open door
open door
open door

little wildrose
i’ll bring you
the water

i felt your heart
calling me
as i called you

i’ll bring you
a necklace of sea shells
some pebbles and sand

& a hawk’s feather
no matter how thin and how trembling
i dream you

i’ll bring you
a bridge, prayed of my hands
and a chocolate cake i’ll bake you

i’ll light our fire
i’ll hold you close
my love, i’ll carry you

here, here
in my warm heart
in my warm belly

that’s all i ask
that’s all i ever wanted

A little more:

I wrote this poem a couple of weeks ago, and it is a follow up on my other “open door” poem, which you can read here.

A day or two after, I came across a most beautiful story as I was doing my research for my article on spirit babies and conscious conception (you can read the article here). 

For the Himba tribe in Namibia, the birthdate of a child is counted not from when the child is born, nor from when it was conceived, but from the day that the child was just a thought in its mother’s mind. The tradition goes that when a woman decides that she will have a child, she goes off and sits under a tree, by herself, and listens until she can hear the song of the child that wants to come. After she’s heard the song of this child, she comes back to the man who will be the child’s father, and teaches it to him. And then, when they make love to physically conceive the child, some of that time they sing the song of the child together, as a way to invite it lovingly into their life and home.

This is how a soul is born. Out of love. 

I thought that it was such a beautiful idea and belief, and it is one we can apply in all areas of our life. The way we can apply is through the ritual of approach.

When we approach life with grace, openness, trust and patience – we allow the magical, mystical things to approach us also. The way we approach something – anything in life – is what will essentially shape our experience of it. It’s a way of love. An art of loving. 

Often times we approach things with greed, urgency – because we don’t like to wait. We approach with doubts and fears also – because who would think that something amazing might happen in a world polluted by negativity. Faith and hope are a hard thing to keep being lit. But – we need to remember – that sometimes our life is dreamt by a bigger dreamer than us. 

And when it’s time, it’s time. Just ask my wild roses, who bloomed at the end of November in the midst of snow – they were convinced it’s spring. It doesn’t matter if we are ready or not, if it makes sense or not, if things are messy or not – when it’s time, it’s time. Beside my wild roses, I was convinced it’s spring also. 

Each relationship, each friendship, each connection and each experience, is an intimate pathway where a soul is born and grows. It’s a pathway of a heart’s voyage into the tides of possibilities – which will inevitably open before it. 

In the story from the Himba, there is also the idea of creating an offering to invite our heart’s desires into our loving life and home, and this is truly a magical one. People often write letters, songs, say a special prayer, create jewellery of sea shells or flower petals, have a special place in nature where they go to imagine what they want, or every night close their eyes and imagine it already being in their hands. Whatever your heart feels and want, open to it and let it. With love, always. 

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