Today we’ll dive deeper into the meaning of things, the essence of things, the purpose of things – as we enter the celestials and spiritual wisdom of the Sagittarius Constellation. As a spiritual astrologer, I love doing celestial natal interpretations in the astrology readings that I offer to my clients, because this gives them deeper insights from various perspectives, and they are better able to see and connect to what is happening within them, while also better understand how all is cycles within cycles within cycles – cycles within our bodies, cycles along the skies, and this too is how life moves along the cycles of the lands, the inner lands and outer lands.

Astrology is an ancient practice and knowledge, and it is not just to be studied from what is found in ancient scriptures and books, you need to look up to the sky and the stars, have the celestial awareness of how it all relates to one another and to ourselves and our own perspective; have some general understanding of astronomy, as well as mythology and symbology, and how to apply esoteric wisdom and knowledge in deeper and more meaningful ways towards your understanding of the zodiac. In other words: Celestial awareness deepens one’s understanding of astrology.

Today we’ll talk about the beautiful constellation of Sagittarius, and the spiritual wisdom and true beauty it holds within itself. Let’s begin.

Sagittarius Constellation

The Milky Way is at its densest near Sagittarius, as this is where the Galactic Center lies. As a result, Sagittarius contains many star clusters and nebulae; and more importantly, its closeness to the Milky Way, with many of its stars dipped in its celestial waters, shows the higher spiritual purpose of this energy.

Sagittarius lies between between Scorpius and Ophiuchus to the west and Capricornus and Microscopium to the east. Its old astronomical symbol is (♐︎), and its name is Latin for “archer”.

The archer points his arrow towards the heart of the scorpion from the Scorpio constellation, and this holds deep esoteric meaning of this constellation’s energy. Known as the arrow of truth and insight, Sagittarius is on an adventurous quest for knowledge – and higher Truth – and it seeks to dissolve the boundaries, and bring new insight into what has been stuck or no longer working in the current consciousness.

The scorpion energy is one of “fixed water” – and fixed water is ice. It represents the fixed structures within us, and within humanity and the collective consciousness – so the arrow of fire seeks to pierce through the fixed ice of thoughts and ideas within the group mentalities or structures.

This part of the sky where we find the Sagittarius constellation has a big purpose related to our evolution. With feet often dipped in the Milky Way, Sagittarius is on an adventurous quest for truth – it is highly independent energy devoted to expansion and seeking.

The Milky Way is the oneness of which we all come from; it is the Great White Robe of interwoven stars – the weaving of the cosmos and of us, of our destinies, and of higher consciousness. So anything that touches it signifies spiritual wisdom, spiritual insight, illumination and enlightenment.

In esotericism, the profound truth is that every individual has as his ultimate conscious task the weaving of his “immortal body”, which one does through their deeds in life and the kind of person they choose to become, as well as their heart and soul development. In other words – the ultimate mission of an individual is to be dressed in the seamless rose, interwoven with all and with everything, no more lines, no more seams; and one does this through spiritual growth, self realization and illumination.

One of the most famous places within the Sagittarius constellation is the asterism called the Teapot. This starry pattern is distinctive, bright, and points directly to the center of the Milky Way. And here we are – from the waters of the universe, we are then poured into little cups – each of us unique, with our unique handles and textures and pathways and movements; it is how soul enters body, heavens marry flesh, so that love is embodied through our lips, hands and gestures.

In Shamanic astrology, Sagittarius falls into the Mystery School of “in service to spirit”, and its path of evolution is through the element of fire and the intuitive function. Sagittarius is here to walk a path of discovering the truth, and to open up new pathways towards this higher goal.

Historically, the Sagittarius dharma has been one of exploration, adventure and philosophy, with a strong emphasis on seeking the meaning and purpose of life. Most times, this path was associated with a renunciate lifestyle, renouncing the material and becoming kind of a hermit, or spiritual seeker who travelled the world or sat somewhere in retreat diving in his studies.

While it’s the responsibility of Sagittarius to explore and adventure towards finding truth for themselves, this path and actions are not primarily for self-interest – Sagittarius is actually performing service to spirit, thereby opening pathways for all of humanity. You see, you can sit in your cave at home diving in spiritual and philosophy and astrology studies for year, travel the far distant lands immersing yourself in all and everything, and yet eventually, because of your own inner expansion that has occurred, your soul growth and spiritual maturity and true wisdom, all others will benefit – society and humanity will benefit. Your free thinking and higher vision will infuse this spirit, i.e. inspire, all else you come into contact with, in whatever shape and form.

In our modern day, the emerging task of Sagittarius is important for the collective consciousness evolution, as it is to question all dogma, no matter what the dogma looks like. There is dogma everywhere – society beliefs, spiritual beliefs, mentalities, thought patterns, and authenticity seems more and more like a rare almost extinct animal. The energy of Sagittarius is meant to crystallize the truth – show insights, question things with the right questions, and remain free in mind, spirit and heart. It is to go boldly and with courage into new territories, whereby it will remain in integrity and honour of always seeing the truth as ever-changing, ever widening.

Absolutism sinks us in the water like stones – and Sagittarius learns this in life. It learns that the higher Truth will perhaps always remain somewhat mysterious, and the humility of this deserves to be treasured. We all have our own views, windows of perspectives, and some truths are subtle; seeing the nuances enriches us in perceiving the entirely of things eventually. The quest for meaning and purpose is a process, not a destination.

In the natal chart, Sagittarius rules the 9th house, which is about expansion on all levels. The 9th house is perhaps one of the most important houses of our chart; it rules travel, higher learning and knowledge, philosophy, religion, spirituality, foreign lands, cultures and languages, faith and trust in the divine, and our spiritual dharma. This house also shows our past life deeds and spiritual rewards based upon the virtues we’ve lives; so people who have lived in virtue and with integrity and honour, have gained a moral compass, and spiritual gifts. This is the house that relates to our Navamsa, or D9 chart that shows our spiritual dharma. And in ancient astrology, the 9th house was called the house of God.

Sagittarius has a free mind, free heart, and they expand through everything; they also question everything from the status quo and these questions are purposeful – because often times human nature gets stuck and forget to ask the right questions. While seemingly rebellious sometimes, Sagittarius has a purpose in all it does: it seeks Truth. This is the truth with a capital T.

Through travel, whether physical or mental, Sagittarius expands and dissolves the boundaries. It reaches its hands across the lines that separate us – lines of flesh, lines of thoughts, lines of borders. It knows that disagreement will always be present, for not all people will ever agree on anything; it knows that if we wait for unity to happen from the outside of us, we will wait a long time, for it may never happen. Sagittarius thus eventually understands that fostering unity begins with us.

After all its travels and the perspectives it finds, and those it rebels against, Sagittarius learns the wisdom – that if we seek to foster unity, we need to reach our hands across the lines that separate us, and say, “Hi, my name is … This is what I believe in, but I’d love to hear what you believe in.” And then, it sits, listens and learns.

Sagittarius essentially seeks the essence – the real truth, that one that is immovable. It is the energy of the person who sits and listens to theologians argue about who is right and who is wrong and how their way is the right way, and it says, “Well, why? Who wrote the Bible? A human? So why should I believe it literally? Why is your perspective or interpretation of this passage the right one?” So it goes to explore the purest essence of the faith, which is monasticism. It frees itself from the dogmatic thinking, dissolves the boundaries, and seeks to connect to the essence in order to truly understand something.

Today the student of spiritual science faces perhaps some of the most challenging phases of its development; because the spiritual student must awaken their discernment, open their eyes wide in the wonderlands we have fallen into through the rabbit holes, and cast off addictions to safety, power and control that the lower mind perpetuates. The spiritual student must now learn to dive into waters that are beyond them, and truly open themselves to receive what may challenge their narratives. They must cast off their lower ego and hunger for popularity on platforms, and any other materialist ideologies and motivations. Only then, when in union with the Milky Way of the energy of the divine and God, or however you may choose to call the greater power beyond us all – the oneness of which we come from and reside in its hands, only then, in humility and humbleness, will the true nature of the world and spiritual life unfold.

The archer points towards the fixed heart of the scorpion – representing the fixed stories that as humanity we attach to because of fear, thereby keeping ourselves stuck in fear and in stagnation.

The fire bow of wisdom splits the stone to show water – the flow of water – it intends to give a new insight and a new perspective to see our stories and perhaps make new ones; to understand we are not the story, not the identity, not the attachment to an identity or narrative, and replace the old with new story that would be a greater benefit to us at our current path in our collective evolution.

This motion of energy relates to how the collective needs to detach itself from the stories no longer serving us and move away from dogmatism in whatever shape or form, whether dogmatic societal beliefs, spiritual, scientific, or information pattern stuck-ness, because the truth is that human beings tend to dogmatize anything and everything. So the bows of truth, and the Sagittarius’ seeking of higher truth along its life paths, holds the higher purpose intention of its soul to infuse new insights through first opening its own body, mind and spirit in receiving new perceptions and dissolving its own boundaries within.

This is what the Sagattarius higher path of life is: infusing the new to break old patterns, ideologies or structures in some shape or form to bring multi-faceted solutions; and this is how it contributes to society towards addressing stagnation, and inspiring change for the collective. Humanity often fears change and resists change because we fear life and fear we’d lose ourselves. Just look at our world today: have we really changed? What have we learned through the hardships we faced as a world? Did we not learn anything from our history? It seems not, because we do the same thing over and over and over again. The movie looks different because there are different actors; but the story is the same, because the narrative hasn’t changed. We’ve gotten lazy, because writing takes energy, change takes energy.

Change requires the humility to see the world for what it truly is; and then the audacity to imagine it otherwise. And then – the courage to actually take the steps towards change. Societies have rarely supported true authenticity; so it takes a real courage of soul and character, deeply rooted in spiritual core and self knowledge, to stay authentic and aware in this world.

Throughout the path Sagittarius walks, it faces its own biases, judgments, limitations and self righteousness; because it eventually understands that along its walks for the truth with the capital T, it actually saw the beautiful nuances where a deeper truth was found – that truth isn’t about absolutism, and that as mere human beings with limited understanding and conditioned human minds, we’ll never know it; we were never meant to know it all anyway. The humility of this deserves to be treasured. And yet it is our reaching of our hands, that we can hold one another and be better as humanity.

In its quest for knowledge and truth, Sagittarius sees the nuances, as it dissolves the boundaries; it sees the release of the essence, which has no lines. It deepens into compassion. And eventually, it puts the pieces together from its vast travels within and externally, and see the interconnection of all and everything – this is where its wisdom is born, and where it touches the essence of things, the meaning of things, the purpose of things. This is the adventurous quest for knowledge – and for truth – embracing the changes fearlessly, within and without, and letting ourselves experience life as an adventure, as a flow ahead like water.

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