i once danced for a boy
in the night, like a prayer

perhaps he was a god –
the one who kissed the stars
and then shapeshifted into two rivers
souls twin like childhood dreams
and i kiss him
and i disappear

tell me –
do you know when water actually begins?
is it vapour, ice, river, rainlife?

in the seas beyond skies
souls twin like secret diaries
and he kisses me
and we disappear

because what is love
if not the thing into which we fall to disappear

where boundaries dissolve

or maybe he and i are just water things

creatures from the worlds of timelessness

eternal, lawless

with deep emotions and desires not known by those of only skin

and when soul touches soul on the lips
all kneels

it’s inevitable


A little more:

It’s warm today, and I’m reminiscing about and missing Greece, the sea, the arms of Poseidon. Naturally, love moods make me write love poems. And what is more romantic than to meet someone whose heart knows your heart, and you just know – that’s it. As if you’ve known one another from a time before time beyond time.

When I think of places I’ve loved at first sight, loved them in my entirety, I think of Santorini, I think of the little islands around it such as Ios, I think of Positano in Italy also. Whites and blues, with fuchsia flowers and wild roses. I can’t imagine not living by the sea, for it is a true love of mine. Like my king of blue. And love … ah love, sweet love. It is everything. It is a sacred vow, a temple for you and I, our own little private world. And after the end, we begin again. Always and forever. 

There is a legend that in these seas sirens live, and if you go down to the beach at night, if you are truly in love, you will hear their songs. For only the ears of true lovers can hear such heavenly sounds.

And the night beach is the best place to be, at least for me. I mean honestly … if I ever meet a man who makes me feel the way Santorini or Positano make me feel, I’d marry him in a heartbeat.

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