ask the hawk, he knows

how you take my love across wild roses’ bed
and tie the bottom corners to my ankles

how shadows can stretch us, twist us,
re-shape us, even
tangle us but never break us

how soul touches soul on the lips

and you take my wrist
knowing it’s your wrist

and you kiss it

~ poem by Lubomira Kourteva

Have you seen hawks fly? I have the pleasure of seeing them quite often in the area where I live. This past summer, just a few months ago in fact, I had a hawk land a few feet away from me when I was walking the park one day. Their nest, as it turned out, was just a few more feet away in a tall alpine tree. I even saw the little hawks as they were learning to fly the day after. It’s truly humbling, and breath-taking, to see them in the wild, landing in such close proximity to me, even though I had previously even held a red-tailed hawk with a glove on my arm.

They are magnificent animals and there is something magnetic in their eyes and presence that really demands your respect. They have an intense stare when they look at you – it’s soul piercing. Even in captivity, even when injured, they always remain in their wild spirit and power. Even a young hawk will never show fear no matter the circumstance, and no matter how limiting or restrictive his environment may seem. Even when caged, even when hurt, they stare at you intensely, without moving their eyes away from you even for a second, they ruffle their feathers majestically – and basically, they will never ever give you a hint that they are any less powerful than before, when they weren’t hurt, and weren’t in the wild. And sometimes, their talons will still penetrate and sting even the heaviest of gloves.

Hawks are always true to themselves.

Despite broken wings, injuries and cages, and any alien environments and circumstances, their wild essence remains, and they stay true to their instincts. This is what will always guide them forward in life and this is what makes them survive.

When we ourselves settle into our authenticity, true self, intuition and innate abilities, everything else begins to align – even if it takes some time to make sense to us externally.

The wild is our soul. Unnamed, untamed, it guides us along the invisible maps and geographies that only our heart understands.             

Just like love.

And it is only through being in our true essence, in our authenticity, that we can meet the right one for us – and a deep sacred love can be born. Masks can’t fall in love.

When I see hawks, I always think of love. At least for me, they’ve always held that message.

Have you see the courting dance of hawks?

Hawks are solitary, highly independent and yet they are monogamous. After long winters apart, the male flies to a place where he chooses to settle, he builds a nest, claiming his territory, and finds his one true mate in the big wide sky. Once his eyes find her, he locks her in his sight, and dives in free fall towards her. This is then followed by a very slow speed chase. The two of them engage in a romantic courtship, soaring together, so beautifully, circling each other as if in an eternal lover’s dance, until they are perfectly aligned in synchronicity. They mate and take care of their little ones together, until the little hawks are grown and fly away. The mates then separate for the rest of the year, each of them apart and solitary as their nature is, until next year, when the time comes again, and they find each other, again. No matter how far away they’ve flown away from each other, and sometimes it’s thousands of miles away from where they bred, somehow in the vast blue skies, they find always each other.

Like hawks, we have our own paths, and part of our paths is meant to be experienced on our own. When the time comes, and it will, we will meet our beloved, and fly together, recognizing each other regardless of how many years or lives have passed.  

Let it find you.

There exists a time beyond time, where clocks are unclockable by us. There, time is a matter of timing. And when it’s time for souls to meet, it is destined, and nothing that exists here on earth can prevent them from meeting, no matter the circumstance, no matter the location, no matter our clocks.

Sometimes we might feel like we are losing ourselves, or each other, or that we forget how to come back, to ourselves, or to each other – but in these times remember: You are already with, together. Our true essence, our soul, is within us and we can hear it. Our right path is always here waiting also – and we can never stray too far from it. And what is meant for us will always find it, because it belongs to us, because it is a part of us, no matter how many thousands of miles or lives, away we are from it. No matter how long it’s been without it, at any given moment we may have it. And the one we are looking for, is also looking for us. 

Love sure can make us feel like there is no ground beneath our feet, or that we’ll fall in it so fully, so completely, that we’ll lose ourselves. But in that perceived losing, is how we actually find ourselves and come closer to who we truly are beneath the shroud of our skin.

It can also be scary to let go of our high flight – to descend a little, to be with our lover, because we might feel like we’ll lose sight of our great vision. We might fear that our ankles will have to be tied to the ground and we’ll lose not only our high vision, but also, our independence. But it’s okay to let go a little bit because: Healthy dependence is what creates true independence. For true love, eternal love, everything is worth it and we can only ever gain. Love only expands us, love only deepens us.

T h e  E t e r n a l  L o v e r s

And who are the eternal lovers anyway?

Some may call them soulmates, twin souls, the one. Beethoven called it his Immortal Beloved:

You, my life, my all, my angel, my soul. Never doubt the faithfullest heart of your beloved. Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.

Whatever we call them is irrelevant. When hearts speak, nothing else matters. Their connection is mutual and irresistible. Unexplainable, indescribable. Beyond words, unnamable. Beyond human. One thing is for certain – their love is inevitable. And it is deeper than anything else they’ve ever felt.

In a time before time beyond time, a love was written in the heavens. Eternal lovers kissed, shared a breath, shared a soul, and they’ve been together ever since.

It’s a secret only our heart knows, and only our soul remembers. A mystical calling of love that weaves and spreads like the air all around us pulling us towards itself. It’s a desire burning with an eternal flame. It’s as ancient as the beginning when we built our heavens. We may never know when our love begins, but we certainly know it has begun. 

Secret invisible threads of destiny pull us forward in life, in the form of desires. It’s all the times when our eyes shift towards the distance as if we are looking for something, waiting for something, watching for something, listening for something.

What are we seeking?

Throughout our life we are pulled towards horizons, not knowing why we are attracted to something or why we were drawn to a face, to a voice, to hands.

We feel a desire, a knowing, a something we can’t quite pin down, something that is a part of us, in us, though we’ve never had it – or at least, not yet.

It’s something that deeply possessed our soul.

Along the way there were hints of it: glimpses of almost but not yet, of almost but not exactly, of childhood echoes that faded away yet still lingered catching our ears in the wind-blown leaves. The desires that pulled us so wholebodily and wholeheartedly even when it didn’t make any sense were the secret threads connecting. Until one day we find ourselves before the landscape, which embodies everything that we have been looking for our entire life, and the echo that called us for so long swells into the sound itself. And we feel it more than one life should allow.

And we know.

Here, finally, is the one I was made for.

Eternal lovers are in each other all along.

Their marriage is never here on earth; it had already happened long ago, in a time before time beyond time.

How angels speak, true lovers speak. 

When soulmates meet, they can’t say harsh words to one another – they can only speak of love. Their eyes sparkle, their souls are in union, their faces glow, and though their love everyone else around them lights up as well. When we speak of love, we become angels on earth.

Along the way, their image was always within us. 

We’ve imprinted on each other. Each bears the image of the other in the depths of our being. In other words – each person carries in themselves the image of his eternal beloved. The image may be smudged, but it’s there. It will always draw us further towards itself. 

Along the way, our beloved will manifest through the words, gestures and faces of people we love and are drawn to. This is why when we finally meet our beloved, we will see how they share similar features to some of our previous partners; or why we were drawn to certain songs or movies, perhaps they were their favourite.

Because of the deep soul imprint we will be born with the desire, and perhaps even the knowing, that there is someone out there for us. Every person who incarnates on earth carries this hope, no matter how vague, that they will meet the one who’s possessed their soul for as long as they can remember.  

You already know this.

Each one of us expects, whether consciously or unconsciously, to one day meet the eternal lover whose eyes our soul will recognize, even if we can’t quite see it as an image yet. We carry this image so deeply within us, buried so deeply inside of us, that we just can’t see it clearly. Sometimes, we might see someone, and say “wow, this is it!” but then it turns out, it isn’t. It is easy to get discouraged along the way – because is that thing we felt deep within us, that desire, was it true? Does it really exist? 

Don’t give up hope. There was indeed something that you recognized in them, a part of your beloved, and perhaps it was your beloved manifesting in them to send you some love, through the lips, hands and face of another person.

When we meet someone we fall in love with, or just have a loving experience with, or when a love song comes on, we see a beautiful flower, have a beautiful thought, feeling, or dream, know that this is your beloved thinking of you, desiring you, wishing you happiness and sending their love to you; know they are reminding you of the mysterious eternal connection you share, and always will. 

Our beloved will take many shapes and forms, and love itself comes in different speeds, movements and shapes – might be a rose, a song, a person we fall in love, a beautiful face of a stranger passing us by on the street; just receive it and be grateful for it. There is no need to label it or rationalize it; just know that no matter the shape, no matter the how, you belong to one another, you are one another. 

Such soul deep sacred love relationships are of mutual love and devotion – they are harmonious and easy going. And there is a sense of knowing that it’s destiny, because there is immense amount of trust between the partners. And the love is deep, supportive and unconditional. You don’t have to force things.

If someone leaves you, or if you leave someone, it is because they weren’t meant for you at this time. And when it is our true beloved, fear of separation doesn’t really exist as much – because on a soul level we know we can’t be separated. So there is no doubt – there is only trust.

Of course, we’ll have hardships, challenges, human tantrums and conflicts and disagreements and every day annoyances, every relationship will have these of course, but somehow we find a way to resolve our relationship into peace – when we tune into our heart, we won’t fear.   

The secret to knowing whether this situation or this relationship or this person is the right one for you is based on the synchronicity and ease. If you find yourself in chaos while trying to reunite with this “ideal partner” and somehow nothing ever goes right, then this is telling you it is not right. Focus on yourself instead, and build more love within you. 

A marriage can go through many phases, and be divided into few inner marriages. In each phase, the relationship between the two partners will change and evolve, just as each of them changes and evolves. That’s not something to fear – it is something to embrace and dance with. Love is a dance, and it evolves and moves continuously, like the breath of life.

Every relationship will have hardships and challenges – and as such, requires deep love, devotion and commitment.

The Dalai Lama talks beautifully about the warm heart. The warm heart is when our heart is filled with love, laughter, joy, and we feel loved, and we express love, and we feel peace and comfort and soothing for our soul; we feel emotionally connected, deeply connected and we share a soul’s path of kindness and generosity. And it feels like home. And we have the space to be our true selves. This is how our heart opens in a most beautiful way. I think the right one for you, the man of your heart, will be the one who warms your heart. So find your warm heart – someone that you can trust with your life.

If the situation or relationship flows with ease, develops smoothly and naturally, without drama and obsessive craziness, then you have indeed met someone special – and that’s a gift to be grateful for. 

 Along the way, their hand is guiding us.

To allow our beloved to find us, and come through us, we must open our heart fully to the power of love, and the surrender it sometimes requires.

When we fall in love with our eternal beloved, we come into the fullness of love and God manifests through us; we become the embodiment of angels speaking sweet words and everything around us changes. We become better, kinder, more generous, more compassionate, more tender; we feel a sense of peace in their presence while also being ecstatic, and more alive than ever before.     

Our beloved is always with us and guiding us along the way, even if we haven’t yet met. We share a soul bond, a telepathic connection, and we are always connected. As long as we can tune into our heart and soul, we’ll hear them. Their love will always send us what we need whether through words, thoughts, feelings, songs, dreams, or animals on our path, and will manifest their eternal love through other people and gestures. 

When eternal lovers meet …

When these eternal lovers meet, they can’t say a bitter word to each other and will be capable of creating together great things in life, which will inspire everyone else around them. They become the direct channel of pure love, the embodiment of divine love. They don’t even need to say I love you at first sight because they know for sure they belong to one another. They know that their bond is sacred, and that the power that created them is indestructible, unshakeable and unbreakable, regardless of whether they are together or apart. Their relationship may be weakened, the moment when they will finally unite may be postponed, but they can’t ever be separated. There can be no end to their pleasure and happiness, and in divine timing, they will be meet in a destined way.

The love at first sight that people talk about but rarely experience, is real for the eternal lovers. It’s an instant powerful soul recognition. And the crossing of their paths is pre-destined, arranged by the higher realms, which is why they often meet very unexpectedly. It’s serendipity. Strong spiritual energies are involved in provoking and orchestrating these sacred meetings, stronger than electromagnetic in nature, and nothing can be stopped. 

They are forever connected through the heart; the other soul can be at the other end of the world or in the invisible world, but they are always connected together. This is the Law of Love. Space and time are irrelevant, and are incapable of interfering. This is why it’d always feel like no time has passed by when you meet, or re-meet, even after many years of not talking. Time and space don’t exist, and the only thing you feel is each other, and even in your thoughts they look the same.

While the beloveds are separated, there continues to be a pulsating astral and telepathic communication between them, even if they are unaware of it. This is the heart connection that they share and all the powerful imprints on each other’s souls, which remain throughout their incarnations. Imagine spending lifetimes with someone, or even one lifetime, where you shared a powerful love with many experiences, such as passion, children, and anything else of depth and meaning. There is an imprint of this on your being, in your soul, where the karmic remnants exist. Just imagine how hard it is to forget someone even in this life who has touched your heart in some way. They will always be connected, be able to meet again, which is also what’s known as Quantum EntaglementIn this way, they will be magnetically pulled towards going to the same place, at a specific hour, where they will meet; they will undoubtedly come together. 

The beloved is a seed

All soulmates come together to form one wholeness. By loving other people, one will be able to love their own soulmate more, and all people more. The beloved is a window through which we see all other souls and their immense beauty, so when we are in love with our soul’s beloved, we love everyone. When we love other people, we are making a connection to our eternal beloved, regardless of where they are, we are psychically and energetically sending them love. And when we meet our beloved, all contradictions and uncertainties will disappear.

True love is selfless and unconditional. It is pure and it is changeless. It doesn’t depend on who the person is, or even what they say or do for us; love is love because it is its nature and true essence. And if our love doesn’t change for our lover, then it is pure and true.

The love of true beloveds that appears out of the blue, by synchronicity in your life, is a real blessing and is the highest form of love among human beings. Whether it is romantic, or within a family or friendship, unconditional pure love is special and divine – it is a gift and we must treasure it for there is nothing more powerful than experiencing love at such a deep level. In the cases when it is romantic, it is an instant soul recognition, and an almost always a love at first sight. And it is mutual. And it is known. And it feels like home. The feelings are deeper than anything ever before, and you understand why it hasn’t worked with anyone else before; in their eyes you finally see the one you’ve been looking for all along – the one who possessed your soul long before you perhaps even knew it. And if that love finds you – appreciate it, hold it tightly and do not let it go.

Nurture it and tend to it with attentiveness and care each day, because even if soul meetings are destined, it is only our own individual everyday choices that would shape the relationship, and whether it’d continue, thrive, or fall apart. And be grateful – because love is sacred, it is blessed and bears the seed of God, which means eternal love.

And so, my dear reader,

when you see hawks fly next time in the wide blue sky, know, deeply know, that what you are looking for, is also looking for you. And it will find you. 

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