I want you to come to me
on your winter night, moonlit
moonpulled and moonheld by me.
Brush your shoulder against mine and let us
look out the window at the now empty streets,
remembering the fairytale winters and snows
when we lived together without even knowing it.
Yes, we did – the same paths you and I walked,
shy steps, light steps, sometimes doubts and hesitancies,
yet always trust we’ll meet someday.
Because some dreams are just so real, they’re almost tangible
like silk, cotton or a wild rose, we believe them even out of sight.
Yes, we did – we walked these paths
between the wolf-sung woods together, and the same spirits watched us
from behind the moss hanging from the towers,
amidst the tender flapping of the hawk wings,
the dance of the eternal lovers.
Together, without even knowing it.

In the church of skin,
heart in heart, soul of soul,
and everywhere,
beyond the seen.

A little more:

A freestyle prose poem on this beautiful moonlit, moonpulled and moonheld night. Sending you inspiration, dreams and romance from one of my most favourite places, by the sea, of course always, Positano.

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