what is the sun,
if not a ball of fire?

a flower knows the sun because it blooms,
human skin knows the sun as it touches it,
water knows the sun as it boils,
and then tea too experiences the sun,

and ice melts knowing the sun,
and water nourishes the earth,
and so earth too comes to know the sun,

but a rose is not the sun
though it scents of it
and a rose does not become the sun
any more than i become you

yet i know you
and you know me
more than one life should allow

because in the you of you is the me of me is us
of us is love

kiss me, my love,
kiss my neck,
my lips,
and everywhere else my skin is the thinnest

so you can feel me
even when fires are hidden behind distant trees

A little more:

In this warm June day a love poem by me. Ah love sweet love. What else is capable of pulling us with its invisible secret threads towards itself even when we have no idea exactly what we were looking for. Or maybe we did. Maybe it was a vow said not only by lips, but by our souls – said and thus written – from a time before time beyond time. And when two souls kiss, a third soul is born: the soul of the relationship. It has its own intuitive wild lands, emotional and spiritual and physical, with its unique nutritive needs, cycles and timing. And these timings are beyond the hands of our clocks. But when two people are such made, as if from the same cosmic fabric, with movements and rhythms aligned, threads live always and pull us towards a kiss. This time again, a kiss on our human lips.  

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    Cover art by Claude Monet, The House amongst the Roses, painted between 1917-1919. 

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