Our beautiful wild roses are in full bloom, and as roses are all about love, let’s today talk about the Path to Love as seen through our Venus sequence in human design.

I’ve previously written on it in my article What is Your Path to Love, and I also offer personal one-on-one Path to Love Sessions where we dive into and explore your own unique beautiful love lands that you may walk in this life.

The Venus sequence is essentially about opening our heart, and through it, we follow the path of love. It is an inner journey that we are taken on throughout our life, a journey into love, and along the way it also shows us the purpose of our relationships in this life, our greatest gifts and potentials, what why we might fear love or what our worries and shadow or unconscious sides might be; and as we learn to release these, we deepen into love and are aligned to our soul’s purpose also.

The Venus sequence begins with our purpose or dharma, which is found through our unconscious earth gate. Through this sphere we come into greater understanding of what the purpose of our relationships is in this life, our gifts and shadows, and how relationships are helping us towards the fulfillment of our soul’s desire and our self development. Next on our path is our point of attraction, which is our unconscious moon doorway, symbolizing how we attract people in our life, and this is also connected to our sexual and sensual nature also. The sequence then flows into what is known as our karma or our conscious Venus, showing our thought patterns and behaviours of our mental body; and also shows our intelligence, the power of our mind, and our ability to balance our emotions and settle ourselves into inner harmony. Next we move into our conscious Mars, which is connected to our emotional wellbeing and emotional capacity to love, and it may show where in our life we may be seeking freedom and more playfulness.

This line of love then flows us into our unconscious Venus, which shows us our path to love – how we can open our heart to others and how we can create fulfilling relationships. It also shows our highest expression of our heart. And this all takes us into realization and wholeness – as the last part of our Venus sequence is our unconscious Mars, also known as our core – showing both our core wound or shadow side, as well as our greatest gift and potential that we can offer to others.

And today I’ll guide you through an example of the second sphere of the Venus sequence – our unconscious moon doorway, which is our point of attraction, our magnet of how we attract people in our life, and it also connects to our sexual and sensual nature.

The Moon Doorway – Our Point of Attraction

This sphere flows from our purpose of life or what deeply fulfills us on a soul level, so the moon doorway is essentially on our pathway of dharma. The gate connected to it is our Siddhi or our essence, and this is what is our attraction field mainly made of. When we are in attunement to its vibration, aligned to our true self and essence, all comes most naturally to us. Here we also find two possible expressions of our attraction essence: our gift and our shadow. Our gift is our creativity, and our shadow is the challenges we may face on this path. And for each gate, there is also a key line, which shows the energy stream through which this might be most often activated.

As an example, let’s say that your unconscious moon doorway is at 36.1 – this means that your gate is 36 and your line is 1.

Gate 36 is the gate of compassion – so you attract people in your life, or rather the right people, through the energy of compassion. You have the ability to see the wholeness of humanness, through all of its nuances, shades and complexities, and show compassion for not just someone’s shadow, nor just for someone’s gifts, for the wholeness of a person. In your ability to embrace and encompass within yourself the wholeness of emotions and experiences fully and gracefully, you yourself become an embodiment of love – because love is everything.

In the times when you are compassionate towards yourself, more beauty comes to you; and the more in compassion you are to yourself, the greater your ability and capacity to show compassion for other people during their own ups and downs in life. This gate, at its essence, is about harnessing empathy during the hard times and seeing the humanness in all, accepting the waving and waxing of emotions and our various nuances within the complexity of our human nature.

Your greatest gift, which also shows your creativity and expansion out of this love energy, is humanity. You touch the very essence of what it means to be human and humane, and in our modern world of selfishness, falseness and separation, you are the bridge to connection and union – and this is not only a great gift indeed but it is perhaps one of our greatest healers also.

If the gift shows our creativity potential, our shadow side shows our challenge, and for this gate it is turbulence, or the darkening of light. And yet sometimes, it is precisely through these moments that we can humble ourselves to see the complexity of humanity and our human nature, which will eventually soften us into deeper compassion both for ourselves and for other people.

Gate 36 is also known as a very sexual energy, and you have tremendous life force and creative energy, but also, very sexual and sensual. The line associated with the gate in this sphere is line 1, which is known as the wholesome/empty and is connected to fertility, whether emotional, spiritual, creative or otherwise. You are a lush garden my darling, and everything in your life has the potential to blossom in the most beautiful way – and in a way that will scent the hands of those you touched for years after you’ve unheld them. Fertility is about abundance, and the relationships that you will attract in your life will almost always be dynamic. However, you need to be mindful not to view them from the prism of a barren land, or a desert, or lack, because you need to realize and recognize that each relationship offers fertile ground and soil for something new to bloom.

Love is a kingdom for the brave, and we enter it so that we grow, evolve and change. Love peels us – it peels the layers off our bark, so that our true sweet fragrance is released. We can’t expect that we’ll stay the same after a relationship because we won’t be, and that’s not the point anyway. Let love peel you until your true essence is released, and your true essence will never change nor ever be taken away from you, so there is nothing to worry about. Each lover we meet in our life, every relationship, is purposeful because it takes us closer to our heart and our true self.

As this sphere on the Venus sequence is on our pathway of dharma, what this 1st line shows is that you will be offered many opportunities throughout your life to be creative – and you are very creative. This kind of creativity flows from the divine, it is inspired creativity that you should tap into, and it is never ending, always abundant. And within you, there is also the ability for a fertile response in every situation.

Every relationship in our life offers us potential creativity, but creativity needs independence to thrive, and independence means freedom. In other words – we need to give people the freedom to be who they are in our space and in our presence. We like to label things and even people, we put people into certain roles or even boxes of how they are or how they should show themselves in our life or what they can do for us. But that’s not how life works, that’s not how love works, and there is always mystery. In this mystery is where God breathes, and this mystery is always unknown, but this is precisely where creativity shapes, and the beauty of life and love show themselves to us.

Human beings are complex and they don’t always follow straight lines, and we too change, so we should allow these changes to occur. You might find that precisely in the moments when you think you have figured someone out, they suddenly surprise you with a different pattern of behaviour. And when we fall into this great mystery that love is, we too can be shaped into a kind of beauty in the way we need to at that moment on our path. Let love shape you into what you were always meant to be.

Your shadow side is a desert land, which rather than abundant is expressed through depletion. This may mean that sometimes you might feel devoid of meaning, which then drains you in the situation or makes you feel empty or lacking. Our modern world offers a cornucopia of distractions for our desires, from excessive materialism to over-stimulation of our body and senses. Many of these leave us feeling empty, or as if we are living in a desert dry land, closing down our attractor field and locking us into tight, unimaginative lives where society engineers us into smallness. Relationships lived through the low frequency of this line may soon seem hopeless, boring, sterile, dull, joyless and lacking the passion we once had.

The highest frequency of this line is abundance and never ending fertility and creativity, and the real gift of knowing how to rekindle passions and create magic out of thin air – because you are the fire, the magic and the creator. Sexually, you are a world of creative forces and pure potential. As already mentioned, you attract relationships that are dynamic and with great fertile auras, of which beauty can arise always. Even if you separate, because surely not all relationships will last forever, you can look back and see something beautiful that became because of it – something beautiful of yourself that unveiled itself. Perhaps you became more open, more generous, more discerning, more knowing of what you want and desire. That’s a beauty to be treasured.

This is about seeing the wholeness of a person, not only their shadow, not only their gift. This is when relationships and intimacy become wholesome – when it includes it all. Only then can the higher purpose of your relationships be realized, and only then will your attractor field of true compassion and deep love support your life in its higher energy.

Don’t invalidate your interests and feelings, don’t be too hard on yourself when you’ve made a mistake, don’t beat yourself up, don’t burden yourself with feelings of not doing something perfect or not being good enough, don’t hold yourself to impossibly high standards (whether physical, emotional, mental or sexual), and try to stay away from emotional dramas. Find ways to relax and stay gentle with yourself.

Keep your heart open, keep connecting to your heat underground that is your creativity, and know that there is abundance of life force energy within you through which you can create or rekindle anything and anyone.

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