“I’ll be a wild rose, and you – my eternal summer.”

~ Lubomira Kourteva

Snow fell covering our streets in white tenderness. And still, the wild roses are blooming. Their gentle bodies of stem are holding on holding strong, and their petals are wide opened, in love’s certainty and deep knowing.

When it’s time, it’s time.

It doesn’t matter if we think the soil is ready or not, if it makes sense or not, if things look messy or undone, when it’s time, it’s time. Our soul knows. Our heart knows. Our bodies awaken. And at the end of November, in the cold, wild roses are convinced it’s spring. 

Self Portrait // Soulskin. Wearing my necklace from my jewellery line, handmade by me, symbolizing the necklace of life, the interconnectedness of all things. 

Along our unique physical, spiritual and emotional wildlands, along the twists and curves of the invisible maps and geographies, something more powerful, more ancient than us, older than time, from a time before time beyond time, calls us to the surface, calls us towards itself, towards our destiny, pulling us by the secret threads. And when it’s time, it’s time. We’ll hear its heartbeat at the door. We’ll see it. Like our little wild rose. 

And when he asks to know you, open for him like a flower, and tell him.

Tell him your wisdoms, desires, and mystical secrets.

Tell him not because,

but because his soul asked you to.  

In his loving arms we’ll fall, feeling like we’re home, feeling like he is our soulskin. He is the one we’ve been looking for our entire life, perhaps from long before we even knew what it was we were seeking; the one who possessed our soul and called us towards himself. We’ve seen glimpses of him, of this love, along our way in the faces or hands or gestures of other people, stories and songs: hints of it, almosts but not quite it, almosts but not quite yet. 

Soulmate love is a love eternal, married in the skies, from a time before time beyond time. It is one of complete support to us and our soul’s purpose. Our soulmate is someone who is very similar to us, an exact match to us on an emotional depth. Because soulmate love builds upon the foundation of emotional love; it is the beautiful eternal marriage between emotional and spiritual love. And when we meet our soulmate, it is an instant soul recognition – we just know. We know this is where we belong. Our soulskin.

Sufi mystic and poet Rumi once said: What you seek is seeking you. Soulmates seek one another, and their souls won’t find peace until they reunite. It’s a destined meeting, in all lives they’ve decided to share together, and no matter how far we go, how long time has passed, nothing will stand in their way when the unclockable clocks strike the time to meet.

And we’ll find that love is not only felt in the hearts, it is known by the hands, also.

If we truly have a desire in our heart, a deep knowing in our soul that we desire to meet our soulmate, it only means that it will happen. It is meant to happen. And we would not have had that desire in the first place if we weren’t meant to experience it, to meet them. Both long for each other and through their hearts, they are eternally connected. They share a telepathic connection, because they’ve shared many lives together and the residue of their love remains as memory ingrained in their souls. In truth, they will perhaps stay single until they find one another, because when our soul speaks, we are truthful and authentic with ourselves.

All you have to do in the meantime is stay in open heart fully, not just for you, but

because their soul has asked you to.

Because they want only you, as you want only them, and they need the space to come into your life.

The kind of depth and intimacy that you share with them, you just can’t experience with anyone else. It’s a rare marriage of everything, because such love is everything.

Does soulmate love last forever?

I believe it does.

Even if you are not together, you will always continue to love one another, support one another, lift each other up, because it’s a soul bond, because you share a devoted sacred love life. And this is beyond the physical and beyond the conditioned human mind. No matter what happens, they will always feel like your home, your soulskin, the space where you belong. And even when separated, the support remains, the warmth remains. That’s the thread of unconditional love that runs through both of you, and binds you deeply.

Sure, there are many phases of relationship, and love itself comes in various speeds and movements, shapes and forms. There will be excitement, there will be boredom. But what connects you through it all is the thread of love, that weaves you together.

Soulmate love is actually a very rare love, and not everyone is destined to experience it in each lifetime. This is because, as per old mystic texts, the love is so powerful, so overwhelming, so ecstatic and passionate, that they want to experience one another and indulge in each other and enjoy one another as long as possible, and a lot of other things take a backseat.  

This is also why, we are usually more likely to meet them once we are walking our soul’s path, and following our soul’s purpose; when we have completed any work we should have done on our own as part of our soul’s intention. And then, when we do reunite, we can also support one another in fulfilling our soul’s purpose. They see each other exactly as they are, and they accept one another exactly as they are. Together, they create a devoted sacred love life where they are unconditionally loving and supportive of one another – where they hold each other, they raise each other up, and they lift each other up. This is also why they feel like they are best friends as well, because in that beautiful space they share a childlike playfulness, and can thrive in their true essence, without judgment, without angst, without hiding.

Such sacred soul-deep bonds happen we are tied to our spiritual soul truth; they happen in an open, trusting space where we can truly show up as we are and there is soul appreciation; there is honouring and acceptance for the other person no matter where they are in their life. The love is unconditional. They unveil their soul, their full self, and they reach the deepest of intimacy.  

In the tarot, the card that symbolizes soulmates is the 6 of cups. This card expresses the state in which body and soul are purified, after the disappointments prior, so that we can engage and merge once again in a dance of pleasure, emotional depth and spiritual renewal. Often times, when a psychic pulls this card for you, they will say: Your soulmate is looking for you and coming. This is a confirmation that what you are looking for is also looking for you

In Japanese mystical texts, soulmates are usually of the same zodiac element. So, if you are a water sign, they will also be a water sign, or have significant planets in water, because essentially, this is what will unify you. Because soulmates are very similar on an energetic and emotional level, they might also have some mirroring aspects in their charts, for example, both may have stelliums in their charts, whether in the same house, opposite house, or mirrored house. In esoteric astrology, it is observed that the synastry of soulmates usually has significant moon aspects, North Node aspects, many planetary conjunctions, and oppositions too, but more than anything the synastry is deeply harmonious, because soulmate love is harmonious love. Our soulmate is someone who is strongly energetically and telepathically connected to us, and there would be common themes throughout their lives. They are a beautiful match to us on all levels, but especially emotionally. They just deeply feel each other, and understand each other empathically.  

When you meet them it feels like a coming home, like a long lost part of you is finally in your arms – like a sense of peace, serenity, comfort and relaxation that you’ve never felt with anyone else before; and yet a love so deep and passionate, it’s inevitable and undeniable. 

No matter how hard your day is, when you see them or hear them, all is peaceful and soul-soothing. Their voice and scent are also known to you upon meeting, and you feel an unexplainable attraction to them. This is your body’s way of telling you that all parts of you feel right.

While any relationship will have its disagreements and even conflicts, you are both devoted to work through things and resolve your connection into peace again. And it flows naturally. The growth and lessons you both learn happen easier and more rapidly, because there is emotional love upon which you show respect and deeper understanding. You take care of one another, fully and completely, and their wellbeing is your priority – there is no selfishness or stinginess. You don’t feel drained in their presence, but instead – you feel peaceful, re-energized and inspired after talking to them. 

There is a deep pleasure in you when in them; their body and feelings are as if yours because of the powerful energetic bond that you share through the heart. There is a deep and strong devotion and loyalty towards one another, and unspoken vows as if you are already married and completely committed to one another. There is a primal passion and powerful sexual attraction that is mutual; making love to them feels like it’s out of this world. The heart connection is strong and your entire being opens and expands when you think of them; you want to share every part of yourself with them. You know them as truly and as deeply as you know yourself. You see and accept them with clarity.

Poem from my book The God-like Things

It feels like you are always with them; it feels like an unbreakable bond which allows you not to fear or doubt the connection, and get lost in fears of abandonment that they’ll leave. When you look back at your life, you realize that all the times when things didn’t work out or were seemingly postponed, delayed, blocked, or even “sabotaged”, was because on a soul level you knew there was someone you were meant to meet, and you were waiting to meet them.

I am my beloved, and my beloved’s mine.

~ Song of Songs 6:3

You have imprinted on one another; each bears the image of the other in the depths of their being. In other words – each person carries in themselves the image of their soulmate. The image may be smudged, but it’s there. It will always draw us further towards itself; our eyes will shift as if we are searching, watching, desiring, waiting for something; in the people we love or are drawn to, we will recognize parts of our beloved, we might even think “this is it” but it is never quite it, it is almost but not yet. Until one day, we will stand before the one who embodies everything that has possessed our soul, everything that we’ve been looking for our entire life, and we will know:

Here is the one I was made for. 

Along the way, parts of our soulmate will manifest through the words, gestures and faces of people we love and are drawn to. This is why when we finally meet, we will see how they share similar features to some of our previous partners; or why we were drawn to certain songs or movies, perhaps they were their favourite. Because of the deep soul imprint we will be born with the desire, and perhaps even the knowing, that there is someone out there for us.

When soulmates meet, they can’t say a bitter word to each other and are capable of creating together great things in life, which will inspire everyone else around them. The love they share is like a direct channel of pure love, the embodiment of divine love. They know for sure they belong to one another at first sight. They know that their bond is sacred, and that the power that created them is indestructible and unbreakable, regardless of whether they are together or apart. Their relationship may be weakened, the moment when they will finally reunite may be postponed, but they can’t be separated. There can be no end to their pleasure and happiness, and they always end up together, over and over, again and again.

The love at first sight that people talk about but rarely experience, is real for soulmates. 

The love of soulmates that appears out of the blue, by synchronicity in one’s life, is a real blessing. It is a gift and we must treasure it for there is nothing more powerful than experiencing love at such a deep level. And it is mutual. And it is known. And it feels like home. The feelings are deeper than anything ever before, and you understand why it hasn’t worked with anyone else before; in their eyes you finally see the one you’ve been looking for, and in their arms, they feel unconditionally supported.

If such love finds you – appreciate it, hold it tightly and do not let it go; nurture it and tend to it with attentiveness and care each day, because even if soul meetings are destined, it is only our own individual everyday choices that would shape the relationship thereafter. And be grateful – because love is sacred, it is blessed and it is a gift, which bears the seed of God, which means eternal love.

And so, dear reader, 

No matter if you think you’re ready or not, no matter if it makes sense or not, no matter if things look messy or undone, when it’s time, it’s time. Like rivers flow to sea, what is will always be. And in the snow covered streets, a wildrose will still bloom, and we’ll feel it a warm spring breeze, wrapping itself around our entire body. The world moves for love. It kneels before it in awe. Then, now, always.   

All photographs taken by me of the wild roses along my way, blooming amidst snow and rain.

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