“Do you hear the song of Venus, song of my heart’s longing, song of my soul? It is a beckoning, it is a reaching of hands taking me in wholebodily and wholeheartedly, a voice older than us older than time, a voice from a time before time beyond time. It is my soul calling me on the devotional path of love.”

As a spiritual astrologer, I often describe Venus as a woman’s body in a dream state. Think of yourself when you are sleeping – how your body is gently and continuously moving to put itself into balance to feel more comfortably in your bed. In other words, Venus is the energy that puts into balance all that which is not currently in balance and in harmony. This reminds us that balance is not static, it is dynamic and ever moving, to adjust – it is not extreme, it is the meeting place of trust and faith, it is the point of time of both sunrise and sunset, when the sun kisses the arms of dawn and the moon kisses the arms of dusk. Love too is a continuous flowing and moving.

Venus gets her full realization in formlessness, in the complete dissolution of everything – to show us that true beauty is the internal beauty, that true wealth is the wealth of devotion, and that once the inner wild lands are in harmony all else external inevitably will be also. This also refers to relationships – as deep love and deep intimacy happen through the merging of souls and paths, in the complete dissolution of boundaries, where we peel the false layers of ourselves, to become more authentic with one another and more selfless in our love. This is the moment where love becomes unconditional, and we begin to give to our partner based on what they need rather than we want to be given in turn through our “giving”.  

Venus is a feminine sphere – meaning that it is focused towards emotional and intuitive development. It represents love and is the karaka of the forth house, which is the home of the heart. She is also a significator of relationships, love, beauty, sensuality and our connection to our senses, as well as self-value, wealth and abundance. But she is so much more than that.

Venus is one of our most important planets because she is our creative impulse (the that of which we create all and everything in this life); she is a symbol of purity, symbolized by white flower petals, showing her significance on our soul’s calling and spiritual growth; and she is our pathway of love in this life, which is essentially a continuation of our soul’s purpose – she is our urge to unite with our beloved and the desires calling us forth towards our wholeness.

Venus also rules our heart center, as she is connected to our forth house and the home of our heart – and it is our heart that is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness and soul growth and evolution. It is the second ray of our human soul that rules our heart chakra, so it all, always, begins from our heart, from its love and purity, and from all its desires that are pulling you forth in this life. Our heart is an intuitive organ, and it is also a creative power: we call within all the unmanifest and then shape it and express it to live and breathe in this world. Our human heart has two chambers: one receives blood, and the second pumps out blood. This is how we are alive. So first we receive life, love, nurturing and a creative impulse; and then through the second chamber, and our ability to nurture and to love, we will express it towards others. Venus is our creative impulse, our sensitive of heart and way of love, and our passions and desires.

We see most deeply the journey of love that she is taking us on through our Navamsa chart – because this is the chart showing us where we are moving towards on a soul level. You can either look at the sign of Venus in your Navamsa, or your Ascendant in Navamsa – as I have always found that either-or resonates for the native. Our Navamsa Ascendant is essentially the opening of the doorway, towards this soul love path, so it’s essence and energy are really important.

Please be mindful that as a spiritual astrologer I use a holistic and integrative approach blending various schools of astrology and esoteric practices, such as Esoteric, Western and Vedic. In my practice I use tropical calculations for natal placements, and I use sidereal for the nakshatras; for the Navamsa I use tropical calculations as this is what I have seen to give better results and interpretations for my clients from my many years of professional experience. While this approach may seem unconventional to some people or other practitioners, this is what I have found to be the way it feels right for me and for my professional spiritual practice with clients through my many years of experience.

An Example: Ascendant or Venus in Pisces in Navamsa

Suppose in your Navamsa chart either Venus or your Ascendant are in the sign of Pisces. This is where Venus receives her deepest creative impulse as she feels most comfortable in the depth of her intuitive and emotional waters of the heart. Here, the heart is open to all, everything and everyone, ready to share all your love and compassion. You are also truly blessed with beautiful imagination through which you attract romanticism and beautiful experiences, and through that open heart space the creative impulse of your soul is best expressed in this Navamsa position. Indeed, your partner or soulmate in this life will be deeply romantic towards you also. 

Your soul has gone through many cycles on the pathway of love, through which you learned love through so many expressions and experiences that now in this life you truly come from the inner knowing and understanding that love is truly all there is, and yes, absolutely, unconditional love is possible. This is why you feel such deep compassion for other people and all creatures. The warmth, love and compassion in your eyes melts the hearts of others, and for that, you will be admired and loved by many people.

In your previous lives, you might have experienced a deep soulmate relationship, the depth of which has imprinted on your soul memory. It’s a soul memory of all the love and emotions you shared; and this is why you might feel so drawn towards finding your soulmate again. You are capable of waiting a long time for that person, because this heart desire and soul memory are too strong to disregard; and unless you feel that deep connection with someone you will not feel fulfilled through the intimacy. You may long for, yearn and wait for this person, with the knowing you’ll meet them again, perhaps ever since you were a child. In some ways, this could have been one of your main soul’s desires for your re-incarnation – so that you blend soul and flesh again through your union.

Because of your ability to feel deep soul love, you are capable of loving someone from a distance. You might even have a significant, or a few, long distance relationships, and even without physical or sexual intimacy your two souls are united, and you both are devoted to one another even amidst the distance – you understand on a deep level that when souls bond and love each other, all other boundaries dissolve and nothing else matters, and time and space don’t matter neither. In some ways, you two create your own world within which you swim deep in love, even when you’re not physically together you feel each other and are committed to each other; and can withstand some time apart until you reunite again.

You are actually quite repulsed by shallow relationships, dating apps, and all on the surface – and are completely capable of waiting for the real one, true one, soul one, and then be loyal despite circumstances. Like a fish you’ll swim away immediately from all that isn’t true, emotional or deep enough for you. It’s not temptations of the flesh you seek, you seek the beneath and the undeniable that attracts and bonds you; the that which is inevitable and forever, and the one who will make you stay not swim away.

Something to be mindful of however, is that because of this deep compassion you have for humanity you need to be careful of people who are attracted to you because they are looking for a healer or saviour all the time, and you need to be mindful of that because not all people deserve your time, energy and compassion. You see others through the purity of your own heart’s eyes, but the unfortunate truth is that there are people who are just not good in this life. Setting boundaries is needed, and knowing that your tenderness, love and compassion are not things to be shared with all – only with those who have earned it and those you fully trust as well. Allow people to show you who they are before you give so much of yourself to them. 

The Jupiterian influence of your Venus gives you expansion of all, wisdom, love and abundance, and the Neptunian influence gives you dreaminess – however, while your partner may be deeply in love with you and romantic, that dreamy and sometimes aloof aura you might have, because you come from the deep water worlds, may be hard to understand and your partner may not always be clear on your feelings, intentions or desires. It is important to speak your desires and emotions, because otherwise they may feel distant from you.

There is also sometimes a risk you feel in your deep subconscious – like a mermaid who forever longs for love and the other worlds, and yet she stays deep underwater. This risk or even fear you might feel from the corners of your psyche could be because of these many past lives in which you went through various experiences of love, some of which were pretty harsh and heartbreaking. Perhaps literally you risked it all for someone only to then lose it all, and lose yourself. You might feel that if all these boundaries dissolve in love and intimacy, between you and your partner, and you give it your all again as you often do because love demands all of us, you will also lose yourself – and this awakens these past memories. This might be causing you to hesitate and to take steps back when things get too deep.

You long for your soulmate, but then when they show up you feel so pulled deep in love that you fear losing yourself, and this could be due to whatever happened in your past lives and the soul memories attaches to that experienced. Don’t doubt, don’t fear, let yourself fall in deeply and trust your heart – because we can never lose ourselves in true love. We find ourselves, when we are loved by the right person. And even if things don’t work out, love is a peeler and it peels us, it peels the layers of our bark to unveil our true essence, our true fragrance, so that we are who we always were on a soul level. In this nakedness that love becomes us, we find ourselves and deepen into more intimacy, within and without. 

In many ways, you bless this world with your love and your grace. With your tenderness and ability to have such an open heart you inspire others in ways they could not even imagine. This is your soul’s gift to this world – to love, and to experience yourself through love, to be charitable to children and animals and the elderly and to all, because your love is a muse, it inspires people, it deepens them and expands them all at once. Do not be afraid to love, but do not give it all to those who do not deserve it. And keep dreaming, keep imagining, do not taint your heart and ability to love with those who do not know how to appreciate you. If people are selfish, taking, ungrateful, insensitive, or threatening your freedom in any shape or form, move away without even the blink of an eye.

And as already mentioned, this beautiful Venus Navamsa position will bring you a very romantic partner or soulmate, who will bring you joy, love, wisdom and a deep emotional connection, support and understanding; and when they show up, come out of the waters and give yourself to them. It is real, and you’ve earned it over the many lives you’ve had on this path – because this beautiful love is actually your love. What’s yours will never pass you by, what’s yours is always yours, and it is always always yours.  

So when you meet the soulful wise loving eyes of your true soul’s beloved, give yourself to them, give yourself wholebodily and wholeheartedly, in trust and surrender fall into their arms, and deepen into love and intimacy.

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Cover art by Margarete Petersen.

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