low tides and little rain, the canals are quiet
and warmer in their knowing, i call your name,

you, you, you

for whom i loud in soul and heart

despite the clouds
trying to conjure the thunderheads

solid blues, slow vinyl records,
i remembered that for you i left the back door open

like underwater blurs,
times yet uncreated

in the bluish eye
of flame, the clear, wide windows
as i separate the velvet curtains from each other
of a night, i pull white cottons off the bed,
all only threads of the mundane

my roses say,

quiet, quiet

so that quiet grows around them

melt the icebergs
of blue sugars say,

i am the summer dreams

A little more:

Sometimes winters are long, but the flames in our heart keep burning, and will warm us. Keep on dreaming, keep on believing, and let the back door open for these dreams to come into your warm and loving home. They will. The right person will too. It’s inevitable. What you seek is seeking you. Then, now, always.

Cover photograph is from my time in Ios. 

And below is from one of my most unforgettable days and evenings, somewhere in the southern Aegean Sea, off the coast of Santorini.

I smell summer coming.

And it smells like love. 

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