In some of my more specialized Human Design Sessions, one of the things that I offer to my clients as guidance is their sequences or paths in life, which is shown through the Gene Keys. The Gene Keys is a personality and transformation system along the lines of astrology, in addition to using the 64 archetypes of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text. As a spiritual astrologer, soul-centered astrology offers a great depth about our path of love in this life, as we are following our soul’s purpose and dharma; and for those of you who would prefer something more similar to human design, using the gene keys may may be a beautiful complement. 

The sequence that I often find most insightful is the Venus sequence – which is essentially about opening our heart, and through it, we follow the path of love. It is an inner journey that we are taken on throughout our life, a journey into love, and along the way it also shows us any obstacles or how we may navigate through them, deepening ourselves into both love and our contribution to this world as part of our life’s purpose.

The Core Wound

The last part of our Venus sequence is our unconscious Mars, also known as our core wound – showing both our core wound or shadow side, as well as our greatest gift and potential that we can offer to others. As the core wound is the flip side of our core vocation – and so, it may often limit us from coming into our full expression and prosperous vocation if we haven’t acknowledged and healed that wound.

The core wound is essentially a wound of the collective shadows of the collective consciousness. So it’s not something to fear or feel shame about, and it isn’t even about “us”, it is part of our whole – and it is something that ultimately what connects us to other people and to all of humanity; it is a bridge to others and humanity overall. By soothing it with the waters of our love, we help to soothe, rise and raise others also.

There are six core wounds to which one could be aligned to: repression, denial, shame, rejection, guilt or separation. Through each one, you are essentially connected to the deepest emotions or pains from the history of humanity; it is at the heart of our collective and what can drive our evolution forward if we choose to bring it into awareness and heal it through empathy. So these are not to be seen as punishments or even wounds, they are doorways and opportunities for a deepening to love – to understand and connect to other people on a deeper and more compassionate level and to be able to build better relationships.

For each of the core wounds or shadow selves, there are also the hidden gifts of the Venusian line which can be of the following six: trust, freedom, joy, gentleness, forgiveness or harmony. These all flow towards our highest expression of our heart, which also carries its own vibration and energy attracting towards us our soul partners.

The Sacred Seals

Each line from the unconscious Mars connected to one of the six core wounds; and for each, there is a healing pathway through the Sacred Seals; and then, once healed and transformed, we come into the higher qualities of the healed heart – through which we come into our full expression of self, step into our core vocation and talent, and raise the energies of the collective.

Line 1: Suppression
Gene Key to Heal: 40 – Divine Will
Quality of the Healed Heart: Completeness

Line 2: Denial
Gene Key to Heal: 17 – Omniscience
Quality of the Healed Heart: Freedom

Line 3: Shame
Gene Key to Heal: 25 – Universal Love
Quality of the Healed Heart: Happiness

Line 4: Rejection
Gene Key to Heal: 43 – Epiphany
Quality of the Healed Heart: Sweetness

Line 5: Guilt
Gene Key to Heal: 4 – Forgiveness
Quality of the Healed Heart: Abundance

Line 6: Separation
Gene Key to Heal: 63 – Truth
Quality of the Healed Heart: Peace

Today I’ll guide you through the line 4 of rejection, and its Sacred Seal Epiphany, as this is one of the main obstacles of humanity. For one-on-one consultations with me, please book through my Offerings.

The Opening of the Fourth Seal: Epiphany

Line four connects us to the core wound of rejection, and the heart opening comes through the Sacred Seal of Epiphany. Rejection is something we all experience at some point in our life – and line four is here to deeply tune into this, so that they may heal it and turn it into love, offering a healing to humanity. Sometimes rejection comes through literally feeling rejected by others throughout your life, or feeling abandoned, or not good enough, or perhaps even being overly competitive thereby unconsciously trying to separate yourself from others.

Sometimes rejection can come through your own perspectives of the world such as carrying the mentality of “me against others, me against the world”; perhaps you may sit in your room thinking that no one likes you, and yet you actually have quite a few suitors and family also who loves you, but it is you thinking that you are alone, or just over-focusing on the separation, or illusion from separation. Sometimes you might face rejection by being in environments with different cultures, religions, traditions – and your path was one of learning about the interconnection of us all, even if that came through facing others who kept themselves limited in their own perspectives and separations. Perhaps you had a life where you were faced with the separations of people, the groups mentality and the exclusivities.

And sometimes, you may limit yourself from sharing your gifts and talents, and speaking your truth, because of fears of rejection. The truth of this line is that you are perhaps extremely talented, much more than you know, and you need to share your creative genius with the world. You probably carry many talents and gifts – and you carry them all simultaneously, because you are here to become a walking embodiment of oneness, of marriage of many different things, and expressing of pure authenticity – so that others too can see how all can exist simultaneously and beautifully together.

The fourth seal is opened by the 43rd Siddhi of Epiphany, symbolized by the descent of the dove of peace. Epiphany heals the wound of rejection, the wound that keeps human beings from opening their hearts fully to one another and deepening into true love. And what is Epiphany?

The word epiphany comes from a Greek word epiphainein, which means “reveal.” It refers to the appearance and manifestation of Jesus Christ to the world – when under the bright star in the sky, the three Magi found Christ and gave him gifts. Jesus Christ was the son of God in human form – when heaven kissed flesh into a perfect marriage, the embodiment of heaven in earth, the embodiment of divine love. And through epiphany, or the reveal, he shows his divine love to the world, inspiring more love within humanity also – through his embodiment of love, and gestures and acts of love.

Love has various shapes and forms, different speeds and movements. It unfolds through compassion, tenderness, forgiveness, grace, patience, joy, generosity, kindness, selflessness, curiosity, laughter, sharing, and each time we embody each of these through our every day words, hands and seemingly ordinary gestures we embody love – and dissolve the boundaries between us. We reach our hands across the lines that separate us, and then we sit, listen and learn.

Gate 43 is known as the creative genius or the creative rebel. This is someone who has been given many talents and gifts – enormous creativity. He can be a poet, a musician, a mathematician, a lover, a pirate, an innovator, a revolutionary – all at once – because he fits no category. This is the point of it: to be the embodiment of your true unique self, because there is something you hold within you that no one else has; and it is in your ability to hold many things simultaneously, even when it doesn’t make sense to others that it is possible to do so. And with this gate, the rebel energy isn’t a violent uprising, it is the ability to be radically authentic, and it comes through peace – just by being you.

We are all given our unique gifts and talents, given to us by the grace of God, though they are not to be used by us for our own self service – they are to be given back to humanity, in being of service to others, being the walking embodiment of grace and love. We are meant to dance our gifts for others, inspiring them to dance in their own unique selves. When we cook a loving meal for our family, we dance for others. When we write a poem, we dance for others. When we are a listening ear, a holding hand, we dance for others. In our true self expression, revealing the natural true essence of ourselves, our true fragrance, we inspire others to be their unique true selves – and this is our greatest gift to humanity.

The key is to stop letting other people’s expectations of you or projections onto you stop you from showing and expressing your true self and talents. Avoid letting others silence you and limit you. Societies have never truly supported authenticity, so you may not be ever understood by all – and the more authentic you become, the more into courage you come, because it takes real courage and strength of soul to be yourself in a world that is constantly and forcefully trying to mold you into a mainstream narrative; it takes real courage to be yourself in a world trying to make you like everyone else. You need to follow your own truth, walk your own drumming of heart.

You are here to show others that boundaries can be broken – because the creative is the one who dissolves the boundaries of the mind, dissolves all limits and conditions, showing humanity that we can be more than a category. Creativity is about thinking outside the box.

Epiphany opens the heart from the inside. As this seal is opened, the many barriers that humans constructed our of fears or insecurities begin to fall away — our countries, borders, beliefs and all aspects that attempt to protect and defend us from each other dissolve.

On an individual level, the fourth seal opens the potential for you to lead a truly romantic life where you can wear your heart openly on your sleeve. Once human beings overcome the fear of external rejection, they become pure agents of grace and love through their kindness, compassion, tenderness, openness, generosity and sincerity. On a collective level, this seal opens the heart centre in humanity and manifests as kindness – as sweetness in the words, gestures and hands with which we hold one another. There is a purity here that is unmatched, and can truly change our world – because it is founded on trust and love. Trust is what opens us. Trust is what allows us to experience intimacy in our relationships. Trust is what allows us an opportunity for a deepening; and inclusivity – so that we can see beyond the flesh of one another, and sit, listen and learn. We are more connected than we know.

On the greater level, this Siddhi will bring an end to world poverty – poverty of soul, poverty of hearts and love, and poverty of money also. With this Siddhi, we are authentically ourselves, though not at the expense of others, nor hurting others – we are just love embodied – because fear is gone, and it is fear that separates us. This Siddhi heals humanity’s wound of rejection, which is one of the fundamental archetypal anxieties ingrained in psyche of human beings: being left out, being abandoned, and being shunned or isolated. We can’t trust one another because of this dread hanging over us. This dread closes our hearts, keeps our armours on, and keeps us apart as individuals. And as needed as it is for us to have our armours around our heart, for discernment is key and the wisdom of our heart and not all deserve our vulnerability, we must also know when and for whom to take the armours off.

Focus on love, not fear; and whenever you think you may be rejected, perhaps look around, for you may find that you are actually more loved than you know. Question your mind when thoughts enter it telling you that someone is against you, or isn’t truthful – as these thoughts may not be true, but just as ways to keep you separated. It may be helpful to keep a diary of all the beautiful things people tell you, and the support you receive, because we often can focus more on the negative and forget just how much we are loved by others. Try to stay away from narratives of someone against someone else, or “us against the world” or any kind of political separations or ideological – and instead, focus on what unites us all? Is there something common you can find – if you dig long enough you’ll find that many religions stem from the same ideas, just as many fairytales from across the world are actually of the same root narratives.

Don’t hold yourself back from expressing your talents and creative gifts, don’t let fears of rejection stop you, don’t limit yourself to live in a world too small for the enormous creative talent you hold. The more you use your gifts and talents to contribute to other people’s lives, the more you’ll see how connected we all are, and you’ll step into your life’s purpose. You are here to inspire others by showing them the way of oneness – finding the common thread that unites us all, which is of course, love.

You are the embodiment of the different cultures, religions, beliefs, perspectives, languages – you are the embodiment of all that dissolves the boundaries between us as human beings. So perhaps literally it was because you travelled a lot in your life, you learned a lot and somehow universalized diverse knowledge into wisdom, and you found a way to translate the complex into the practical and more accessible for people to understand; perhaps you had experiences of needing to understand that which others couldn’t, and to find a common ground, showing them a more gentle and inclusive way forward.

Through your own understanding of how it feels to feel rejected or unappreciated, you come into deeper compassion for all human beings. And while the path to that might have been difficult sometimes, all these experiences were purposeful – because you are the embodiment of all that dissolves the boundaries between us, you are the love itself.

The sun perhaps too sometimes wonders where is this light coming from? You are the sun, you are the love. You are the answered prayer of the person who wanted to feel more understood, less alone, more together. So when you look around and wonder, where is the love, remember – it is you. You are it. And eventually, you’ll find the right ones in your life also, who will shine upon you their own light of love, warming too your skin, in the way you warmed all others’ all along.  

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