Our heart is the initiatory pathway for higher consciousness.


Imagine the moonlight. And the moonlight on the sand and how cold the sand can feel on our feet, when we are alone in the faraway unknown desert. On the wild untamed roads of life we need to follow our heart because there are no other footsteps. The sacred drumming of our heart is the only voice that will reveal to us the way.

There comes a time when we need to pave our own path in life; one step in front of the other. But how can we follow our heart? We need to gain trust in our heart. And the way to do that is by first understanding how it functions. If we have a strong urge, an inspiration and a desire for something – this means that we are meant to experience it. Otherwise, we would not have had that desire.

Our heart is an intuitive center. The first thing that it does is that it scans the collective consciousness and then it embodies that as a feeling, as an idea, as a passion or as an inspiration. In other words – by the time we get that desire, there is already a need for it created in our world, desiring us in return, yearning to be experienced by us. So don’t doubt. All the messages that are truly coming from your heart are a part of what you came here to experience and contribute to this world as you express your unique self. In times of starting something new or walking a new path, the question shouldn’t be “will it be needed” or “will I be supported along my way” – because yes and yes – but rather the question should be “will I trust myself and believe in myself to show up and devote to it?”

Everything is interwoven in our world and our heart accesses it all. It is the vehicle to the cosmos; it is the initiatory pathway for higher consciousness. The heart knows, always.

Yet often times we may not be hearing it clearly because it goes through the channel of our emotional body. This means that we must be clear in who we are, be attuned in our sensitivity, have a strong spiritual core and be able to discern emotions and thoughts.

Our heart is not just an organ; it is our energy center and unites the physical and spiritual aspects of our embodiment. It is the generator of love. It is also associated with compassion, forgiveness, emotional safety, kindness, connection, hope, trust, joy, harmony, faith, gratitude, altruism and absence of fear. As a unifying energy, it has the capacity to bring us into integration, wholeness and completeness. This means that in our heart, all is in a sacred marriage, within and without.

So what causes it to close off? What causes our heart energy, or heart chakra, to be out of alignment? Hurt. Hurt that is caused by our connection to others. This then becomes a sense of disconnection. The heart chakra is also knows as anahata, which means un-hurt. When we un-hurt, when we un-break, when we re-connect – we open our heart again.

A question that I recently received was: “No matter how kind and loving I am, there are people who continue to be judgmental and critical nowadays. Why don’t some people just open their heart?”

Because it’s painful.

Because when the light of love hits us, the first thing that it does is that it lights up all of our shadows and unresolved things in the corners of our psyche. It’s as if someone just turned on the light in a room; there will be messy things, dirty things, unneeded things and even scary things. All will be staring us in the face. And that’s when most people close the doors, turn off the lights and they close their hearts again. We need to remember the spiritual and esoteric tools to deal with shadows and with fears; this means developing belief in self, trust in self, faith in self, and love self.

To be connected to our heart means to be in awareness of all feelings, doubts, insecurities and to just acknowledge them, allow them and invite them openly into us. This reconciliation and reintegration will help us to stop projecting so much and experience ourselves on a deeper level, and to stay in the present moment, which is what this life is all about. Unfortunately, people can’t see past their own judgments. Many people have a lot stored in their emotional bodies in the form of unresolved wounds, trauma and sadness – which is what causes the density of our body’s energy. These can manifest in very subtle ways which often times we wouldn’t even relate to “unresolved trauma” because it is too painful to acknowledge. The collective consciousness has also changed due to the collective trauma and has densified, which is also why we are currently experiencing a phase of releasing and purging.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that many people over-focus on “past lives” – which is understandable but this is something not properly understood also. Timelines are happening simultaneously which means that all that we are in the present moment is what we should be digging into – because everything past or future is in relation to the present moment. We were created to be in the present moment. When we heal our present self – we are inevitably changing and healing the past and the future. Yet we are always focused on something or somewhere else – rather than staying present and being present for ourselves and for others.   

The problem in our world is that we don’t pay attention. We name things, we identify things, we word things, we title things, we categorize things but we don’t know the essence of it.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “You may talk. And I may listen. And miracles might happen.”

People say “that’s my wife, that’s my husband” but they don’t even look at them nor re-explore them; they don’t pay attention and this is why people divorce and separate all the time and why we can’t even hold deeper meaningful conversations. Society swipes human beings on apps and has a five minute attention span – how are we then as a collective supposed to devote the needed time to connect?  

The challenge of our time is transhumanism; humans merging with machines, so that they have the creative intuitive high mind while not reconciling their fears and integrating their shadows, and not being held accountable for their actions. When the system says “that’s just life who cares” and when through social media we can wear even more false masks – people take advantage of that and look to spirituality for a quick fix. It’s a trendy thing, it’s a cool thing and they want to look like they are doing inner work and are spiritual but they aren’t. AI has become a God-like presence but the organic element of our intuition and purity of heart is gone and they can’t connect to the Christ Consciousness, which is to their heart and to their soul. They focus on the external – while remaining empty within. You can’t reach out without going in.  

A lot of people get uncomfortable and even triggered when they hear Christ Consciousness because they have strong resistances and associate it with religion and Christianity. This is the problem – we need to start seeing past our own judgments. We can’t understand the essence of something when we turn our backs at anything with “words” that don’t suit us. Christ Consciousness isn’t about religion – it is so much more than that – it is about love and acceptance.   

It is about the Sacred Heart. 

The Sacred Heart carries within it everything; it is the embodiment of heaven on earth; it is the containment of all pain and all love; it is the scarred and the scared and the sacred; it is the evidence that no matter how many thorns were in it, no matter how much it bleeded, it continued to beat behind the breasts and to shine brighter than ever – it is ever lasting, because love is ever lasting. Then, now, always.  

We can’t fix nor change anyone because people can only see through their own eyes. There is nothing we can do for them when they are not opened to it. It’s true that nowadays some people will get angry when someone is kind and loving towards them; this is just a reflection of how disconnected humanity is from its heart. It’s a sad truth. Spiritually impure people can’t see the spiritually pure. They think they can but they can’t. But we are all on our own paths; some people just need more time to wake up, and unfortunately for some this happens through hardships – this is why we are in this boat worldwide – because all of us now need to wake up, together. Just try to remember that the best way you can contribute to this world is to develop your own self, cultivate your love and peace – and through your mere presence, you will inevitably be influencing and uplifting all others around you.

Through our very presence in someone’s life, we make a difference. We leave little prayers along our way into the consciousness of others, because communication is energetic. Even if they seem like they haven’t resonated with it, one day their frequency may reach a higher level where they will be able to recognize this within them, remembering our words of love. While no one can make us see something that we don’t already have as recognized wisdom within us, we can still make a difference leaving firefly clues along the way. It’s the footprints of our heart.

Trust in that knowing. Who you are matters now. So surround yourself with those who truly love you, support you and nourish your soul, protect your love, tenderness and energy, and don’t worry about those who just can’t see yet.

Connect to your emotional body. Emotions are magnetic; they are the engine to manifestation. Emotions are also our indication of where we are in relation to our heart and soul. Feelings are pure like water; there are no bad feelings, they just are. We should allow them to just flow like water through our body; let them touch and untouch you. When we can connect to them in a crystallized way, we also connect to our intuition. If we think of feelings like water, then depending on what tea leaves we put in it – we’ll get different kinds of tea. The tea leaves are our thoughts; if we use strawberry leaves, we’ll get strawberry tea and strawberry emotions.

Feelings are our inner compass and emotions show us where we are headed because of our thoughts. While all emotions are valuable, painful and hurtful emotions aren’t how it feels to be in our true self; we should allow ourselves to feel them freely and yet we shouldn’t mistake them for our identity. We shouldn’t suppress our emotions; we should just learn their language and allow ourselves to just feel. The truth is that everything loses power when we allow it, when we surrender to it, when we are aware of it and when we experience it from a place of deeper understanding.

What negative emotions are trying to tell us is that they desperately need to be released, which is why they make us feel so uncomfortable. They show us the way for which parts of us are not flowing and need more love. Loving emotions allow us to access and viscerally feel our spirit; they are the closest thing for heaven on earth and feeling heaven on earth is how we raise our frequency.

The power of love. 

When we allow feelings of love we are building the core energy of our spirit and life force. This conscious building of energy becomes our conduit for deeper wisdom and understanding. When we hold love such as gratitude, kindness, joy, acceptance, appreciation, harmony, tenderness, compassion, empathy, trust and peace – we are essentially holding light which is transformational, and even transmutational. We can build this sacred space within us where we can contain all of our emotions holding them with our love. If you feel sadness, if you feel fear, if you feel anger, if you feel lost, if you feel confused – hold its hand lovingly and say it’s okay, I am here for you. Acknowledging them will allow them to be released peacefully. There are no bad emotions but there are unhealthy expressions of them. We don’t need to decode them, rationalize them or even understand them fully. We don’t need to pressure them to tell us why always. Just guide them back to the warmth of your heart where they can be allowed; where they can relax and be released.

We need to build our ability to integrate all aspects of ourselves. And once we have the capacity to hold within us all of us – then, we’ll also have the capacity to hold another person and their own unique world in ours. When we start to become more conscious of our emotions – they become our best friends as they navigate us through life and they allow us to experience the depths of love. And we start to live wholebodily and wholeheartedly.

Life has its own pulse. It inhales and exhales in its breath. It expands and withdraws in its lungs, like the waves ebb and flow. And in itself, each breath is needed and each aspect is purposeful. Sometimes things will happen and we won’t know why, so we’ll need to allow it to touch and untouch.

To see the face of God, perhaps we need to allow all of life’s aspects to wave as they need. 

Emotions are also like waves; they ebb and flow like life itself. Through them, we too experience ourselves in a deeper way, within and without. Feelings of love lead us back to who we truly are; they lead us to our heart. Feelings of fear help us see where we need to let go and the parts of us that need to reconnect. Let your self love.

Our feelings are beautiful, just as our emotional world is beautiful. This is how we are able to connect deeply to one another. This is how we connect to our intuition. This is how we can understand one another and truly see another for who they are. This is how we experience intimacy. This is how we feel love and build relationships. This is what makes us creative. This is what makes us human and humane. This is what allows us to have empathy, because without our capacity to feel into others, we’d be narcissists, sociopaths and/or psychopaths. Building a beautiful relationship with our feelings is just like any other relationship; it is about acceptance, appreciation and willingness to flow. Healthy relationships are based on emotional intelligence and authenticity, which are about awareness and vulnerability; this is what true love and deep intimacy are based upon. Allow yourself to experience yourself fully and wholly, and be grateful for the brilliancy of your feelings.

Once you align your emotions, you can hear your heart more clearly and settle into the core of who you are. And once you know what your heart truly wants – the whole universe will conspire to make sure that you get it. 

Trust in the unfolding of your life and that what you desire is already there for you desiring to be experienced by you.

So love consciously.

Love curiously.

Connect to your heart because this is the portal of connection and of loving. When we expand our own energy through our heart, we inevitably influence that of others around us and we can love more deeply through our openness and awareness. Open your arms and invite love in; open your arms and then hug tightly those that you love. Stay in innocence, joy and playfulness. Love kindly and passionately. Love gently until you can love with broader strokes. Love with devotion. Love yourself. Accept yourself and integrate your emotions without resisting them; feel your feelings. Tears and pain will transmute with more grace. When a face cries, do we no longer love it? We still love it; it is still part of the same beautiful face that we loved yesterday. Within the feelings of love, you will find yourself. And with the integration of all the aspects of your consciousness, you will come into your wholeness, and holiness, remembering the core of who you already are and watering the dry soils of all else.

Then, now, always, is how the sacred hearts are born.


With love,



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