete them; they need someone who can further empower them and lift them in their unique individualities. Both of them need to give one another the needed space but also support the growth in the other’s individuality. 

If you have this axis, you need a partner who will be supportive of your uniqueness. Co-dependency should be avoided at all costs as it would limit the growth of both partners. So let’s say throughout your life maybe you’ve had relationships with partners who constantly pushed you to be your own self. You may have found that frustrating because all you thought that you needed and wanted was to share your love and passion together. But it was only meant to help you discover who you truly are and be able to shine on your own. At a younger age, maybe you didn’t think that this is what you needed, but you just weren’t aware of it yet – and as you evolve and go through these situations, you will remember that shining on your own, and needing to be empowered by your partner in your unique individuality is what you most need in love.

For this axis to work in a healthy way, you need to remember that it is not about changing your partner – but about empowering them and supporting them in whatever they feel drawn to – so that they shine their own individual light. This is their unique path, as is yours – but you can both still walk side by side in love and support – for both of you will shine together. This axis needs deep acceptance, of self and of the other, to manifest in its higher energy. They also need to release any ego-centric motivations, and be more emotionally open to their partner.

v i r g o – p i s c e s 

Sharing Sacred Work

What connects these two energies is contribution to others. It doesn’t sound too romantic, and it is rarely that this is something they are aware of earlier in their life. But as time goes by, they learn to understand that they feel most content in the relationships in which they’ve had something common to share, where both of them felt purposeful and needed in their service to society.

Our sacred work is the work we do, which brings us true joy through our contribution to others. It doesn’t have to be “work” – it can be gardening or anything that these two partners can share together that makes them feel purposeful. Both of these signs have a desire and a mutual intention of being in service to other people and when in a relationship, this is something that would make them bond to one another while aligning them to their higher soul’s purpose.

I know a woman with this axis who never wanted something like that even in her 30s; she always thought that passion was all she needed in her marriage, as of course many of us do. Eventually, she got divorced and she is now in her late 40s where sacred work has become the thing she is truly passionate about. Looking back, she reflected that she always felt happiest with partners with whom she’d share some project or work together. With this new understanding, she is now able to experience more fulfilled relationships that are aligned to her own purpose and follow the true desires of her soul. 

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