As a spiritual astrologer, there are many ways and techniques that I apply for my clients to see the evolution of their soul path, as well as dive deeper into the higher spiritual purpose of their relationships. Often times people may get stuck on the natal charts and analyze the North and South Nodes, the soul planets and the life paths, and yet they find that things don’t quite make sense on a deeper level; and for relationship compatibility, my clients often share how when synastry and composite charts readings they’ve received didn’t quite explain the depth of or lack of connections they have felt in significant relationships. The reason for all these is because the natal chart only gives us a glimpse into things – it shows all that has been consumed by time. But – if we want to dig in deeper, we need to see things unfold through more perspectives and sometimes we need a higher hawk eye’s view.

One way I do this is through a celestial analysis using astronomy and tracing the path of your pre-natal planets and the constellation paths; and I also look at your Venus cycles and phases and how it aligns to your natal chart. I also look at your natal chart through various techniques such as Western, Vedic, Esoteric, Shamanic and Hellenistic. I look at your atmakaraka not just as an absolute placement – but trace her path across through the Navamsa chart to see your soul evolution pathway. The Navamsa chart is something that I always look at as a spiritual astrologer who is mainly focused on the soul purpose readings.

And for relationship compatibility – well, it’s not about synastry and composite charts, we need to apply a more holistic and deeper spiritual understanding of both people. We need to consider where each are individually on their soul path, and the connections they share through their Navamsa charts because this is what will show the potential soul links and whether both are moving towards the same direction in life.

There are clients I’ve had who didn’t share good synastry, and they even shared karmic ropes; and yet they’ve been happily married and soul bonded in healthy ways for over twenty years. Why? Because of the soul links they shared between their natal and Navamsa charts. And then there are other clients who have had amazing synastry but didn’t feel a soul connection – and again, it’s because of the Navamsa chart missing links and of how their Venus cycles didn’t quite sync in. I’ve written previously on the Venus cycles and the rose of Venus for those of you interested in the topic.

What about our soul evolution?

Celestial analysis is what I often use as it shows us very clearly how all moves – as above so below. And when I then move into your Navamsa chart, we see it all very clearly there also, it’s like a puzzle that moves from the skies to the charts – as if perfectly orchestrated. It’s amazing how no matter which path we take, it all aligns. This is why I love using various astrology and esoteric techniques and modalities, because it not only gives a more complete analysis but it also shows you how it all aligns. To understand the soul path you need to look into its progression and travel across the skies, so for example, you are not just looking at the atmakaraka, you need to see her travel in the Navamsa and also in the celestials; you are not just looking at the Ascendant or North Nodes, you need to see how they merge in and of each other, and what it all synchronizes, where and in what ways.

So today I’ll guide you through two main ways in which you may use the Navamsa chart:

1) our soul evolution, and

2) soul connections for relationship compatibility.

Please know that as a spiritual astrologer I use various modalities and techniques from Western, Vedic, Esoteric, Shamanic and Hellenistic astrology; for the natal charts I use tropical calculations, and for the nakshatras I use sidereal, as I use astronomy software to look into the celestial constellations.

Let’s begin, and first,

what is the Navamsa chart?

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Navamsa, the Soul Chart

The Navamsa, or D9 chart is the most important divisional chart, as it shows the spiritual dharma, our soul evolution path, and the higher purpose of marriage for the purpose of our evolution and soul growth. This is a very specific chart for which you need to know your exact time of birth, as it changes its Ascendant every few minutes.

The Navamsa or D9 chart essentially dissects the natal through the 9th – thereby showing our dharma and higher purpose, which is also our natal 9th Jupiter house; and this is why in the old days, or even astrologers nowadays call the Navamsa the marriage chart – though it isn’t necessarily about “marriage”, it is the ashram, temple, church of our soul and how we come closer to our true essence. In this way, it is called the soul chart – not because our soul can ever be put into “a chart”, but because it is what it is seeking, desiring and moving towards, especially in our second half of life – which will then pave the way towards future lives and our soul evolution.

The Navamsa maps the longing of our soul and its desire for its evolution, and it shows where we are moving towards and what qualities we have come here to develop further for our future self. Some people call it the future incarnation chart, and through it, there are ways to calculate your future atmakaraka for example. It is also the chart that we may look at to see the higher purpose of your marriage, or your life’s main focus after the age of 40 or 50; or when you come into deeper spiritual and emotional maturity, you have done some self development, or when you choose to walk your higher path or soul’s calling. As such, some people may not resonate with it.

Our higher purpose or spiritual moral compass is shown through our natal 9th house and our Jupiter. In ancient astrology, the 9th house was called the ‘house of God”. The higher purpose of marriage was, and still is, to bring a person close to the divine, to help their soul growth and spiritual maturity through developing the virtues, and to learn to be in service to something greater than themselves – to peel off the false identities, conditions and layers of themselves, and to release the true fragrance of their true essence. This is what love does: it is a peeler. It peels off what isn’t us, and releases our true self.

True soul love can only happen one has the courage to unveil their true self, and the other has the humility to show their self also. Through vulnerability intimacy happens and lovers deepen into love. While some people fear they’ll lose themselves in love, they actually find themselves – this is why relationships are so important for us in life. And it’s not just romantic relationships, it is all relationships. Everything in life is a relationship, and we are in continuous relationship with all in life; our feet too are in a relationship to the streets upon which we walk.

And so, 

We enter the Navamsa through the doorways of the Jupiter 9th house understanding of higher virtues and spiritual seeking; it is the house of higher learning, foreign travels and foreign cultures, seeking of higher truth, and essentially, it is the house through which we dissolve the boundaries between us – as we reach our hands across the lines that separate us, whether skins, borders or languages, and we come into understanding of the common threads that foster unity, we come into the essence of things.

The significator of the Navamsa is Venus, and yet the one who holds her is Jupiter, the wise one, the breath of our soul, the original ruler of the 9th house. Any vows we make in life through the ring of Venus are to be held in integrity, loyalty and fidelity, and staying aligned to higher spiritual values and virtues. I’ve written in depth before on what Venus truly symbolizes in her state, so you are welcome to read on that.

Is the Navamsa more important than the natal chart? No, it isn’t. Your natal chart is the foundation of you and will always be playing out in various shapes and forms depending on where you are in life and the inner work you’ve done; there are different levels of manifestation of its placements, which are dependent on your self awareness and the level of soul growth you’ve done, which is why for different people the same placements will play out differently. The Navamsa is there to offer you additional insights and a higher understanding of your path forward and your natal placements, but it isn’t a substitute to the natal chart, and it can only be interpreted more appropriately in relation to the natal chart rather than be taken as an absolute.

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Soul Evolution through the Navamsa

What you may first look at is the Navamsa Ascendant and compare it to the natal one. Our Ascendant shows our life’s path and the main soul’s desire for reincarnation. Look at the element of it and how it changes from the natal to the Navamsa, and how that relates to the houses of your natal, and your celestial travel also.

The Navamsa Ascendant is the most important part of the Navamsa chart, as it is essentially the opening of the doorway towards the soul and love evolution path.

Next, we need to analyze the placement of your atmakaraka planet in the Navamsa, Jupiter’s placement and Venus, and the 9th house. To see your atmakaraka evolution for future incarnation, see how it changes signs from the natal to the Navamsa, and its ruler or lord – and what qualities it is speaking of; this will show you what you have been developing behind the veils throughout your life as part of your soul’s purpose and desire for its evolution.

Let’s look at an example about how the Ascendant movements can be interpreted. Suppose you move from natal Scorpio Ascendant to Libra Navamsa. This may show that your soul desired to pull you towards the inner stability and calmness of waters from Scorpio to Libra; and let’s say your atmakaraka is Jupiter, then you will do this soul evolution through the Jupiter transformation – through self reflection and igniting your inner lantern. Scorpio separates the waters into waves – some lakes, ice, snow, rivers, oceans – and through the emotional transformation, through the higher spiritual lessons of this sign, which is forgiveness, compassion and trust, they then blend the waters together and experience inner stability through their spiritual core.

You moved through the emotional blending with the Scorpio-Taurus axis, following your deep desire to merge and connect deeply to someone on all levels, dissolving the boundaries, merging again and again, until you peeled off the layers you no longer needed, became your true essence, achieving intimacy through selflessness – and then, in your Navamsa you soul came into its higher calling of balance and harmony. You built emotional security within, in order to then come into the beautiful Venusian expression of relationships’ harmony and balance – and the importance of interdependence. The Venusian Libra pole had to balance out, to learn the interdependence that life is, and that relationships are as much about “me” as they are about “us”. There is me, there is you, and then there is the relationship – the relationship has its own soul, its own land, soil, that needs nourishment as it has its own nutritive needs and cycles.

From the division of the waters, and the waves, of the watery Scorpio, longing and seeking the love you needed, looking for the union and re-union, you essentially were able to then merge the waves and come together in the Venusian purification of “air” and the Libra energy. Venus is that which puts into balance all that isn’t yet; and your spiritual dharma is about learning fairness and interdependence, equivalent exchange of energy, and learning that balance is not static – it is dynamic, and needs softening of edges and mastering the art of communication.

Photography by me of our beautiful wild roses

Soul Connections through the Navamsa

Soul links can be seen by comparing one’s natal placements to another’s Navamsa key placements; and when mutual, these show deep soul relationships whether it is family, friends or romantic. It shows us that the other person has what our soul desires for its path and evolution moving forward, and these relationships can be mutually supportive, deeply bonding and emotionally connected, and beneficial of one another’s unique paths forward; they offer opportunities for growth through compassion and support, and inspire the development of the qualities the soul seeks to develop for its evolution.

When it comes to romantic relationships, as I mentioned, sometimes your synastry and composite charts may show great compatibility but you just don’t feel a soul connection; and in other times your synastry may even show karmic ropes, and yet you have a healthy, long lasting and deeply compassionate and soul mate like relationship.

To feel a soul mate connection to someone this implies your souls come together for the purpose of your soul evolution – it is someone who, through love, compassion and support, helps you develop and further your soul purpose and supports your unique soul path ahead. When you share a mutual Navamsa-natal link your soul longs for them and they for you.

A simple and easy way to look for deeper soul compatibility is to look at the Navamsa Ascendant, Moon and Nodes. Look for the signs of each and its opposite sign. For example, if your Navamsa Moon is in Gemini, you need to also consider its opposite sign Sagittarius – because it is part of the same pole, one isn’t without the other.

Once you have your signs, look at your partner’s natal planets and signs and if there are in conjunction with them – and you need to consider only the Sun, Moon, Nodes, Ascendant-Descendant, atmakaraka and darakaraka, or stellium. For example, if your partner’s Sun is is Gemini, and your Navamsa Moon is in Gemini, this is a soul link as they will shine a light on your emotional soul evolution, depending on what your Moon rules etc. Your soul, in whatever shape or form, is seeking for someone like them through whose light, shine, clarity of vision or fuel of life supports you in self development and soul’s desire also.

But what if their Navamsa doesn’t make any links to your natal? Then the connection may not be as soul deep for them as it is for you. This doesn’t mean it will not work out of course; if you are together there is a purpose of it, and where you are in your path is where they may be as well. Perhaps they don’t currently walk a spiritual path, or are at an earlier phase of self development and haven’t stepped into their Navamsa fully yet. We are all unique and have different needs and desires, and we all have our own paths in life – and we all have our own timing.

And at the same time, even if you share Navamsa links this too doesn’t mean you will always be together. Any relationship in life asks of us devotion, dedication and continuous efforts and nurturing. A rose becomes a rose only if we care for her, nurture the soil, water it appropriately, and let her breathe in the sun, and daily clean the weeds even when we don’t feel like it or think it’s just an ordinary boring task. A relationships is a soil, a soul.

When two souls meet and kiss, a third soul is born: the soul of the relationship. And it has its own soil, nutritive needs, cycles of land – seasons and phases and weather. This is why spiritual and emotional maturity are needed to make relationships last; it is a devotional pathway. Devotion is the veil through which awareness shows its beautiful face; and awareness is how we develop spiritually also.

It is about the every day small steps and gestures along the circling staircases of our life, and the tending to one another, the holding, the listening, the showing up for one another, no matter the weather, no matter the winters we may sometimes become. A rose is a rose is a rose, and it always is, always and forever, with her unmistakable fragrance scenting our hands, and known by our hearts, for long after her petals are unheld. From a time beyond time before time, soul songs synchronize in a beautiful dance, in a voice of one, and this is what is seen through the links of the stars.

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