The divine resides in the heart.

In my essay What The Snow Queen Knows, we saw what happens when a human heart freezes; how despair and disconnection can make us feel alone in a shiny fortress; how when we lose our tenderness, we ultimately lose our heart; and how we focus so hard on spelling eternity in a puzzle, instead of feeling it. Because the truth is – eternity is found in living in love.

In many ways, the struggle of mankind is to comprehend and experience eternity: to possess it, to liberate himself from it by controlling it and understanding it. Our world has become increasingly linear in thinking and bound to materialism. This becomes detrimental to humanity because it stops our expansion. This loss of consciousness portrays itself through lack of empathy, division and separation, fear of vulnerability and intimacy, inability to agree to disagree, fear mongering, hate campaigns, cancel cultures, lack mentality, and inability, or unwillingness, to create meaningful relationships.  

Famous philosopher, social reformer and esotericist Rudolf Steiner once said that the help to humanity will come from those people who carry within them the Venus consciousness, which is the consciousness of the high heart. When we align to and develop our high heart, we become more connected and embodied in what truly matters, which is the purity and essence of true love. I find no better time than to delve deeper into what this consciousness means, because humanity finds itself in need of it.

When the connection to the heart fades away, when the connection to spirit fades away, our soul begins to perish and humanity will vanish also. Our current times are ones of cleansing and purifying, but we all need to make our own individual decision: will we ascend through the heart or will we descend further in separation. There is so much division today. And we are consumed by fears and doubts. I sometimes see people say “this is my wife, this is my husband” but they don’t even look into their beloved’s eyes, can’t truly connect and their souls separate even further. We build puzzles focusing on spelling love, instead of feeling it.

In many ways, the challenge of our time is transhumanism: humans merging with machines, so that they have the creative intuitive high mind while not reconciling their fears and integrating their shadows, and not being held accountable for their actions. When the system says “that’s just life who cares” and when through social media we can wear even more false masks – people take advantage of that and look to spirituality for a quick fix. It’s a trendy thing, it’s a cool thing and they want to look like they are doing inner work and are spiritual but they aren’t. AI has become a God-like presence but the organic element of our intuition and purity of heart is gone and they can’t connect to their heart and to their soul. They focus on the external – while remaining empty within. You can’t reach out without going in.

We create AI to become something super-human of higher intelligence, and yet we can’t mimic nor achieve nor even reach the power of the human heart. Nothing can replace creativity, feeling and intuition; nothing can replace the love and purity of the heart. And when hearts are jaded, we lose ourselves; we feel disconnected and we lose our humanity.

The only way we can make a difference in our world is by living in love.

The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel, 1863

V e n u s  C o n s c i o u s n e s s

Have you met Venusian souls? They are the people who look like they are almost ethereal in their being, as if they are walking on clouds; they have very gentle features and movements, and it’s as if love dreams of a heart like theirs, to embody itself fully in this life; their smiles light up everything around them and they are curiously mesmerized by everything; they love dancing, are creative and animals seem to gather around them everywhere they go; they have an aura of innocence, love, beauty, harmony, mysticism and inspired imagination; they love enjoying and taking pleasure in everything this world offers. They are incredibly sensitive, which is why they are highly intuitive, empathic, loving and creative, and it is how they tune into the feelings of other people, however, but with that sensitivity comes the price of feeling everything and everyone. These beautiful empathic souls when incarnated into the physical earth reality may find it a little hard to handle all the negative emotions and actions that people have here, and they need to create sacred spaces surrounded by those who love and support them. It may also be hard for them to meet others who love just as deeply as they do, and they might sometimes feel like lost fairies. Their innocence and kindness might be mistaken by some as weakness, though make no mistake, these are powerful beings of highly evolved souls.

The Venus consciousness is one that resonates with the fifth dimensional reality, which is heart-centered. Actually, when I think of Venusian souls, I think of the higher realms – of how angels speak. It is said that in the angelic realms, we can’t speak nor pronounce any word unless we love it. So if we don’t love apples, we can’t say apples. This is important to understand because this is how higher consciousness communicates with us – through love.

This is also why when angels speak through humans, everything suddenly lights up with joy because there is something new in the way they speak – suddenly, the person starts glowing with joy, because they are speaking out of love and of the things they love. When humans speak of love, they become angels.   

In mystical texts, the Venus consciousness refers to the sphere or planet of Venus, and the consciousness streaming from it. It is important to understand that when we look towards the sky, the planets, and the cosmos, we are essentially looking into ourselves; within these stars is a journey, a meaning, a remembering, and a story of who we are. Our inner spheres, such as Venus, Mars, Moon, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, are the most relevant to our human consciousness because they are closest to us; they are of denser consciousness and as such are more relatable to us in the third dimensional reality, Earth. This is why in Vedic astrology, there is an emphasis on these inner planets. It is easier to tap into and anchor these vibrational frequencies for the purpose of our psychic and soul development. For example, Sirius is a very distant star and connecting to it can feel really tiring and draining intuitively because of its high density.

In esoteric text, both Venus and Mars take higher density consciousness and translate it into information that is more reachable and accessible to our human understanding. They act as intermediaries to higher density spheres such as the Pleiades.

Venus is a feminine sphere – meaning that it is focused towards emotional and intuitive development. It represents love and is the karaka of the forth house, which is the home of the heart. When we express ourselves through the house and sign of our natal Venus, we open our heart. For example, if your natal Venus is in the third house, then it is through words that you will bring more love into this world and change humanity for the better by touching people’s hearts.

Some people may have debilitated or afflicted Venus in their charts, but no matter how difficult it is for them to do, they should try, to learn and push themselves to express their love and feelings towards others. If you find yourself in that position where this is hard for you do, just try little by little: say you appreciate someone, compliment them, give to them, focus on the positive and find something beautiful in each person rather than criticising or judging, and when you love someone, say you love them despite it being difficult or uncomfortable to say – because this will open your heart, allowing more love to flow in, and this will also open your Venus consciousness. Love gently with small gestures, until you can love with broader strokes. 

The intuitive and psychic development aspect of the Venus consciousness is basically focused on how the human beings merge with the cosmic consciousness – uniting soul, heart and body. The goal of these sacred practices is to saturate your system completely into a higher energy, so that you would feel and create loving emotions within. Through the emotion of love in the heart, you can then try to maintain it and hold it as long as possible each time, so to saturate the entire psychic system with extremely high energy, which is what we describe as pure blissful love. This then generates the high energy outwards. In a way, our emotions are much more advanced than we understand; they are the very essence of our intuitive ability and soul evolution, and help transmute energy itself and we raise our consciousness.

Know thyself. 

The ability to generate these loving emotions, also called holy emotions, was an initiatory sacred practice of priestesses. The first thing for a priestess to do in old mystery schools, was to know herself and know the earth. Anything that would approach her was understood to be a part of the earth, and through it, she reflected and knew herself further; she knew what was her and what wasn’t. The know thyself practice was basically an intiation of discernment. We can’t ever evolve ourselves if we don’t know ourselves, nor can we experience greater depth of love, and of life. When people want to develop their intuitive, the first thing they must do is self-development; this then opens a clearer channels to higher understanding.

Discernment is also a key lesson for humanity. In an age of so much uncertainty and inability to even trust the mainstream, we need to tune into ourselves and be able to see beyond the illusions and the false information. Some people and some experiences are divergent – and we need to discern that, and through knowing that, we learn more about our self – that this is not who we are, which in essence, is also an aspect of knowing who we are. We need discernment to know, because we can then recognize how far off someone or something is from our self.

This is where the statement “we attract who we are” comes in – because a part of who we are is knowing who we are not. And the way that we react and respond to various situations from negative people, ultimately shapes who we are, or unveils who we already are, so that we come into a deeper understanding of ourselves. Perhaps we learn how to trust ourselves more or how to set boundaries through our meetings with negative people, or we remind ourselves how far we’ve come along our way by the way we respond to a situation. What’s important is that all contacts with other people, no matter who they are, are intended to enrich and to whole not only ourselves but also humanity itself.

Nowadays, we may be finding ourselves in darker times, but every priestess knew that in the darkening was an opportunity for a deepening. In ancient mystery schools, they would have descent ceremonies, where they’ll be locked in darkness, such as a dark room or a tomb, so that their third eye activates, they sharpen their instincts, they face the fears they project onto the darkness around them, and they eventually rise as queens, like Venus in the evening sky, more powerful and brighter than ever. What is even more important to remember is that the only way they could rise, was through love – because love is the breaker of all darkness. They would find refuge in their heart, and settle into its trust, and settle into its knowing.  

All contact or intuitive channeling is rooted in love; this is why priestesses had to create a vessel of pure and holy emotions in their body, so that they can connect the heart directly to God consciousness.

Compassion, tenderness, joy, forgiveness, and openness, are all just different shapes of love, different movements of love, different speeds of love. When we express them through our actions, we become fully embodied in love, rather than only ideas and thoughts about love, like clouds flowing the sky. We have to be able to build love, contain love and emit love.

This love integration allows purification and allows us to see beyond the earth, beyond the veils. And it is also this love that becomes our protector. Just like the presence of love within you is your greatest protector.  

We access this love consciousness through the heart, as it is the fifth dimensional consciousness, which is heart-centered. It is about embodying love, joy, passion, appreciation, playfulness, curiosity, dancing, singing, and showing affection in the present moment. It is also about giving freedom to our raw creativity and self-expression, by tapping into our uniqueness, because each one of us is unique and God experiences himself through us in a way he could not have otherwise through anyone else.   

It is also about truth; for every priestess knew that living a life of purity essentially meant living a life of inner truth and authenticity. 

In esoteric text, it is said that those souls who descended from the Venus streams of consciousness, and incarnated as humans on earth, came from advanced emotional and intuitive development, so to continue to sustain these abilities and create this energy through the human body also.

As earth itself also increases its density through its evolution, and we are moving into a future of higher consciousness, those people who are more comfortable with these emotional and spiritual abilities would feel better at adapting to the change.

The high heart. 

The high heart is something that was developed in the Venus consciousness. The high heart is basically the heart energy in a higher octave. When it is activated, the entire energy body changes, which is known as the Venus body; what was once dense in fears, worries, doubts, wounds and uncertainties, suddenly spreads into waves and we understand and see beyond the many veils. The high heart is our fifth dimension portal and is more connected to cosmic consciousness, to God, and connects us to our claircognizance. This is why I spend so much time talking about developing the heart energy on my website, through the Art of Love, because this will become even more important in the years to come, as humanity evolves further.

The Venus consciousness also causes he uplifting of human experiences in each person; we love deeper, we connect deeper, we communicate in more meaningful ways, we feel more purpose, we express more beauty and love, we become stable vessels of inspired creativity to flow continuously through our body.

In ancient scriptures, these is also written the beautiful principle of the relationship between Venus and the Sun. It was written that Venus steps down into the Sun’s energy, or wavelength, to take it all within herself, and then pops into many mesmerizing colours for us to experience the Sun’s life force energy. In a way, Venus is an intermediary to the Sun’s clarity and wisdom; she re-creates the powerful solar energy into vibrations that are more easily manageable, accessible and allows us to receive them.

In Steiner’s work, Venus was written as the higher aspect of our earth; she directed her energy and consciousness towards us to raise humanity towards sublime states of being. This is why in esoteric texts Venus is called the elder sister of earth and her link to earth is the North Pole. The vibration of Venus matter is more subtle, and forms the first and second ether of our earth, i.e. Venus is basically forming the etheric body of our earth – and this is where the streams of Venus consciousness exist and flow, so that as we evolve higher and increase our density, we will be able to meet it.     

In some Vedic texts, it is said that lord Krishna descended his soul into earth through Venus. Jesus also refers to himself as the morning star – and as we all know, Venus is both the morning and the evening star. Venus plays a major role in the Christian mysteries, both as female force and the intermediary force of the Sun, through which we receive life force energy. 

When Venus consciousness flows into the earth, initially these waves manifest as pure energy; and we feel her as pure blissful love and clarity of intuition. Venus is the emotional body centered in the heart, and of pure love; Venus is the high heart, through which we begin to align and communicate with the divine. She is also the divine feminine energy and is one of the vital forces that births the experience of our higher self. Astrologically, she describes what and who we love, are attracted to and attracts us, our romantic nature, and the soul’s intent of our feminine expression and experience. Venus is also about self-worth, self-value, self-love and self-acceptance.

Venus is a world inspired and motivated by the inner language of emotion, intuition, harmony, beauty, and raw creativity.

The Venusian consciousness understands that all of the external material in our world is simply a reflection of our inner world, because material manifestations are impermanent, and often times, they are a distraction from the things that can really be trusted and loved in our present moment, through the high heart. Like the little prince said, what’s true is only seen with the heart. With this understanding of impermanence, and yet eternity and immortality of love, Venus loves to change; as rose petals change, as water flows freely and changes from rainwater to river to sea to vapour to life as the air we breathe; and yet each change serves only as a new way of consciousness to experience itself, in a new shape or form, while remaining true to its inner essence of love.

This reminds us of the eternal virgin energy. The eternal virgin isn’t someone who has never had sexual relationships – she interacts with external energies devotedly, wholebodily and wholeheartedly, and yet she doesn’t allow herself to be changed, shifted or fundamentally transformed by any force outside of her; she reminds us that no matter what happens in our life, and how many twists and turns we make or life takes us through, we can always choose to tap into our true nature of love, and not allow anyone or anything to change our heart. She reminds us that even if people hurt us or judge us, nothing can take away our true essence, our ability to love and to be love; that every day we make a choice about who we want to be, and what action to take, choosing between love or fear; that if we don’t like someone we can just move away peacefully; that we can love and love and love again, because a heart’s love is never-ending. And that there, along our way, will always be people who will love us just as much.

Born from foam, Venus, also known as Aphrodite, surrendered in the arms of her beloved God of sea. She realized the meaning of love, a gift that comes from true and complete surrender. In this gift unveiled an even greater gift, the one of unity of soul, body and heart. When our heart is open, we are peaceful. When we allow our heart to move us, every decision we make begins to feel right. And in this new consciousness, there is meaning, there is connection, and there, is home.  

Love dreams of a heart like yours. 

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Cover Art: The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, 1484-1486.   
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