love was once like the blue fox
who ate the stars to curl into a little ball
and enchant us

no longer do lips only kiss – they prophesy
my destiny across your skin

when you hear the thunders you remember me
and think i was the storm too
then, now
my heart is on fire

the day we meet all will come true
when for the last time i’ll take the train to leave
the winter’s shadows to be with you
unbolting are the doors and the alone is further away now

we’ll meet on the train to venice
with blue cushions and lilacs

we’ll be peaceful, sweet and comfortable
in the soft corners awaiting the kissing

i’ll close my eyes, so not to see through the glass
how evenings may pull us

and i’ll feel your unshaved face against my cheek
you’ll kiss my neck
and everywhere else my skin is the thinnest
so you can feel my heartbeat
even in the darkest rooms
like a wild creature in my underground your heat
will travel
and your hands will travel
and your lips will travel
travel a lot …
across the soul-sized land
that my heart is

A little more:

The beautiful cover art is by Leonor Fini “Le retour des absents” (The return of the absents), (1965). If you are currently in Milan, Italy, you can see this painting at the Galleria Tommaso Calabro, as part of the exhibit “Italian Fury: As dreamed by Francesco Vezzoli”.

When I saw this painting I had already written my poem the evening prior, and fell in love with it so much! There was something that drew me to it – perhaps because these two people seem like soulmates: Woven from the same cosmic fabric. From before a time beyond time, heart-led, by a voice older than us, more ancient than us, their souls reunited and their eyes recognized each other. Their two cups, as their two selves, in beautiful harmonious alignment and symmetry, symbolizing their unity of souls and depth of emotional connection. 

While writing this poem I was actually watching the live streams from Venice, Italy. Venice is one of those places, just like Positano and Santorini, that felt so known to me at first sight – like a long lost love, into which eyes you fall and it’s as if no time had ever passed. And I remember the first time when I went there. It was by train. The train travels across a bridge built above the waters of the Venetian lagoon. As the train approached Venice, beyond the waters sparkling from the evening summer’s rays, the city showed in its magesty – standing strong despite time, and despite it all. It was a sight quite impossible to forget. And then, you walk out of Santa Lucia rainway station, and it’s water, still, everywhere! For a water thing like me, it’s hard not to fall in love.

Sometimes we travel by train. Sometimes along the waterways. But always – we travel – across the soul-sized land that our heart is.             

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