another summer’s end, another end of a diary
and i still haven’t met you
maybe i’ll light two matches
and throw them in the moon water bowl
like my great grand-mother once taught me to
will they turn towards each other?
or maybe i’ll dry my wild roses
as if yesterday isn’t yet ending
summer is still waiting inside the candle wax
another star, another
moon crescent holding its waxing
and like a cradle my heart
still holding you

until soul kisses soul on the lips
until the north kisses the south breeze
until the sun kisses the arms of dawn

like a cradle my heart
still holding you

A little more:

There are clocks outside the hands of our clocks – unclockable, unstrickable by us. They have their own timing. And when it’s time, it’s time. 

In heart, in honesty and entirety. Two souls, woven from the same cosmic fabric, say ‘yes’ to one another. Called by a voice older than humans, more ancient than time and earth, from a time before time beyond time, they come together in this life again. To kiss again. To walk hand in hand, weaving their destinies in love, in truth and in deep intimacy, no matter the stars and the skies. In love, in trust and entirety. 

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    Cover art is by Claude Monet (1840-1926), Water Lilies, via Wikimedia Commons.

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