“I can give her no greater power than what she has already, which is found in her purity and innocence of heart.”

~ The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen


“The kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:21


The ancient mystics knew a simple truth: the only way out is in. Heaven is within us. And when we truly understand that love is all there is – fear will be gone.

Learn to build love, contain love, emit love, embody love through your every day ordinary gestures and words. Learn to hold the frequency of heaven on earth within you.

We all have that path of love inside of us – it is unique to all of us but it is heaven on earth nonetheless; all we need to do is remember this truth, remember who we truly are and then walk our truth.

Christ consciousness is a term often misunderstood. People associate it with dogma and disregard it immediately; and by doing that they ultimately rob themselves of understanding the essence of this powerful universal love consciousness.

Christ consciousness is the frequency which aligns with God; it is the state of awareness of our true self and highest potential; it is a state of awakening and pure consciousness. It is connected to higher vibrational energies such as unconditional love, compassion, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, charity, patience, generosity, peace, faith, trust, joy, oneness, humility, gratitude and non-judgment. Jesus Christ was the embodiment of this consciousness as the son of God; and he achieved this awakening state in his life and his teachings are one of pure consciousness. He was a true healer and teacher of the heart and of love.

I understand that a lot of people may feel triggered by his name, but this isn’t a reflection of the essence and purity of Christiniaty, it is only a consequence of their negative experiences related to those who misused and abused the teachings, and disguised them or justified them through religion. We need to be able to understand this, and heal such spiritual woundings, because otherwise we rob ourselves of the purity and love, and the potential of a deepening, that is offered by this beautiful pathway.

This universal love consciousness is available to all of us; it resides in our heart. Whenever we align to higher vibrational energy, we follow a path to merge with the Christ consciousness, and we begin to emit the energy. And when we begin to resonate at this frequency, we inevitably bring all others around us into the same frequency to align with the Christ consciousness.

But let’s dive in deeper. In this lecture, I’d want us to explore Christ consciousness throughout the evolution of humanity and why it is so relevant today; we will unfold the oldest name of Jesus in ancient mysticism prior to the structures of religion and how it related to the path of ascension using the human body; we will understand timelines, both personal and collective, and how they split into organic and divergent; transhumanism and disconnection; what is the Sacred Heart; and how to align to the higher consciousness in order to live more fulfilled lives.


The Core of All.

The teachings of Jesus Christ were teachings of the heart and his devoted love for all of humanity. He often spoke in parables, and that’s significant, because sacred wisdom protects itself – and if one reads the Bible, especially in its original language prior to the lost in translation, they would see the sacredness and deep mysticism of the text. It is said that not all will be unveiled, or understood, until the heart is truly opened, and the eyes of the heart are truly opened, so that the knowledge and wisdom are received and perceived.

If we study long enough and deeply enough, we will find that the core of all religions and spiritual beliefs is the same.

It’s love.

Our heart is the intuitive center and initiatory pathway for higher consciousness.

I won’t go into much detail but there is basically a secret code to every religion and this secret code is based on the five elements, which also represents our five bodies:

  • fire symbolizing spirit and the spiritual body; the awakening phase
  • air symbolizing thought and the mental body; the awareness phase
  • water symbolizing emotion and the emotional body; the acceptance phase
  • earth symbolizing the physical body; the alignment phase and living in our truth
  • ether symbolizing our consciousness and ascension.

These relate to the pentagram which is the esoteric symbol of the five elements, as well as the human body. When the pentagram is facing upward, all points connect to one – oneness and God. When the pentagram is inverted, there are two triangles symbolizing duality, separation and what some people call the Anti-Christ, which essentially is the inversion of all that is pure and kind of heart.

What we also know from the five elements and the esoteric meaning of the upward pentagram – is that it symbolizes the path to ascension.


The Path to Ascension and Ancient Mysticism.

The path to ascension is >> fire and awakening >> air and awareness >> water and acceptance >> earth and alignment, living our truth >> consciousness and ascension.

For example, first we realize that there is something bigger than us, which is the awakening phase. Then, we begin to learn to open and expand our perceptions, which is what spirituality essentially is. This brings us into more awareness each and every time – and is achieved through a lot of inner work, as well as exploring, learning, discovering and developing things like discernment, critial thinking, creative mind. Then, we move into the acceptance phase – which is where we see and know patterns but are able to forgive, accept, and have deep compassion and empathy through which we resolve our relationships into peace. This is the phase where we forgive our family and all of our past, and are able to have great relationships of more fulfillment in our life. This is also the phase in which we realize that as human beings we will never know it all, and the humility of this deserves to be treasured – as we are all surrendered to the higher laws of God, and yet each day we can choose love over fear, and choose the person we want to be through ours actions and choices. Then, comes the living in our truth phase – which is basically staying true to who we are, our values, our authenticity, and basically – walking our talk. And so on.

One thing to mention here is that we all have our own unique paths within us. There is no right or wrong, you follow the drum of your own heart when you go into the forest. It’s okay for things to look different, and they will look different for each person. We all have our own timings and twists and turns on our unique physical, emotional and spiritual wild lands that we walk.

For thousands of years BC, ancient mystics called God many names but one of the oldest names was the Hebrew YHVH. These letters essentially translate to: fire, water, air, earth, or; father, mother, son, daughter. When the fifth element of consciousness Sh was added, the name was written as YHShVH.

In the ancient traditions when an individual healed all of his five energy bodies, the spiritual, the emotional, the mental, the physical and the consciousness – then the individual becomes “one body” and was written as YHShVH, pronounced as Yeshua or Jesus, meaning “our highest potential”. This was the earliest form of the name Jesus.

As human beings in a physical body, we are currently experiencing ourselves in the 3rd dimension; our ascension would exist in the fifth dimension and to then connect directly to God would be even further because that consciousness is in the 7th dimension. Essentially, we are a human being inside our own kingdoms of heaven; we are a dream that our bodies have. To achieve such ascension which would directly connect us to the Christ stream would be extremely difficult to do because we are limited to our human understanding and conditioned minds in this reality.

Christ consciousness is basically the realized ascension state; it is the highest state of intellectual development, emotional balance, authenticity and spiritual maturity and is sometimes termed the “Christed” state. Jesus achieved this in his human life. 

Yogananda and Self-Realization.

We can then fast forward to the teachings of Indian saint Paramahansa Yogananda who founded the Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920, in order to bring yoga to the West and share the underlying truth behind all religions. Yogananda taught extensively about the Christ consciousness throughout his life; he taught in the inner kingdom of divine consciousness, we can awaken the intuitive perception of our soul and then pierce through all matter, thereby unveiling the God essence in all things.

In his critically acclaimed books, The Second Coming of Christ and The Yoga of Jesus, Yogananda wrote:

Many are the churches and temples founded in his name, often prosperous and powerful, but where is the communion that he stressed—actual contact with God? Jesus wants temples to be established in human souls, first and foremost; then established outwardly in physical places of worship. Instead, there are countless huge edifices with vast congregations being indoctrinated in churchianity, but few souls who are really in touch with Christ through deep prayer and meditation.”

When asked about Christ’s resurrection and the second coming, Yogananda never considered Jesus’ literal return to Earth. He said:

“A thousand Christs sent to earth would not redeem its people unless they themselves become Christlike by purifying and expanding their individual consciousness to receive therein the second coming of the Christ Consciousness, as was manifested in Jesus. Contact with this Consciousness, experienced in the ever new joy of meditation, will be the real second coming of Christ—and it will take place right in the devotee’s own consciousness.”

Christ Consciousness in Humanity’s Evolution.

The Christ consciousness has a very specific stream through humanity; it can be embodied in one person such as Jesus Christ or Buddha, or it can also be manifested through a group or state of being in our own consciousness. We need to redefine and expand in our perception and understanding of the Christ consciousness and how it affects humanity and our evolution. We evolve from within; we carry the divine within; and I think it is now more important that ever to remind ourselves who we are and how we primarily evolve, as humanity and as consciousness. This is why prayer is so powerful – because it opens within us that trust and surrender, and builds a bridge to love and God.  

What is a timeline?

To understand how humanity evolves, and how we individually evolve, we first have to understand that we are inter-dimensional beings. A timeline is a specific stream of consciousness that has played out over time; that has been materialized in our physical realm. Timelines can be collective, such as politics and earth changes, and individual/personal, where we try to align ourselves to our highest potential. In other words – a timeline is our mind, our emotions and our intentions, working with physical matter to create a linear force. Timelines can shift slightly based on the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions, as well as our actions. 

Somewhere in the  Aegean sea during my time in Santorini 2016 

Organic and Divergent Timelines; and The Christ Stream. 

You can imagine a timeline as an energetic rope, where little streams of consciousness, like threads, are merging into one main rope for a physical manifestation and a more linear pathway to unfold. Where we align to, or what timeline we follow, essentially depends on our choices, actions and intentions.

Collectively, the timelines are divided into two main frequencies of consciousness:

1) Progressive: Organic timeline of higher consciousness, love frequency, and evolving.

2) Regressive: Divergent timeline of lower consciousness, fear frequency, and descending.

How we individually, and collectively, align to either one is by choice – our own choices every day and every moment. When we make choices of higher vibration, of virtue and integrity, we align to the organic and evolving collective timeline, which is what some people call ascension. On the other hand, when we degrade as a person, when we negate our own inner truth and love, when we are disconnected from ourselves and don’t act from our heart and soul integrity – we connect to the regressive timeline. And it is these choices, based on our individual frequencies, that will then align us to different experiences on the respective timelines.

Nowadays, it is becoming really obvious who is tapping into which timeline because the energy is speeding up and things materialize very quickly.

Let’s look at the two timelines more closely.

The Organic Timeline.

The organic timeline is the one of higher consciousness; it is the ascension timeline connected to the virtues and purity of heart, which returns us to Christ. Some say that it is a circular timeline because it is the completion of a cycle; it follows the natural flow of life, without resistances and artificial manipulations, and this is why it is called organic. There will be falls, as in all else in life, but then the path rises up again towards the higher heart; it ascends back to its pre-fall state. Through our internal process of self-awareness, realization and alchemy, we are just rising back to where we came from; we remember the core of who we are in.

The Christ stream merges and exists on the progressive organic timeline; it is a consciousness that runs inside of us and also, collectively. All we have to do is access it through our own alignment to higher frequency; and people do this through prayer and opening their hearts to Jesus Christ. 

What would the organic timeline embodied look like?

It would look like a human – with perhaps more glowing aura, loving, empathetic, compassionate, pure and cheerful. 

Spiritually impure people cannot perceive the spiritually pure – they think they do but they can’t. The consciousness they resonate with is denser and they can’t perceive something else; they are blind even to love. People only see through their own prisms of sight and they can’t see through their own judgments. People like Jesus Christ embodied unconditional love on earth and yet people doubted him and didn’t recognize the unconditional love that he carried. In fact, people will even get angry at someone who is loving and kind nowadays; they just can’t resonate with something of a higher energy and this deeply triggers their shadows, so they act out. This brings us to the divergent timelines.

The Divergent Timeline. 

The divergent timeline is the one of lower consciousness where we are regressing on our path, even though it is in very subtle ways that might even make us think we are “ascending” in some New Age way. It is basically a timeline that has missed an opportunity for growth; it was faced with the same circumstances as the organic timeline, but it chose not to open its heart. It chose to not act from a point of high heart and integrity; it chose not to follow its inner truth; it chose not to integrate its shadow self; it chose not to be accountable; it chose not to love. It is this denial of true self, of our heart, of Christ and this purity of consciousness – that forces us into a divergent timeline, which is outside of our organic evolution and then, we begin to descend. This is what some people call the Anti-Christ timeline because it is the consciousness with which the Anti-Christ consciousness merges.

When we forget who we are – we lose ourselves.   

Our greatest adversary is forgetfulness; forgetting the purity of our heart, forgetting our inner truth and forgetting our ability to love. No matter what has happened in our lives, we all have, at least once, been touched by love; by tenderness, compassion, trust, hope, empathy, forgiveness and generosity. It is love, and only love, that is the common denominator of everything. That’s the greatest healer of all, the greatest meaning of all, the greatest reason for all.

When we lose that connection from self, we lose our tenderness, we dry up, guard up and disconnect from our own soul.

The Anti-Christ stream exists on the lower consciousness timeline where fear and doubt are predominant, and where feelings are seen as weak. It mocks everything that is pure, light, whole and holy – and it reverts it.

It may give you little truths here and there, but in subtle ways it infuses something impure that would be to your detriment later on. It sparkles in gold, speaks loudly on world stages and social media, and it attaches to your deepest hopes and dreams and longing, so that it tempts you further. It promises you many things, but inreality it is robbing you slowly from within. You need to be mindful whom you listen to and whom you follow – because there are many disguises. 

So why do we turn our backs on ourselves? Why do we close off our hearts?

Because we have too much fear.

The fear in the Anti-Christ stream actually relates to a lack of faith in one’s own heart. People that stay in the lower consciousness believe that emotions are weak and are disconnected from emotions and from empathy; which is why they can do so much harm onto others without any feeling. They over-focus on the mind while suppressing and trying to destroy the emotional body in themselves and others. They disconnect from the heart and remove anything that they don’t want to integrate.

And they doubt God too – and think that it is all some dogmatic thing, thereby misunderstanding the essence of what it truly is. They think they are the ultimate masters of it all, that they can manifest all and everything, thereby having no humility in understanding that we are only human, conditioned by our minds with very limited understanding. And when these vision boards don’t manifest, they go into self blame, guilt and shame, thinking it is all their fault, which keeps them trapped and imprisoned by false beliefs and powerlessness. One needs to have the humility that as human beings it is not all up to us, that this life is not about extreme individualism – that we are all interdependent, and surrendered to the higher laws of God. This means: we need to release some control sometimes, and that’s scary to us of course. But it is only when we open our palms that God can hold us.  

People close off their hearts because it is painful. This is important to understand, so that we have compassion for those who’ve chosen the divergent timeline; otherwise we’ll start filling our own selves with anger and hate.

Love is a powerful force – and it is not some little weak thing – it discerns and will not validate falseness. When the light of love hits us, it can be painful for some people, because the first thing that it does is that it lights up all of our shadows and unresolved things in the corners of our psyche. It’s as if someone just turned on the light in a room; there will be messy things, dirty things, unneeded things and even scary things. There will be disillusionment. All will be staring us in the face and this can be extremely uncomfortable and even shocking. And that’s when most people close the doors, turn off the lights and they close their hearts again.

We need to remember the spiritual tools to deal with shadows and with fears; this means developing belief in self, trust in self, faith in God, and love. To be connected to our heart means to be in awareness of all feelings, doubts and insecurities, and to just acknowledge them, allow them and invite them openly into us. They will pass on their own like running water, I promise you. This reconciliation and reintegration will help us to stop projecting so much and experience ourselves on a deeper level, and to stay in the present moment, which is what this life is all about.

Unfortunately, people can’t see past their own judgments and pains. Many people have a lot stored in their emotional bodies in the form of unresolved wounds, trauma and sadness. These can manifest in very subtle ways which often times we wouldn’t even relate to “unresolved trauma” because it is too painful to acknowledge. The collective consciousness has also changed due to the collective trauma and has densified, which is also why we are currently experiencing a phase of releasing and purging.

So what would people on the divergent timeline look like?

We all have fears and doubts and insecurities; this doesn’t mean that any time we feel them, we’ll go off and merge with the divergent timeline. Even people like Gandhi and Mother Theresa experienced doubts and fears in their life; we are human and were never meant to be perfect. However, people on that timeline are empty souls, described by many as “soulless”; they have lost their heart connection and are usually narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths; they cause harm onto others without feeling anything and are stuck in lower consciousness; they perpetuate separateness in humanity; they keep themselves on lower vibrations for prolonged periods of time; they don’t choose to develop spiritually and are not growing in their perceptions; they are closed off, remain rigid, judgmental and materialistic.     


The problem in our world is that we don’t pay attention. We name things, we identify things, we word things, we title things, we categorize things but we don’t know the essence of it. People say “that’s my wife, that’s my husband” but they don’t even look at them nor re-explore them; they don’t pay attention and this is why people divorce and separate all the time and why we can’t even hold deeper meaningful conversations. Society swipes human beings on apps and has a five minute attention span – how are we then as a collective supposed to devote the needed time to connect?

The challenge of our time is transhumanism; humans merging with machines, so that they have the creative intuitive high mind while not reconciling their fears and integrating their shadows, and not being held accountable for their actions. When the system says “that’s just life who cares” and when through social media we can wear even more false masks – people take advantage of that and look to spirituality for a quick fix. It’s a trendy thing, it’s a cool thing and they want to look like they are doing inner work and are spiritual but they aren’t. A lot of people enter New Age movements or communities because of trauma or religious wounding, but what they don’t realize is that they are only keeping themselves vulnerable to more spiritual abuse from those circles as well. 

Furthermore, AI has become a God-like presence but the organic element of our intuition and purity of heart is gone and they can’t connect to the Christ consciousness, which is to their heart and to their soul. They focus on the external – while remaining empty within. You can’t reach out without going in.  

A lot of people get triggered when they hear Jesus Christ or Christ consciousness because they have strong resistances and associate it with their negative experiences from or judgments of religion and Christianity. This is the problem – we need to start seeing past our own judgments. We can’t understand the essence of something when we turn our backs at anything with “words” that don’t suit us.

The essence of Christianity is about love and acceptance, and if we are triggered by this, or triggered by the name if Christ, then perhaps this is an opportunity to self-reflect on “if we are truly growing spiritually, why are we continuing to have judgments and biases, and standing on our high horses speaking against religion, and using New Age teachings as division, escapism and ego-feeding, rather than see beyond the surface and into the essence of what Christianity, and all else, truly is.” Just food for thought.

It’s about The Sacred Heart. 

The Sacred Heart. 

Jesus Christ was an embodiment of the Christ consciousness and he was a teacher of love and of the heart. 

The Sacred Heart, or the heart of Jesus, symbolized his passionate love and undying devotion for humanity.

The Sacred Heart carries within it everything; it is the embodiment of heaven on earth; it is both of human flesh and divinity, forever burning passionately for, of, and with love; it bled, it cried, it suffered, it sweat, it embraced all weaknesses and frailty; it is the containment of all pain and all love; it is the scarred and the scared and the sacred; it is the evidence that no matter how many thorns were in it, no matter how much it bleed, it continued to beat behind the breasts and to shine brighter than ever – it is ever lasting, because love is ever lasting. Then, now, always.   

So how can we evolve to be aligned to the organic timeline?

I’d say that the first thing to do is don’t try to be perfect; don’t be so hard on yourself; watch your thoughts and how they can deplete you of your energy telling you that you are not good enough. Align yourself with loving thoughts – with peace, beauty, smiling, laughing and harmony. Surround yourself with people who support you, love you and nourish you. Eat healthily, go out in nature and keep your space, within and without, clean. Stay mindful. Stay in your tenderness. Stay in curiosity. Nurture your joy and laugh from your belly!

We align to the organic timeline through developing our own higher consciousness; through aligning to Christ consciousness inside of us which is through our heart – we must connect to our heart, align to our heart and live from our heart.

We evolve from within; we can access the Christ consciousness from within us when we align to higher frequency – or in other words, when we raise our vibration. This happens through awakening our heart, connecting to our heart, through curiosity, through expansion of our perception, through building a strong spiritual core, through integrating our shadow side, through healing our emotional wounds, through detaching from materialism, through spiritual growth and self-development, through a healthy diet and going out in nature, and through embodying love. We lean into God; we lean into higher faith; we lean into love; and we settle into the core of our true self – which is love.

Madonna with Child by Filippo Lippi (1460)

The Power of Love.

It’s about knowing how to love, not just in words but through our actions every day. It’s about loving without being dependent on what the other person will do; it’s about loving while giving another their full freedom to be as they are; it’s about loving and holding the space for that love to breathe and grow as it needs to; it’s about having the capacity to love within us so that our loving is no longer dependent on someone else’s capacity to love.  It’s about understanding and remembering – that we don’t need to control anything or anyone because the source of love is never ending within us.

It is the purity of our heart chakra and the consciousness of our heart chakra that determine how much higher energy we can sustain. 

“Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” ~ Matthew 18:3

It is only through our childlike eyes of curiosity, joy and trust that we can connect deeper. It is only through the purity of our heart that we can see truth. It is only when we don’t have anything more to do, that we finally start doing the real thing; we start being. It is only when we no longer know, that we finally begin to really know; we start to perceive through the veils.

The elegance of this Bible passage is in its dual meaning. Carl Jung emphasized the importance of the nature of the verb “to become” here. Yes, we must see through the loving childlike eyes of our heart and only then we’ll see the truth and expand beyond the limited understanding of ourselves. Yes, we must remain innocent and pure at heart rather than guarded and frigid, for in our sweet innocence we’ll find the allowance for beliefs and miracles to unfold. Most importantly, we must become as little children do; we become our adult selves and we become our highest potential when we actually participate in the process. It is not enough to be as children in our hearts, we must also live as a child, learn as a child, and as children do, often times seemingly effortlessly, become our true selves.


The greatest power we hold is the purity of our heart.    

All children are gifts and are miracles; we are all miracles born of love. All human life is sacred and we were all breathed our souls into human life, into being. It takes so much to reincarnate and to have that chance of experiencing ourselves in a human body; all of our cells and parts came together for a mutual decision and said yes to life, yes to us, so that we have the hands with which to hold, the lips with which to kiss and speak love, the noses to smell a fresh apple and the eyes to see the sparkles in our loved ones’ eyes when they laugh. Isn’t that magic?

Hold the frequency of heaven on earth within you.

We all have that divine love path inside of us; its roads are unique to us but it is heaven on earth nonetheless. All we need to do is remember this immovable truth and then start walking it, carrying the Christ consciousness of love within our hearts, and walk this life with integrity and virtue. 

With love + peace,


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