It’s sunny warm and playful today, so let’s have some fun as I guide you through some creative ideas for your human design environment decorations, blending Feng Shui with my own personal insights through my many years of experience. As you know, I like to keep things as holistic as possible, providing you with various perspectives for a more creative and expansive flow.

Firstly, what is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is like human design for your home, and each part of our home has its energy. I view it as a perspective, or tool or practice, that may help some people to understand their inter-connection and inter-relation to their surrounding, and create more harmony in relation to their surroundings. Our external environment is an extension to our internal one, so there is a certain amount of noticing, appreciating and caring for, and being grateful for what we have in our homes and how energy moves through us, from us and towards us.

Feng Shui translates to wind and water, or the movement of chi or energy. So what Feng Shui essentially does is that it helps us find ways to shift the energy in our home, so that there is a more natural flow and we feel calmer, more peaceful, serene and comfortable, and more supported in our enviroment. Feng Shui is a practice of creating balance with the natural world; and the goal is to take hold of energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment. 

From alchemy we know that only fire and earth transmute, while water and air move; which essentially means that only fire and earth change things, while water and air shift things. So when I have a session with a client, I always pay attention to what elements they have most in their charts, and how they can shift things to their benefit, and to be in greater alignment. So for example, if they have a lot of fire in their charts, and they live with someone who too has a lot of fire, it will be useful to have some water, to soothe the fires that become conflict, and instead, deepen into greater desire, intimacy and emotional connection.

As an astrologer, these alchemy secrets also help me guide my clients into how to shift or completely change energy from transits also; and often times, just merely re-arranging or changing up something in our every day or home can create a better and more supportive flow for us, create new experiences and opportunities in our life, and help us pull in that which we desire. As I mentioned, our external space is often an extension of our internal space – of our mind, emotions and beliefs; and it matters where and what we look at, listen to, surround ourselves with. How we treat our home, and how we care for it and clean it, is a reflection on how we treat and care for our inner world, for ourselves and for other people in relationships also. 

Simple tips to transform the energy in your home

  • Add the earth element to your bathroom: Bathrooms have water energy flowing away, so one way to ground to transform the downward energy into vital life force is by adding earth elements, such as a plant or sea shells or stones or an art piece in wooden frame. Water feeds earth, so the energy will be nourished and grow stronger.
  • Move or re-arrange furniture to invite the new: Sometimes just re-arranging the furniture can create a greater flow, and inspire calmness; it can also open pathways and remove blocks.
  • Add colour or element to adjust to the intentions, space and people: If you want to inspire and feed new ideas, try adding a blue colour or water painting; and this can also calm fiery energy and help you get in touch with your emotions. Or perhaps, put a water fountain or take more showers when you feel “overheated” or are experiencing intense emotions and conflict with your partner. The water element will allow you to connect with your emotions in a calmer way, and perhaps help you find your way back to each other, settling into peace and harmony.

Now let’s go through each of the human design environments, and please keep in mind these are only general. To book a personal reading with me, visit my Offerings


The caves environment is all about creating stability and security, and it needs a sense of control, or in other words, to be in a power position, otherwise it feels stressed and imbalanced. Don’t have your back to the door when sitting on a desk. An open floor environment or a glass house may feel a bit too unsettling for you, so if that’s where you live currently perhaps you can buy some beautiful thicker drapes for your windows, and just reorganize the furniture or redecorate to make your space a bit more cozy for you.

Sitting with a solid wall behind you, or sleeping in a corner of a room with a solid bed frame may ease your stress also and relax your energy overall. You need to feel in that power position as it will give you your much needed sense for security, stability and control, so it’s best to have a view of the door in your bedroom from your bed; however, don’t have your bed directly facing the door if possible. And if you can’t not have your bed directly facing the door, that’s okay, just perhaps hang a painting to disperse the energy and bring your attention to something colourful. The goal for the cave environment is to create a space where they feel secure – because this is what will recharge their energy and inspire their creativity.


Markets need variety and creative stimulation, however, be mindful of clutter! You need to keep your space as clean and clutter free as possible, otherwise your mind might feel too over-stimulated, stressed or even idead may feel blocked. Spend time re-organizing your space in a way that feels inspiring to you; de-clutter, and let go of what no longer serves you. Markets are often gatherers, so if you collect books for example, and keep them on a shelf, perhaps have a shelf with more oval or soft corners, rather than “sharp” ones, to keep the energy in gentle flow.

You thrive when you are in a space that gives you access to things you want, need and like, so it is important to keep things nice, clean, organized and tidy. And because markets are about seasonality, you can re-decorate each season, or sporadically, whenever you feel you need to introduce new ideas, inspirations and creative pursuits. Your tastes and preferences may change with the seasons, welcome that.


Kitchens are about blending things, mixing things, it’s alchemy, and it’s also nourishment. The kitchen, literally, is about abundance and wealth, but also emotional nourishment, so keep your kitchen warm, cozy and nice; and perhaps have a bowl of fruits on the countertop, to invite more abundance. It’s nice and soothing to have warmer colours in the kitchen, and try not to keep broken or chipped items on the countertops.

If you have a table in the kitchen, perhaps invest in something more round or with softer edges rather than a sharper edge table/furniture. This is also about yin and yang, and the ability of blending them together in a beautiful marriage, marriage of alchemy; so have a nice blend of feminine and masculine elements in your home – water and earth are yin, while fire and air are yang; and in kitchens particularly, it’s nice to have some balance of colours also, not just colder/steel metal colours, to bring some softness of yin and nurturing into it. The stove omits yang energy (fire), while the refrigerator is yin as it keeps our nourishment and food, so make sure they are well situated in reponse to one another i.e. not in direct conflict with each other.


What’s most important is clearing the energy. Make sure to have clean air, a nice breeze from opening the window and inviting the new air and freshness to enter your home each day and morning. Having live plants may be really soothing for you, and also introducing more of the wood element, perhaps with furniture, floors or art. Even in the winter, no matter how cold it is, just open the windows and let the air in even if only for a little bit. Opening the blinds and having more sunshine is soothing also.


Valleys are about feeling a sense of freedom and expansion; it’s about feeling spacious, surrounded by worldly travels, open and good communication, acoustics, diverse and interesting things, and seeing the horizons i.e. visibility. I often hear people talk how valleys need to live on lower floors, i.e. not high rises, and honestly this is not what I have found at all – and I know quite a bit of valley people in my life. They actually love high rises, and living on the top floors, and part of the reason why is because, as I mentioned, valleys are about visibility; so you need to good a clear view that gives you the sense of freedom and spaciousness you need. As acoustics is really important for you also, you may actually really enjoy wind chimes on your terrace, or living in a space with a terrace in general where you can sit outside and listen to the natural sounds.

Valleys love mirrors – and mirrors are great to have in your home, because they also create the energy of expansion, spaciousness and freedom. You might be attracted to some really beautiful and unique designs, because you love unique things. Having large windows, bay windows or terraces is soothing for you also; and having flowers in the house will be really beautiful and nurturing for you. Valleys are full of wild flowers, so you can even have photography or paintings of that, or landscapes. You can have beautiful vases around the house filled with your flowers; or other things to remind you of foreign travels and cultures. To have that beautiful flow of the valley energy, and the acoustics, you can have nice curtains, so that when you open up your windows, the dance of the curtains and the breeze will sound sweetly and serenely to you. Having lots of sunlight in your home is important, which is yet another reason why many valley environment people prefer higher rise places or just off the road houses near the sea, or somewhere with lots of sunlight and expansive horizons.


Shores are about spaces that separate two different landscapes – so boundaries is important. You may separate the hallway, mudroom, or entryway of your home in some way from the rest of the house; for example, don’t have it with the same floors as the living room, and just decorate it uniquely. It is good to experience yourself in your home as if moving through different landscapes or a multitude of settings, while still having a flow of movement.

It may also be soothing for you to paint the walls of your home in different colors to give yourself the feel of change or transition as you move throughout the house/apartment; or you can have various artworks for each corridor or room to give yourself that same feeling also. I also know people with shore environments who love to change their clothes few times a day to mark the phases from one part of day to evening. You might experience with having waterfalls or wind chimes at home.

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