open door
open door
open door

dancers of moon
circle of fate
man of my heart

here is what i have
here is what i give you

language of my skin, devotion of my lips
my pale longing thighs
my round little breasts

and so much love

open door

and i give you my vow

open door

and i give you my heart

open the door.

A little more:

In this Venusian Friday evening, I think of Positano, and here is a photo of the small intimate beach that I’d go to all the time – reachable only by boat. Ah, beach and waves all day, all night. Sweet scents. And so much love.

Today’s poem/chant/prayer is a part from my longer series of poems on “door openings”. 

In the old days, “door openings” referred to the magical practices of “opening the paths/roads” to invite our true heart’s desires to enter our life. Of course, people would first make their offerings of love, such as, prayers, songs, dances, necklaces of flowers, jewellery of sea shells. In many Indigenous traditions, people’s natural gifts and talents such as poetry and singing, are referred to as “dancings in front of the people” – because it brings magic to all when it is shared. 

Open doors. New air will circulate and freshen the air, freshen the minds, and allow hearts to be more open to receiving also – while in turn, we will have given of ourselves, allowing the winds to carry our offerings of love towards the hands and hearts of those who need them. 

We may often think of money as currency but that’s not the only way we give. We give with attention, time, compliment, lovely words of support, empathy, holding, understanding and encouragement. We give to others with our kindness of rhythm when we walk softly, touch lightly, and listen with openness, presence and all ears. We give to others with what we have in our hearts, with any talents and creativity, with our smiles, joyful laughter and brightness, with harmony, calmness and serenity. We give to others our time and our space, where they can have a little quiet time for inspiration, connection and opportunity for a deepening. There are many ways we give. And when we give, we open to also receive, and like fresh rivers we move, move the energy and establish a deeper connection through this continuous exchange of giving and receiving. That’s how we connect with another in love more deeply and intimately also. 

While in our world only taking has become the norm, how beautiful it would be if we could all give of ourselves and be more generous, with a kindness of rhythm. And when we have received the gift of someone’s words and gestures of love and of heart, no matter how small it might seem at first sight, may we consider passing a gift of our own to someone, somewhere, some day.

So open doors open. Open hearts. Open minds. Open for the new fresh air to enter our dreams and our house; to breathe life into the desires of our hearts. 

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