If you’ve had a spiritual astrology session with me, you’d know that one of the first things we delve into is your natal Moon’s nakshatra – which is in essence, the constellation under which you were born in this life. Nakshatras are like beautiful love stories full of deep wisdom and symbolism, and for all of us, our natal Moon is perhaps the most important part of our chart and energy; it is the inner world through which we experience life, others and ourselves. It is the deepest part of us, the most intimate and almost sacred, because it is the home of our heart. As such, by understanding our Moons, we will have the opportunity to feel more settled into our heart core – to know how to connect to ourselves and how to take care of ourselves, which will allow us to feel more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually more fulfilled in our lives.

The Moon is the shelter of our heart, our home and church within. It is ruled by the sign of Cancer, which is considered one of the purest signs. This deep watery sign is also known as our highest teacher and referred to as the “guru” or intelligence in many mystical texts. This is because the sign of Cancer rules our heart; it is a heart-centered energy and heart must always be handled with wisdom and discernment. When we say the heart, it is the high heart that is ruled by this zodiac – which is the energy of compassion, empathy, generosity, kindness, grace and sacredness. It is all unconditional love embodied through our every day lips, hands and gestures, and it is motivated by contributing to other people and the betterment of humanity.

True intelligence comes from the heart, as to “know the minds of others, we must know the heart.” Cancer is a very powerful sign and while people may mistake its Moon influence for weakness – it is ocean, it is power, it is strength, it is divine. Many powerful deities and people throughout history were born in powerful nakshatras that are Cancer-ruled, such as Punarvasu nakshatra, which is considered the purest and most benevolent of all.

There are 27 nakshatras – and these are essentially the wives of the Moon as the Moon is a 28 day cycle. Each nakshatra is like a yoni, or a womb; it is the feminine aspect of receptivity – receiving within itself the seed that we are, and through which we are born and then nurtured in its embrace.

Art by Conrad Kiesel

As women, we are all unique and our energy is naturally receptive. We need to know the cycles of the land that we are, and we need to tune into ourselves and learn how to listen to our inner wisdom and heart.

The feminine is the keeper of secrets and mystical wisdom – but this carries within itself the responsibility of self-knowledge. A woman needs to know herself. In mystical schools, priestesses would spend many years on their devotional paths learning to “know thyself and know the earth”. Only after that, they could be initiated into their high intuitive gifts and grow spiritually.

Devotion is the veil through which awareness shows its beautiful face. Chop wood, carry water. No quick paths, no short cuts. Often times in life, we learn most through silence rather than books. In the tending to, caring and service to another, we expand in our heart and in our soul.

Once a woman knows herself, she can inspire others. It is said that a woman’s higher purpose is to lead man to God, and man’s higher purpose is to protect woman and provide her the space of stability where she can unfold in her beauty and true inner self.

Once a woman knows herself, she can discern the beautiful qualities of a man and inspire him to embody them – is he a teacher, a guide, a protector, a leader? She can raise her boys to grow into men who are honourable, courageous, truthful, fair, emotionally intelligence and have the integrity that a true heart demands.

Unfortunately in our world today many women don’t know themselves fully, because we just don’t have the tools nor the support to do so. In general, authenticity has never been truly supported by societies, and all of us people, no matter the gender or identity, are often pushed towards being something that we are not – we are pushed to live against our true nature, which affects our overall wellbeing; we are pushed to fit into some category or box, so that we are more sellable, marketable and of convenience to profit corporations or contribute to someone’s agenda. To be your true self is a revolution, and a constant fight without much support. It takes a lot of courage and strength of spirit to stay aligned to your higher morals and values in our modern world.

The whole brand of “women’s empowerment” has become yet another way to violate, objectify and diminish a woman’s true power – which is the power of her heart and emotional wisdom. Unfortunately, there is a lot of women’s exploitation and further separation in our world disguised under this “brand”. It is no longer empowerment, it is disempowerment in various subtle yet almost soul-destructive ways. We also don’t have the support of the masculine energy, so there is imbalance in the energetic polarities. Many men are not stepping into their healthy expression of masculinity, and so women just have no other way than to harden up and sacrifice parts of themselves – ultimately going against their true essence and nature. In a man’s chart, connecting to his Moon energy will allow him to understand and align to his feminine expression of life force energy that has been weaving through his life, and by balancing that, he’d automatically balance out his inner self and come into a healthier expression of his masculine energy.

Our natal Moon also holds all the ways in which we can take care of ourselves and why I often include wellness techniques based on it. If you think about it, the Moon waxes and wanes, just like our bodies do also. The Moon is what feeds us, what nourishes us, and what we need to survive. Physically, we wax and wane too in our lives – we begin as small dots, peanut size, and then wax, until we reach full size – after which we wane until we return to all five elements.

As the Moon also shows the lineage of our soul, it holds all past lives into itself, and can show us the gifts with which we come into this life. It is a memory, a remembering, and it returns us to heart – as love returns us to love. The waning is also held by the waxing, even when we can’t see it, but through greater self-awareness we begin to notice, witness and transform all that which we cannot see from behind the veils. When people ask how to transform their karmas – well, it is through self-awareness and self-knowledge – and spiritual astrology is one such beautiful tool to do that. It essentially allows an opportunity for a deepening. The more aware we become, the more we can transform our life and our entire chart. This is also why I do not focus on predictions in my sessions – because if you are able to grow into self-awareness, you will be able to move beyond your chart and any patterns from it – so predictions wouldn’t even be relevant to you anyway. You will become the artist and creator of your life.

In a way, our natal chart is a spiritual study of that which is consumed by time. Every single one of us comes here as a little seed to grow into a flower, a fruit … into our true self. We all have our own unique burns and impressions from past lives, we all have our own crosses to carry in this life, but once we understand our unique nature, our soil, our underground needs and cycles, the weather and the climates, then we can know how to grow in our own way and come into our full essence. The reason why we incarnate is to understand ourselves more deeply and through that, to grow spiritually and rise in our energy’s vibration. This physical reality essentially allows us an opportunity for a deepening, because it is denser and we can see more mirrors and more aspects of ourselves, while using our true intelligence to evolve. To know ourselves is to know what is us and what is no longer us, or what never was us anyway. Through our relationships, we come closer to who we truly are. So always, always, use the discernment and wisdom of your heart and choose wisely. We need to know what we need to burn, what we need to eat, and what needs to be devoured completely.

The Sun, the Moon, the planets and all the stars and constellations, are all only greate indicators of the signs of time – of how time consumes us and how things are interwoven into the cosmic fabrics of consciousness. It is an understanding of our current moment, a language longing to be understood by us, but it will remain somewhat mystical and unknown always. Because it is the desires from our curiosity that drive us forward in life. We can’t ever learn anything if we are told it – we need to embody the self-trust and explore our own paths. So approach your natal chart as a perspective, as a tool on self-awareness, but don’t bind yourself to it. At the end of it all, remember that this is your love story – and you are the author, the holder of the most beautiful coloured pens.

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