As I am shifting my eyes towards the beautiful waters and beaches of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, some of my most favourite places on earth, let’s talk about some sun vibes today, and how to unlock your radiance and what helps you stay healthy as seen through your human design.

But first things first – what is the sun?

Respect the one who resides in the heart of all beings, keeping awake when they are asleep. He is the sacrificial fire and the fruit gained. Sun is the origin and the protector, the sacrifices given and the fruits obtained by performing these sacrifices. Sun is the fire of consciousness, the knower that burns the layers of those that desire to be known, aiding us on the path of self-knowledge. He is the lord of all action in our worlds and decides the path. As dusk and dawn follow their own paths, as birds know the direction of flight.

In spiritual astrology, the sun is our fuel of life, it is the desire that drives us forward in life. The sun is the fire, the solar wisdom, the consciousness or essence of the fire that pull us forward on our path towards our soul’s purpose. So being born of a particular sun sign is really important and allows you to step into the higher manifestation of this energy, so that you can spiritually grow and evolve.

And in esoteric astrology, the sun is of the second ray of love and wisdom, and each person sun sign shows how this consciousness flows through them, their life purpose and main lessons, and how this may all manifest in their life helping them along their soul evolution.

Regardless of the sign, the sun always brings in the energy of the second ray, adding potential for creative expression to one’s life. The sun naturally rules the 5th house of heart’s creativity, children, romance, fertility and playfulness. It is also one of the two houses that rules the heart energy.

Our human heart has two chambers: one receives blood, and the second pumps out blood. This is how we are alive. The 4th house is our first heart chamber – we receive blood, we receive life, we receive nurturing. And so our 4th house becomes our ability to love and to nurture. Without the 4th house, we cannot love and nothing else in our life will make sense nor ever align in its natural path.

The 5th house is the second chamber of our heart – our ability to pump out love in all of its forms and shapes towards other people and the world. The 5th house is our creativity, children, joy, playfulness, romance, fertility, love making and baby making, and essentially, it is our true heart’s expressions outward. We can only give what we already have within us, so the flow between the 4th and 5th house is essentially the flow of life energy. It is precisely this flow of love that aligns us on our path.

As within so without.

Each day we must spend time in the sun outside, or even if you don’t feel like going out, just go out on the terrace and may the sun kiss your cheeks and lips.

Being in sunlight is absolutely important for our physical health. Yes, wear sunscreen always – but still, go out and sunbathe. I personally always wear sunscreen even in the winter, even when it’s cloudy, because I burn easily as I have fair skin. But still, always, the sun is my eternal lover and as soon as it’s out, so am I! Surely I am a bit of a beach bum, always have been, but I can assure you that any time I feel a little sick whether a cold, or tummy ache, going out in the sun and staying in the warmth always immediately heals me. Getting that natural vitamin and sunlight is the best medicine you can have.

Our bodies, our skins, need to be touched by the sun daily.

It is also worth noting that our human DNA resonates at around 54-78GHz while quantum physicists have found the sun to bathe us in 52-78GHz, among others. As such, it re-aligns us, re-energizes us and re-vitalizes us. It can be particularly soothing and supportive to expose our torso, our chest and our belly and tummy, the skin covering our spleen, solar plexus and Dan T’ian (lower abdomen) which is considered the main store house of your life force battery.

Unlocking your radiance

In human design, and using the gene keys, our unconscious sun and the gene key associated to it is known as our radiance and what keeps us healthy. This gate connects us to our vitality and wellbeing – it shows us how we unlock our inner light and radiance. Our inner light is the light inside of us, which once unlocked shines brightly through – showing us what we need for our health, vitality and the power of our aura. It is also in part connected to our intuition and how we radiate at our highest level of wellbeing.

It can be found in the left column of your body graph at the very top, where the sun symbol is. The number before the decimal point is the gate of your unconscious sun, and the number after the decimal point is the line associated with your profile. So when you come to me for a human design session, the way I will describe your radiance and what you need for your health and vitality would be by analyzing this position and diving into the so-called radiance gene key.

The radiance key is all about our inner light and our light body. Your radiance dictates your health, vitality and aura.

Physical evolution occurs as this light moves collectively through all human forms, driving us forward in understanding, urging us not only to survive but also to thrive. However, spiritual evolution underpins physical evolution; and both forms of evolution are part of a single principle, with spiritual evolution as the seed and physical evolution as the fruit that then becomes.

Your radiance is part of what’s known as your genius sequence i.e. it is also your incarnation cross in human design, which is kind of like your destiny and the algorithm to your soul’s purpose. It is the key to your most magnetic self. And as all other keys, it also has a not-self theme, which shows you how you might be shadowing this inner light and your way to let it shine again.

The gift of your radiance is that you become more aligned to yourself and your natural flow of life – you feel healthier, you shine within and without, and you also become more connected to your intuition as our radiance key also acts as a hidden instrument for our intuition. This is because it is our signal that we are not in the right environment for our wellbeing, and as you know, we need to have our body right and our inner vessel clear, so that we can truly align and hear the messages we receive.

The sun is a life force, and it is one not only we need on our skin but we also need it from inside of us. Spend time each in the sun, have a love affair, invest in your health and wellbeing, and have a lot of fun in the sun! Even in winter, still spend time outside, may the sun kiss your cheeks.

The sun is rebellious, it always wins, no matter the ice and weather, it always shines and melts us into water so that we freshen the emotions and thoughts on our inside us. Nourish your heart, nourish your desires, and stay playful as this is an energy of love. Love has many shapes and forms, speeds and movements. It is found in tenderness, compassion, grace, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, play and creativity. We need to embody love and emit love, and we do, inevitably, each time we express these various forms through our body, through lips, hands and gestures. 

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Photography by Michele Marchesi on Unsplash.

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