ours is tonight
soir with full belief
i’ll light the candle if you tell me
how it looks from the other side, if the rain
sounds like silver beads on the hardwood floors
before the winds spoke the curtains into secrets

it was destiny
that august humid night when i paused
to breathe the sleeping roses
and i met you
you looked into my eyes
like sharing a secret

dangling earrings
i’ve been wearing your shirt for days

instinctive and sensual, we are
in our moody cocoon

like moonlight

and lie here beside me on the floor before the candle flames
let us listen to the language of the crackles
how something splits only to become one again

stay here beside me on the floor
before the candle flames

until the wood becomes the fire
we peel
the layers of ourselves

until the fire is the element of water

and we deepen into a drop
containing all of our intimacies

another summer lightening

A little more:

A hot humid night, as the moon spreads herself like love on the floors. And this inspired my heart into a poem.

I’ve had this painting for many years, and I’ve loved it ever since I first saw it. Everyone thinks that it’s me who’s the woman painted by the sea shore, and I can certainly see why. 

The way a heart longs, desires, pulls in … desires, for the thing that desires us in turn – the thing that calls us, that shifts our eyes towards unknown horizons, in mysterious ways, and pulls us towards itself. It’s inevitable. I am such a sensitive summer water thing. And we come to each other like waves – because this is how water loves. 

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