Today we’ll dive deeper into the meaning of things, the essence of things, the purpose of things – as we enter the celestials and spiritual wisdom of the Gemini Constellation. As a spiritual astrologer, I love doing celestial natal interpretations in the astrology readings that I offer to my clients, because this gives them deeper insights from various perspectives, and they are better able to see and connect to what is happening within them, while also better understand how all is cycles within cycles within cycles – cycles within our bodies, cycles along the skies, and this too is how life moves along the cycles of the lands, the inner lands and outer lands.

Astrology is an ancient practice and knowledge, and it is not just to be studied from what is found in ancient scriptures and books, you need to look up to the sky and the stars, have the celestial awareness of how it all relates to one another and to ourselves and our own perspective; have some general understanding of astronomy, as well as mythology and symbology, and how to apply esoteric wisdom and knowledge in deeper and more meaningful ways towards your understanding of the zodiac. In other words: Celestial awareness deepens one’s understanding of astrology.

Today we’ll talk about the beautiful constellation of Gemini, and the spiritual wisdom and true beauty it holds within itself. As you can see in the image below, the Moon is transiting this part of the sky tonight, so let’s see the stories this constellation holds.

Gemini Constellation

Located in the northern celestial hemisphere, Gemini is a constellation that is easier to see with our naked eye as it holds one of the brightest stars of our sky, Pollux; and to the north of Pollux is the star Castor, who is a dimmer star in comparison. The constellation’s name is Latin for twins, and it is associated with the twins Pollux and Castor in Greek mythology. Its old astronomical symbol is ♊︎.

In Indo-European mythology Castor and Pollux were known as the Divine Twins, and were portrayed as youthful horsemen, either gods or demigods, who serve as rescuers and healers to humanity. In Babylonian astronomy they were were known as the Great Twins – Castor was called Meshlamtaea, meaning “the one who has arisen from the underworld”, and Pollux was called Lugalirra, meaning “the mighty king”. 

The story of Castor and Pollux from Greek myth is an important one, symbolizing the essence of this constellation. The myth goes that Zeus was enchanted by the mortal woman Leda, and seduced her in the guide of a swan. As a swan, he fell into her arms for protection from a pursuing eagle; and that night they engaged in some love making. That same night, to make sure that she wouldn’t just be pregnant by Zeus, she also consumated with her husband – thereby leading her to being pregnant with two eggs, and giving birth to two twins: Pollux, the immortal twin by Zeus, and Castor, the mortal twin. This is why in the sky we see Pollux as the brighter star, and Castor as the dimmer.

The twins were inseparable and loved one another, but one day Castor was wounded and died. Holding his brother in grief, Pollux called out to and pleaded and begged his father Zeus to bring his brother back to life. Witnessing all this, Zeus gave Pollux a choice: he could either spend all his time now on Mount Olympus with the gods, or he can share his own immortality with his brother. Pollux chose to share, and so the twins were then able to alternate between Olympus and Hades (the underworld). Eventually, they became the two brightest stars in the constellation Gemini.

In the constellation art above, Castor is portrayed as kneeling, humbled by life and his mortality, and Pollux holding him – lifting him, raising him.

Esoterically, this holds an even deeper wisdom – which is seen from the Gospel of Thomas, when he refers to Jesus as his twin. Jesus Christ is sometimes referred to as our Divine Twin – and what does that mean? Well, he is the part of us , living within our heart, where the kingdom of heaven is, and he inspires us to be better human beings.

The divine twin is the part of us that holds us, lifts us, raises us through love and virtue, and every time we embody love through our words, hands and gestures we bring the twin to life on earth – we marry heaven and flesh to become love being in service to others. Because that’s why we are here: to be in service to others, to hold, to raise, to lift each other up; and to have a bright star towards which we can look to and aspire to be, to have values and a moral compass, to have compassion and be kind and truthful and generous of heart.

Within the Castor body is our humbleness and humility – and the essence or meaning of the word humility is to be of the earth. It reminds us of our right proportion in the cosmos of things, within the fabric of life and the greater patterns. It reminds us of our humanness and the need for staying humane in the way we treat one another. Humility is the bridge to love. Castor holds the Vedic nakshatra Ardra – which is about the storms of life, and is symbolized by the teardrop. Ardra goes through storms and thunders and all the obstacles, but it is this that humbles him and faces him with himself, and through the teardrop we deepens into self compassion and forgiveness, and thus, deepens into compassion and forgiveness for his fellow humankind – pouring the waters to melt the ice.

And within the body of Pollux, where the planets, and our consciousness, then travel to because they always travel east to west, we see the purest nakshatra of all: Punarvasu, which means the renewal of soul, returning of the light. It is what returns us to ourselves and to the purity of our heart and spirit – it is love returning us to love. Punarvasu is spiritual, generous, wise, humanitarian – and it reminds us of looking up, becoming the prayers, being the virtues, being the love.

Love is a seeing not of flesh, but through the flesh. Love is like bread, it needs to be made and remade each morning, each day, made anew; it needs to be embodied through our words, hands and every day seemingly ordinary gestures along the circling staircases of life.

The divine twin, or the divine double, which is also a deeper philosophical concept, is the idea that as individuals our “selves” are not all that we are – there is another divine self, a double, a twin, if you will, that never descends from the transscendent realm into the material human one – but we can discover it if we are willing to. It is the spiritual and divine within us, and towards which we should aspire to be as higher values or higher self. It is the innermost self, the Christ within us, the love in the home of our heart with its taste of the eternal life. 

The divine twin is the part of us that is the immortal and eternal. He is the part of us that is compassion, curiosity, calmness, loving, generous, patient, kind – and this is the reason to remember ourselves and recover our true self. Every time we act of this divine double within us, we step into its body.

When we can truly remember these virtues, and these deeper truths that do reside still within us, along our unique physical, emotional and spiritual inner wildlands, we remember our humane-ness also. Because there is so much greed in this world, so much selfishness, and it is hard not to harden up our hearts. How many people do we have in our life who would share of themselves for us? How many people know how to give to us and help us and support us in the way we need to, rather than in how they want to or only when it’s convenient of them to do so?

Pollux is brighter, because he knows and reminds us of what it means to give of ourselves for another, to share of ourselves, to love, to be better human beings. It reminds us of the Divine Twin. It reminds us to never forget it. It reminds that that this part of us is within us and will hold us, raise us, lift us – no matter how many falls, no matter how much we kneel, we rise and rise brighter. Pollux reminds us of this, as he holds Castor, as they hold each other, hand in hand holding strong, two parts within us too that hold in one; and in the starry skies at night, even if we forget of this deeper truth, even when we forget to look up to remind ourselves of what togetherness and love are, it is there, it is always there.

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