As the Spanish open waters and hot off the beaten path island beaches call me, I thought we’d talk a little bit about what open and undefined centers are in human design, and we’ll discuss four of them: the ego/will, the emotional/solar plexus, the crown/head, and the ajna/mind.

I am a beach girl with an eternal love affair with the sun and sea. I can sit in the sun, on the beach, by the sea, all day long until sunset; and even after sunset, I’d still find my way to the beach. Ah sweet romantic beach nights! And I have no problem to sit in the sun all day, though I admit I need to wear a lot of sunscreen as I’m quite fair. So here we are, not just sunbathing, we are sun baking on the hot island beaches and we barely move. I am a generator, so that’s the most natural thing to me. And here it is, a friend who constantly goes to jump into the sea, as if every ten minutes, he is restless. And within a few hours, he feel completely exhausted, so barely see him at all until next day. He is a projector whose sacral center is open. He doesn’t have much of his own generating power or life force energy, and moreover, he doesn’t have any defined motor centers; so naturally, he not only takes in energy but he also amplifies it, and has a harder time handling it or navigating through it after because that’s just not how he is made to be.

Open centers, also called undefined centers, are where we take in energy and information from the world around us. And we not only take it in, we absorb it, we amplify it. And it is this amplification that can become distorting in our life, as we may become conditioned by it, and mainly – it may make us feel like we are something that we are not. And then – we may become dependent on the thing that we are not. If we don’t follow our inner voice and are not grounded in our spiritual core, the open centers become the places where we get our deepest conditioning, creating great resistances.

However – if we are aligned to who we are, and live from a space that is more self-aware and conscious, then it is these open centers that allow us the opportunity for a deepening, as we receive great learning and wisdom. In other words: we are open to receiving new insights and ideas and ways of being because we are more flexible. So as most else in life, there is no good or bad, whether it is defined or undefined, it is all about know thyself. It is also about our willingness to stay open about others, understanding their unique ways and languages also, and staying self-aware as much as we can, being mindful of the how we may be affecting one another.

Open Ego/Will Center

This is also known as the heart center, but I don’t like calling it “heart” as coming from a background of mysticism and spirituality, this terminology just doesn’t feel true for me to use.

It is estimated that around 70% of people have their ego center undefined, and this is very important for our modern world, because if there is one thing we need to remember is: you are not here to prove yourself.

Most motivational gurus or influencers have their ego center defined, and as such they as the ones that shout loudest and are all about the go, go, go, do, do, do, achieve, you can do it, make happen, make happen, make happen!

But for those of us who have our ego center open, we are not here to do that; we are not here to prove ourselves and use our will power towards that as there are other things we should be focusing on.

And yet – every time you come into contact with someone whose ego center is defined, you will absorb this energy and begin to think that that’s something you should be doing.

Suppose a friend asks you out, and during the entire time are talking about working out, running marathons, and “omg you have to sign up with me for this 5-week intensive cardio thing!” And there you are, getting pumped up and signing up; only to then come home and realize “wth did I just sign up for?”

What is happening here is that you, as the one with the open center, are amplifying their will, and their ego and self-worth. And it is this amplification that can then become distorting in your life, as you may become conditioned by it, thinking this is how you should value your own self, and it essentially makes you feel like you are something that you are not. And then – you may even become dependent on the thing that you are not, and on attaching or basing your own self worth in that way i.e. needing to run a marathon or go to the gym to prove yourself and have self-worth. And then time goes by, and there you are without much self-esteem if you don’t do that.

The way you know that you come across someone with a defined ego is that suddenly you will have the urge to show off your stuff on social media, or think you need a specific job title to tell them about or a business project, or social status, or whatever else coming from that inner need to prove yourself through something external and material. This is not who you are, it is what this person is conditioning you to be because of their defined ego.

As always – know thyself. And then see how certain people make you feel and your energy changes around them. This self-awareness will help you stay in clarity. If you suddenly feel like you need to tell someone about what you do or money or successes, it is perhaps because they have a defined ego and their energy is pulling you in that direction, influencing you to prove yourself. In these cases, re-connect to yourself and the truth of who you are.

Your signal, or not-self, that you will be feeling in environments that are not right for you if you have an open center is feeling undervalued and feeling a low or inconsistent sense of self-worth. This not-self theme may also express itself as behaviors like over-achieving, over-promising and people pleasing. You may be more susceptible to those who would manipulate you by bestowing a sense of worth upon you. Remember that you have nothing to prove to anyone, and understand your true sense of self-worth – which is based on the inner self. Your value is inherent in your being, in your existence.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the open ego gives you inconsistent will power, so choose your obligations carefully, and know that you can’t just do, do, do, go, go, go – choose what matters to you, and know your priorities. Be wise about the promises you make, or perhaps don’t make promises at all. And be discerning in where and what you place value; and how to value your own self. Don’t let others convince you of the value, or lack of value, of something; and certainly, don’t tie your own value to other people or their projection on you.

When we have an open and undefined ego center, we can do really well on the material place because we essentially have the opportunity to stay flexible and adaptable in our value judgments and experience our self-worth as the intrinsic asset that is, coming from within and being independent on validation from the external. And that’s exactly what real self-value is: it has nothing to do with what you produce or hold materially as money, status, muscles, achievements.

Many people nowadays struggle with self-esteem and are engineered to become something artificial, almost robotic and dehumanized, something that they are not – whether it is filters, fillers, plastics, botox, masks, potion and lotions, every one whether on the streets or on social media looks and acts the same, and feels the pressure to validate their existence with the external world or through other people. This lack of self-esteem is because we are not living in our true selves and we are constantly being pushed to base our self-worth based on numbers, likes, followers etc. It’s absurd. Some people need to do that, and that’s their path because this is how they motivate themselves and their defined ego is what they need in this life to fulfill their own unique purpose; but that’s not the path for everyone, and yet it can be so easy to lose ourselves and who we truly are, to stand in our truth amidst a society which tells to be the opposite of who we are. Our modern world has never truly supported authenticity, and that’s a sad reality; but what matters most is what we do in our own lives, and walking in our own truth.

Open Solar Plexus/Emotional Center

When we have our emotional center open, this shows that we open ourselves to feeling other’s emotions i.e. this shows ability for deep empathy. And especially if you have your emotional center open, while your spleen and throat are defined, and there is a channel connecting your throat to spleen, this actually shows the potential for natural intuitive ability. Add to that an open crown, and we are now more open to receiving higher knowledge.

With an open emotional center, we take on other people’s emotional waves and amplify them. We absorb other people’s emotions as our own, and we thus feel off-balance around specific people, or too emotional around them, when in fact, what we are feeling is their off-balance and their projections.

And what happens next is that we amplify these – and then we reflect them to them, and yet they say “oh no, that’s you not me” (when in fact it is them not you) and they might even get triggered because often times we may feel their emotions before they are even aware of their emotions. 

And then there you are, overwhelmed with things not yours. The remedy, always, is: know thyself. When we know ourselves, we better discern what’s us what’s not.

You need to energy cleanse regularly also, and be mindful what people you surround yourself with. You are not everyone’s sponge, that’s not your job. And even if it, because you might be a healer, counselor or therapist, you must still know how to discern what yours and what isn’t.

Being empathic, whether naturally born empath or otherwise, is a great gift – it allows you to understand people on such a deep level, so that you can then soothe them, help them support them. You also make a great poet, writer, artist – because you can feel things deeply and feel into all no matter where you are.

And so, when you have an open emotional center, know thyself, set clear boundaries, and move away from those that cross them. You also need a partner who is emotionally mature and aware, because otherwise it’d feel like a roller-coaster you don’t want to be on. When you are with someone who is emotionally imbalanced or unaware of their emotional waves, you will feel it even more and have your head spin so fast, you wouldn’t even remember it’s not you.

Remember that it is perfectly beautiful to be with someone different than you, someone whose emotional center is defined, but for relationships to work there needs to be awareness on both people’s parts. With awareness, and with willingness to understand one another and your unique ways and languages, all else will be fine.

Open Crown/Head Center

An open crown or head center often times feels like you need to answer everyone’s questions. And yet an open crown is also where you are opened to receiving higher knowledge, and people such as both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had an open crown. A lot of intuitives and psychics have open crowns also.

The crown or head center is the triangle at the very top of our body graph, and it is associated with our pineal gland, which regulates the flow of information.

This is our center for questions seeking answers, for doubt and for confusion, for inspirations and inspired creativity, for beautiful ideas, and it is the place where we attempt to make sense of the world around us. Because it’s not a motor center, we’re not meant to take action from this place.

Our crown is the space from where thoughts and inspirations come from. You might have noticed how many ideas come to you in the shower – well, this is when we relax and are more open. And when we have an open crown, this is essentially how we feel most of the time.

The crown or head is also considered a pressure center, because we’re always under pressure here to have the answers. If it is defined – you feel a lot of mental pressure. And when our crown is open and undefined, this pressure is significantly more soothed. However – we can feel a lot of intense pressure when we are around someone who has defined crown as all becomes through us more amplified. This doesn’t mean to avoid people with defined crowns – no, of course not! Just be mindful and discern which thoughts, questions and inspirations are yours and which aren’t. If a question suddenly pops into your mind and you ponder all day thinking about it, consider that you might have picked it up in your aura and let it go – because it wasn’t even yours to begin with.

What’s beautiful about an open crown is that we can literally feel inspiration from all and everywhere. As I already mentioned, we might even feel inspired just by sitting in a room with all walls around us – because somehow we can feel that interconnection and notice how all and everything is interconnected. And when we feel uninspired, all you need is just spend time in the place related to your desired inspiration. Maybe you love traveling but can’t travel right now – well, look at photos, videos, let your mind travel as far as you want; or perhaps even book a hotel room for a night to feel that sense of travel.

What’s really important with an open crown as well is discerning which inspirations you want to follow and which not to – because you will be receiving a lot and not all are there for you to take on and move forward with. I always think of David Lynch describing that our creative ideas are like going out fishing – we sit there, waiting with our bait, wait and wait, and fish will come, ideas with come, but not all will be right for us – so just see through them and choose which is a yes and which is a not yet, and some will be nope, not ever, and that’s fine also.

An open crown is a beautiful place where wisdom and power are born, just be mindful not to lose yourself in mindless chatter and pay attention to how often you are spending time thinking about things that don’t matter to you.

While we take in the inspiration of the world around us, we also amplify it; and with an open crown we can truly tap into and play around with the many nuances of life and the full spectrums of consciousness and possibility. So stay open and practice curiosity; but don’t take in the questions of the world carrying them in your head and shoulders because that would be overwhelming. We can make the choice to know more and learn more and open more without being overwhelmed by it. And anytime you experience confusion, just sit with it, knowing that like all else, this too passes in the breeze. Wind washing is a yogi technique, where to cleanse our mind and clear our energy we should go out for walks and let the winds wash over us.

Open Ajna/Mind Center

You have an open mind. Yes, literally this is what this means. When our ajna is open we are not meant to box ourselves nor our opnions; and it is not healthy for us to waste time and energy trying to form strong opinions and/or trying to convince others of our rightness. Absolutism sinks us in the water liek stones. We are meant to see and explore the beautiful nuances and complexities within things, and in people also. No, we shouldn’t put people in boxes or categories, and should stay open minded that people are complex and nuanced, just as we are too. We are here to be flexible, and stay in our openness – through which wisdom comes.

Freud, Jung, Einstein – they all had open minds, they were thinkers. And when we let of trying to use this center as our decision maker, and open ourselves to see beyond the boundaries of conditions, we get to tap into our greater creative and intellectual potential. It is a gift to be able to see different perspectives, to be out of the box thinker, and to literally put yourself in someone else’s place, which is also similar to someone with an open self (or g) center. But we need to be mindful, because this open mind center can also make us feel confused when we try to become solid with some opinion rather than staying with and cultivating curiosity. In many ways, we need to get comfortable with uncertainty without pressuring ourselves to figure it out.

We need to allow ourselves to stay in these liminal spaces, in the in-betweens, seeing the nuances and various shades and various perspectives from all sides of an issue. Ideas may come at us from all directions and we don’t need to be certain about any of them to feel smart or intelligent, nor do we need to think things through logically if we’re actually meant to think about them more abstractly. That’s fear talking. The way our mind works through this open center is not “consistent”, meaning that the more we relax into it, as if we are taking a shower, and the more we play with it, playing with different ideas and curiosities without pressuring ourselves to form an opinion at all costs nor try to frame how it “should be”, the more ease and magic we’ll find.

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