Autumn has come and it is cold, cold, cold – though this season offers beauty for the lovers of photography. The autumn leaves are offering themselves to us, offering their bright colours and nuances of shades on the streets and in our palms, and the warming hearths of homes are calling in a deepening.

With many planets including the solar eclipse with the South Node in Libra, a song of Venus sings us. As a spiritual astrologer, I often describe Venus as a woman’s body in a dream state. How our body gently moves through the night to put itself into balance, to feel itself more comfortable in our bed. Venus is that which puts all into balance and harmony all that isn’t yet. Balance is not static – it is dynamic and ever moving, with a voice we may not always hear, with hands we may not always touch nor even see. But it is there, moving us, not into the extremes, but rather into the meeting place of trust and faith. It is the point of time between sunset and sunrise, and the sun kisses the arms of dawn, while the moon kisses the arms of dusk. Love too is a continuous moving.

Venus gets her full realization in her formlessness, in the complete dissolution of everything – to show us that true beauty is the one within, that true wealth is in giving, clarity of mind and of the heart’s devotion, and that true power is in grace, peace and discernment.

In our astrology, we can also trace the higher path of our Venus through our Navamsa chart, and see what could be the higher purpose of our relationships – what is the song of our Venus, what is the song of our soul’s love, where are your wise soulful eyes taking you?

We are still under the skies of the solar eclipse in Libra with the South node, and whenever I speak of either the South or the North Nodes of the moon, I often refer to sculpture.

For those of you lovers of architecture, pictured above is one of my favourite places tucked away in Barcelona, designed by architect Mies Van Der Rohe, with the bronze coloured sculpture of a woman named “Dawn”. Her reflection in the waters of the pool present the beautiful contrast amidst the modern stone art, symbolizing a kind of spiritual presence with its reflecting movement in the water. Vision and movement, form and appearance, ideas of planes and depth, solidity and flow, form as an interpretation of life. The beautiful dialogue between sculpture and architecture, between stone and water, offer us the remembering that different disciplines do not have to interfere with one another, as it had been the case with architectural sculpture that prevailed in the 1890s, but rather that they can be complimentary. And in life too, with us as human begins, much can blend together in a marriage of love and trust – coexisting in each others’ differences while neither taking away from the other their true essence.

The solar eclipse in Libra was basically when the Sun, Moon and South Node were conjunct in the sign of Libra – and so to understand what this means we need to first understand what the nodes mean.

In ancient Bulgaria, and many Eastern mysticism beliefs and philosophies, the symbol of the South Node meant a person with open arms reaching towards the sky, reaching for the connection of that which we cannot touch nor see – the intangible, the spiritual, the deeply felt, the divine, the godly, the cosmic wisdom, the inspired creativity. The South Node, or Ketu, is a monk, it is an air of the past lives and of the belonging we’ve felt and touched, it is the prayers that brought us again into existence – it is a highly spiritual position in one’s natal chart, showing where they come from. So it’s not something to “let go of”, it is something to understand, while realizing that you can only dive into its essence rather than be held by its tangible shapes. There is a certain humbleness with the South Node, a humility and disillusionment, a distance in time or in proximity, a realization of our fragility as human beings and our powerlessness, and yet within that is also a spiritual liberation and freedom, a certain kind of truth and purity.

And then opposite of that is the North Node, or Rahu – the symbol of which is the person who is sitting on the ground, whose legs are spread open, thereby showing the connection to the material, the earth, the tangible – it is that which we create and form in this life. It is where and how we become sculptors.

So our North Node is the place within our chart where we are asked to form something new with our efforts, hands and actions; and its desires towards it will help you put in the work and dedication, as it is part of your soul’s growth and life’s purpose. In your natal chart, your North Node’s house placement, sign and rulership, along with its aspects, will point you towards what you are forming in this life and how you’ll be creating it.

And yet both the South and the North are part of that same body – part of the same person, same dance, same moon’s rope, same consciousness – so we open the arms for the inspiration and spiritual connection, and then we form it into the material – we form spirit into matter.

With the South Node now in Libra, Venus seeks to bring into its hands that which has been flowing within her. For each person, that would be experienced differently, but for the collective it could point to releasing generational or lineage things related to relationships and interdependence. Whenever we have the moon with the South Node, we are speaking of releasing something from the lineage, as the moon is also the lineage of our soul.

This energy is about the way we love, the way we nurture and our ability to love and to nurture and to give, and to have empathy for that which we do not understand nor is a part of us. Libra relates to interdependence and fairness, and the importance of cultivating inner balance and inner beauty rather than be be carried away by the external. This energy also carries a movement and grace, a love rhythm that is based on inner harmony. In our world today there is a lot of conflict, and this energy reminds us to remain in our humanness and compassion. If you cannot have empathy for people because you don’t agree with their governments, then propaganda is working on you.

Interdependence and creating inner balance are some of the highest spiritual lessons of the energy of Libra. Libra can often swing from unhealthy independence to being in co-dependent relationships, so through life she learns how to nurture her me and her other with the us; she learns freedom within relationships, and intimacy within solitude, and how to create a healthy togetherness no matter the external circumstances. Libra also learns that the focus on the external beauty is meaningless unless she has internal beauty and emotional depth.

As humanity we need to remember that we are all inter-connected, and when we give it is us who receive our greatest gift, and when we allow to receive it is a gift we give to the other. In the old days we’d give a donation to the church when we enter it, because we knew that entering it gives us spiritual soothing and when we engage with the energy i.e. we give, we also essentially open ourselves to receive the spiritual calmness. Equivalent exchange of energy is one of the main laws of the universe, because this is what creates the bridge of spirit and love to flow more. Buddhist monks too walk outside each morning collecting alms from their community, because humanity needs to understand when we all rely on one another.

And we are in continuous relationships – not only to other people, and to nature, but even to the street upon which our feet walk each day. And there is humility in this – and there is richness in this – for both the hands that give and the hands that receive are empty. But only with open palms, and open hearts, we can hold one another, in togetherness.

This energy is about giving, and being of service, because this is what love is – it is embodied in our actions. Love has various speeds and movements, different shapes and forms; it unfolds in joy, generosity, laughter, a hug, compassion, forgiveness, humility, trust, faith and gentleness. Love is found in our every day gestures, movements and words along the ordinary staircases of life. And it is certainly seen most in our ability to have empathy for those who may seem different from us – whether in skins, beliefs or perspectives. In this increasingly dehumanized world, may we remain human.

Venus now awakes after many years of sleep. And no matter no beautiful and shiny a star she truly is, she knows that she can only rely on her inner wisdom that she has accumulated through introspection and self exploration to guide her forward – and she can only live with, create and form of the love she’s already nurtured within her throughout the many seasons.

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