We can only love what we appreciate. And to appreciate needs presence, needs paying attention, needs the ability to hold space for another’s inner world no matter how differently from yours it may initially seem.

Love for another is only possible if we are truly willing to become genuinely interested in them. When two worlds meet they touch and kiss and may become one – building a bridge of love to one another through trust, fidelity and compassion. Each person has their own inner world of a unique physical, emotional and spiritual wildlands – and like any wildland, it is full of various seasons, landscapes, and pathways. There are cycles, there are nutritive needs, there are unique timings, and there are wild unknowns which will forever remain somewhat mystical and unexplored by us – because we’ll never fully know all there is to know in another, just as we may never fully know all there is to know within ourselves and the mysteries of life and the divine. The humility of this deserves to be treasured.

And still, we may reach our hands across the lines that separate us – lines and borders of countries, cultures, languages, ideas and human skins – open our palms and reach our hands to hold another’s hands, and dissolve the boundaries between us. If we truly desire unity in the world we cannot wait for it to happen externally, for it may never happen; governments may never agree on all, theologians may never agree on all, you and your neighbour may never agree on all.

Fostering unity begins with us – it begins by us reaching our hands across the lines that separate us and saying, “Hi, my name is … this is what I believe but I want to learn what you believe.” Love is a never ending exploring and re-exploring one another, learning and re-learning one another and our ways of beings and expressing, because even if we’ve lived with someone under the same roof for many years, inner worlds change and we’ll never know it all – there will always something new to explore, discover and learn. This is the art of loving, for love is a painting of new shades and nuances dancing in the light each new day. Love is like bread, it needs to be made and re-made each morning, made anew, made by our hands, made and given.

We cannot only love another when it is comfortable for us, or when we have the time, or when we can gain something in exchange. We love another’s winters, as much as their deserts. We show up. We are present. Love only happens through our genuine interest in another and the devotional pathway we may walk. Love happens and shapes through our way of noticing, witnessing, learning, paying attention – learning what gives them joy, what tears they hold, what worlds exist within them; love happens through our desire to know more about them. Love is a knowing and of being known not of flesh but through the flesh.

And as we get to know them better, we begin to gain deeper insight into them and a deeper understanding. Love allows us an opportunity for a deepening – and the deepening is essentially within our own selves – seeing the secret invisible threads that unite us. Our genuine interest and effort in knowing another person is what relationships and true love are based upon. This is how it works here on earth – if you want love to thrive you need to put in the effort and leave the assumptions and judgments aside.

We can understand karma as the result of inharmonious manifestation of love between people. As disharmony increases and there is greater imbalance between give and take, the karma may weigh heavier. From a higher spiritual perspective, love between two people is not manifested in just one life. If you love someone it’s because they’ve loved you before. This is why you are pulled towards them in love – because your soul recognizes they loved you. But what happens with human beings is that they then get greedy and say, “Oh if they don’t love me now and pay attention to me now, whatever!” What may be done instead is to love them, do them good, treat them respectfully, wish the best for them.

You can’t love a person who hasn’t loved you prior to this life. If one did not properly take and the other did not properly give, you cannot love each other mutually and truly. If you’ve loved each other, and you’ll love each other still, these things don’t just change, because love incarnates as love, just as greed as greed, lack as lack, and it is through our current way of living and the choices we make that we may create something new for ourselves to be born.

Two people come together in love for a reason – there is no chance in love meetings; but fated relationships are a marriage between necessity and freedom. The necessity is the impulse from the past of memories ingrained – the iron hand that will pull you together; and after that, comes the freedom of will because a new soil will not be born, the soil of your relationship – and what land you’ll build, what new karma you may build upon the prior, what flowers you may nurture and birth or not upon the land you’ll walk, that is only up to you.

We will find that our experience of love here on earth is a mere reflection of the love we experience in the spiritual world between earth lives. Love incarnates as love. People who have deepened in love through lives have a greater capacity within them to naturally love more deeply and openly, to feel and to embody the love.

How we live our lives on earth affects our ability to fully encounter the higher love planes and one another. It is our own responsibility to work towards our inner development, and if we choose not to do that, we may find it difficult to love another person and all of humanity; we may find it difficult to accept and acknowledge differences, to feel compassion for another, to work in togetherness, to hold opposites simultaneously, and our ability to love in another life may stagnate.

We can be grateful for those who love us and the opportunities we have to love another, because this allows us to learn what true love really is; and this allows us soul growth. We can be grateful for the opportunities to work with others and create beautiful things in the world that contribute to others. We can be grateful for our family, because it is sacred and a great teaching of love – it is a story of love, of trust, of patience and deeper understanding; the humble understanding that no matter what happens and how different we are, outside of our role as parents or children, we are all human. One of the greatest lesson in life, aside from trust, is that we all do the best we can each day, with our current awareness, understanding, tools and capacity.

We can be grateful for the flame that drive us, fire us, unite us. We can be grateful for the flame that ignites inspiration in others and sparks love within them, and leaves little sparkles of fireflies like candle flames along their way to guide them also. We can be grateful for our talents, gifts and skills, and how we use them to contribute to others, to be better people, spouses, children, parents, friends. We can be grateful for our senses, for the way we feel and touch and see and taste, for these too have been earned by our love in other lives.

Our greatest purpose is to learn to love, to embody the love through our lips, hands and ordinary gestures along the every day circling staircases of life. Our purpose is to put in the effort to be our best selves, kinder and more compassionate people; and to be of service in this world and one another. This purpose doesn’t have to be on a big grand stage – it starts at home with your closest ones. Your greatest purpose can be to be a loving mother, spouse, homemakers – this is a sacred purpose, and most important one as your love is what will create even more love in the world and lineage.

To truly love we need to direct our will and heart towards this genuine encounter with one another. We need to be willing and able to meet another’s world, their internal and their external one. Each person you may love is a gift to you in this life, so treasure it.

Love is a seed of God, it is sacred gift. And as a seed within you, a seed placed by God, you need to then nourish it and nurture it within your church within, in the home of your heart, What becomes of this seed it only up to you. Some may be the sweetest roses, a whole garden of them and of their hands, the kindness and compassion they give to another will scent their hands for long after you’ve unheld them; just like a real rose will scent our hands and hearts even after we’ve unheld her. Others’ seeds may need more tending and effort, devotion and dedication to become flowers. The choice is only ours.

In our modern world today there are many walls build around hearts and hands; and we see the results of the lack of capacity to see and understand the other. We have lost our moral compass. We define people by our apathies or sympathies instead of seeing them as having souls like us. We see them through our judgments, biases, assumptions and desires to take from them. We see them from the broken mirrors that the windows of our eyes and perspectives have become. The results of this are heartbreaking and perpetuating separations.

We have to fight our own prejudices, lethargy, greed, selfishness, sloth, pride and lust, and instant gratification mentalities, if we want to seek insight into each other and deepen into more meaning, purpose and love. Becoming a whole human being, a moral human being, is the hardest thing we can do because no one can do it for us. Along the way we will be challenged, and each time we will need to make the choice between fear or love. But that’s the path, that’s the work. Patience opens the soul of matter, and we must walk a kindness and patience of rhythm. The land of the heart is the one that only matters; and that’s where the land of love is.

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