Love is a kingdom reserved only for the brave.

As much as we try to build roads, concrete, straight and direct, the paths of life are full of twists and turns, and the timing in these mystical lands that we walk are not to be known by us. There, time is unclockable by us and strikes not by our human hands. Our greatest lessons in this life are to learn to love deeper and to trust and have faith.

We all want to know things because it gives us a sense of comfort in this unstable thing called life, and surely all beneath heaven is unstable. Perhaps this is why we have bodies to carry us, giving us a sense of stability within which we can breathe, move and live. And we love numbers, categories, boxes, and we are obsessed with information because not knowing makes us feel even more unstable. As an intuitive and astrologer, there are certainly things we can know or at least be shown a direction in life for our highest benefit, but I’ve also seen many times how certain knowledge is blocked to be given to clients, and to all of us, because otherwise we’d be robbed of the growth this learning experiences will offer us. And yet, still, I know from my clients how much both astrology and human design helps them deeply.

In some of my more specialized Human Design Sessions, one of the things that I offer to my clients as guidance is their sequences or paths in life, which is shown through the Gene Keys. The Gene Keys is a personality and transformation system along the lines of astrology, but using the 64 archetypes of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text, instead of the 12 signs of the zodiac. As a spiritual astrologer, soul-centered astrology certainly offers a greater depth about our path of love in this life, as we are following our soul’s purpose and dharma; but for those of you who prefer something more similar to human design, using the gene keys may may be a beautiful complement of deep insight along your bodygraph. In the first sequence we trace the most important four: 1. my life’s work or “what I’m here to do”, 2. my evolution or “what I’m here to learn”, 3. my radiance or “what keeps me healthy”, and 4. my purpose or “what deeply fulfills me”.

And the other sequence which I often find really insightful is the Venus sequence, and I offer a special Human Design Path to Love Session for those of you interested. The Venus sequence is essentially about opening our heart, and through it, we follow the path of love. It is an inner journey that we are taken on throughout our life, a journey into love, and along the way it also shows us the purpose of our relationships in this life, our greatest gifts and potentials, what why we might fear love or what our worries and shadow or unconscious sides might be; and as we learn to release these, we deepen into love and are aligned to our soul’s purpose also.

The Venus Sequence

The Venus sequence begins with our purpose or dharma, which is found through our unconscious earth gate. Through this sphere we come into greater understanding of what the purpose of our relationships is in this life, our gifts and shadows, and how relationships are helping us towards the fulfillment of our soul’s desire and our self development. Next on our path is our point of attraction, which is our unconscious moon doorway, symbolizing how we attract people in our life, and this is also connected to our sexual or sensual nature also. The sequence then flows into what is known as our karma or our conscious Venus, showing our thought patterns and behaviours of our mental body; and also shows our intelligence, the power of our mind, and our ability to balance our emotions and settle ourselves into inner harmony. Next we move into our conscious Mars, which is connected to our emotional wellbeing and emotional capacity to love, and it may show where in our life we may be seeking freedom and more playfulness.

This line of love then flows us into our unconscious Venus, which shows us our path to love – how we can open our heart to others and how we can create fulfilling relationships. It also shows our highest expression of our heart. And this all takes us into realization and wholeness – as the last part of our Venus sequence is our unconscious Mars, also known as our core – showing both our core wound or shadow side, as well as our greatest gift and potential that we can offer to others.

And today I’ll guide you through an example of this last part of the sequence, because it shows us what is our greatest lesson and how to transform this into our great gift or talent in love and relationships with other people. The challenge we face can become our highest potential to give to the world. This is because the “core wound” is essentially a wound of the collective consciousness that was a part of our dna and unconscious before we were even born. So it’s not something to fear or feel shame about, as it something that is ultimate what connects us to other people and to all of humanity – it is a bridge to others and humanity overall. By soothing it with the waters of our love, we help to soothe, rise and raise others also.

There are six core wounds to which one could be aligned to: repression, denial, shame, rejection, guilt or separation. Through each one, you are essentially connected to the deepest emotions or pains from the history of humanity; it is at the heart of our collective and what can drive our evolution forward if we choose to bring it into awareness and heal it through empathy. So these are not to be seen as punishments or even wounds, they are doorways and opportunities for a deepening to love – to understand and connect to other people on a deeper and more compassionate level and to be able to build better relationships.

For each of the core wounds or shadow selves, there are also the hidden gifts of the Venusian line which can be of the following six: trust, freedom, joy, gentleness, forgiveness or harmony. These all flow towards our highest expression of our heart, which also carries its own vibration and energy attracting towards us our soul partners.


So let’s say that your unconscious Mars flows along the line of rejection. This can mean that throughout your life you might have been faced with situations where others rejected you or you rejected them, or you rejected yourself and your principles; where perhaps you settled for someone who wasn’t the best for you; where others had insecurities which they might have projected onto you constantly – and this is especially the case if you are a 5/1 profile which means that people see you as their saviour and project everything onto you, so you feel that they don’t understand the real you which makes you feel alone or any time you don’t fulfill their dreams and wishes like a genie in a bottle, they feel rejected, unappreciated or unseen also; where perhaps you didn’t think you were good enough or didn’t believe in yourself; where perhaps you over-compensated with always being in competition with other people or just wanted to prove yourself; where perhaps you often come across people with lower self-confidence and you might even be their guide in empowering them and giving them wings.

And if you decide to bring this into awareness and work through it, realizing the beautiful amazing person that you are because you truly are and are truly needed here in this life with a special purpose, and you let go of other people’s projections onto you and unrealistic expectations of you, then you will come into your true self-confidence and self-value, and you will inspire others helping them along the way. You will grow into more compassion and gentleness towards others and their struggles, as you too become more gentle and graceful towards yourself.

The great gift of this line is gentleness, and through the gentleness you offer yourself in the times you have felt rejected, or through the gentleness you offer others when they are going through a hard time, you soften your heart, you soften the armours around it, and more love flows through you. The warm waters of love through its expression of gentleness will wash over people’s hearts warming them and deepening them into love also. To apply this in more physical ways in your life, you can take showers or baths when you feel down, or go to the beach or a pool, go to a sauna or steam room, or just wear gentle fabrics on your skin such as silk and satin. In your times of rejection, try not to harden up but rather reach out to those who love you and support you to remind yourself of how much you are loved and treasured in this life.

The way we heal something is often to experience its opposite. So if we feel stuck, we need some movement; if we felt betrayal, we need loyalty. And for feeling rejection, we need to experience togetherness and commitment, and be with people who truly see us rather than project onto us. Stay true to yourself and your values and integrity, stay loyal, devoted to and consistent with your friends, family and intimate partners, and don’t put yourself in situations where people make you feel bad or they aren’t devoted to you. It is important to be supported and to give support to others, so discernment is needed – because you might be putting yourself in situations where people will not support you as a way to perpetuate this unconscious pattern or belief. Be mindful of your environment.

And also, choose a partner who is devoted to you and supportive of you and never cuts your wings! You are meant to fly, and true love gives us freedom – freedom of spirit and heart as it it expands us rather than contract us; it makes us feel more open, more playful, more inspired, more creative, more generous, more joyful.

And so, my dear reader, if there is one thing I’d love for you to remember is trust in the unfolding of your life, trust in the unique timing of your life, trust in the unclockable by us clocks, trust in your own experiences because they are unique to you and purposeful in a way we may not immediate see right now – but they are certainly part of a bigger plan.  

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