i have hands enough
lips enough
heart enough
to make you, make me, make us

trace me along the tenderness
& the patience of the devotional pathways
take me with the kindness of rhythm
that i myself walk each day

from the gift of formlessness
i infuse this heart of mine, this love
into the blessed art of our making

love is not air, and it is not even a soul
though sometimes it feels like it moves through our body
awakening us into the remembering

love is neither a statue; it doesn’t just sit there

love has to be made, like bread
and then remade again and all the time
made anew

A little more:

In this beautiful day today, I woke up with this poem that came straight out of me. The thing about poems, and all creativity, is that once it comes, it consumes us and doesn’t let us go until we’ve breathed life into it through our hands or lips.

Above us, Venus is coming closer to embrace Jupiter in the skies; it is a transit reminding us to honour and discern the wisdom of our hearts. Because –

to know the minds of others, you must know the heart.

This is where true wisdom always is found – for heart is home to mind, body and soul.

I often describe Venus as a body in a dream state – continuously moving to put itself into balance; and as such, the energy of a higher Venus too puts into balance all that isn’t currently into some harmony. This tells us that balance is not static, it is dynamic and ever moving, to adjust – it is not extreme, it is the meeting place of trust and faith, it is the point of time of both sunrise and sunset, when the sun kisses the arms of dawn and the moon kisses the palms of dusk. Love too is a continuous flowing and moving.

There is a gentleness to Venus, a grace and kindness of her rhythm, a sacredness of her devotion, patience, generosity, and dedication to being of service to another, that our world has forgotten.

In her dream state, in this formlessness, in the complete dissolution of everything, Venus finds herself, balance finds itself, purpose finds itself through the devotional pathway – through humanity’s ability to do something for another person out of selflessness. This is too how love finds itself, becoming aware of itself. And yet …

love is not air, love is not even a soul that moves through our body.

It is neither a statue; it doesn’t just sit there.

Love has to be made, like bread, and then remade again, all the time, made anew.


The cover photo is by Bulgarian artist Iulian Krustev,

and here below is my photo of a beautiful wild rose from our garden.

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