sometimes i eat fire
sometimes i hold water still
in my palms, sometimes love is
in the mess of messy magic

secret threads align
they untangle freely when i give them time
see when fire kisses the bark of wood
how wood releases itself in its essence

love too is both our willing to be known
and the flames aware desiring to know us
time is time is time
sweet aromas kiss the ocean’s prayer

call me by your name
i want to wear your shirt all day
sometimes love unfolds
in the mess of our messy magic

A little more:

Hi hi hi from our garden! A little barefoot summer dancing with the sun, making some magic. What initially may seem a little messy, always turns out like a beautiful rose, so trust the unfolding of your life also.

In some shape or form, much of life can be explained through the simple esoteric philosophy of what I call “The Three Fires of Time”. I usually teach this to my clients during our spiritual astrology sessions, but it can apply to all and anything.

To understand this philosophy imagine how fire burns wood to create smoke. The wood is the willingness; it desires to be known, and represents us as the element of earth and a more tangible shape with established ideas, beliefs and thoughts. The fire is the consciousness; it is the knower – it is the consciousness becoming aware of itself, and the solar light that enters us. What rises is the smoke – it is the unique aroma that we are – it is our true essence, it is our truest most creative self.

The smoke is the song of marriage between wood and fire. The light of fire is the seeker, the alchemist, the spiritual student, the esoteric knower; and the wood is that which longs to be known, all parts of us that long to be known.

In the union of these, as fire kisses the wood, there is a release, a surrender, a transformation, like love – and wood finds its life in the smoke. Wood realizes its scent and what it actually is. Whatever fragrance was within the wood, the fire will reveal it as it rises it upward. In these weavings of past, present and future; of consciousness, willingness and unfolding; are the ebbs and flows in the oceans of Time.

And this is what love is also. Love is a song of alchemy, a soul song that touches us, shifts us, peels the layers of our bark, of all the identities and patterns and masks that are not who we truly are – so that we unveil the purity of our heart. Love returns us to love, returns us to heart, always. In the mystical and intuitive lands of love, only fidelity and truth live, because we cannot even say the words “I love you”, if fear and judgment exist within us. In true intimacy, we see the truth of one another, we accept one another, and all boundaries dissolve. On this devotional pathway, love deepens in soul. And when two souls kiss, they merge, and a third soul is born: the soul of their relationship.

Like the seed of a rose, it is then nurtured through loving hands and water and sun, to bloom into the beautiful rose that it always was anyway. Mud is a rose, water is a rose, hands are rose, wind is rose, rain is rose, confusion and unknowingness are sometimes rose also – all is needed, all is purposeful. True love is embodied through our lips, hands and ordinary, seemingly small, every day gestures. This is magic.

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