Family is sacred, and what unfolds through the years is a story of trust, a story of patience, a story of love. Soul songs recognized each other from the ocean of skies, and synchronized in a mutual dance – to come together, for two worlds to touch and kiss, and then to have their little ones, who too, as spirit babies recognized the soul songs of their parents, and synchronized, and danced, and were born.

In my very special readings that I offer, the Family Starry Sky Stories, I blend astrology, astronomy, spiritual guidance and storytelling to create your family’s special stories – how you all connect to one another and the unique paths you may walk in this life; each reading includes analysis of your charts, spiritual wisdom and guidance on the soul purpose and life’s path, special gifts and talents, how to listen to your body and wellness techniques, how each person relates to the others and to the sacred love story that your family unit is, and the gifts, wisdoms and support you may offer one another on your unique paths. Truly, these readings can be invaluable, and for the children I make sure I remain mindful of how I’ll express the insight, so that it is appropriate for their age and understanding. I make sure that I leave the many doors open for the beautiful opportunities ahead for them, while cultivating space for their imagination, and most importantly – shining a light on their unique talents, gifts and skills.

I use an astronomy software to relate the natal chart to the stories of each family member – how the sky looked like the moment you first opened your eyes on earth, how the planets travelled across and the stories your pre-natal Moon tells of your emotional evolution, and how you are each connected to each other through the constellations.

The images help to then put the stories together, showing the children the places of the sky and constellations where they share planets with their parents and siblings, so that they feel more connected to one another and see how the starry stories of life unfold; and this all also helps them understand the interconnectedness that life is. Celestial awareness allows us an opportunity for a deepening, and in a meaningful way it reminds us of our humanness, proportions, grounding us in our humbleness of this precious gift we’ve been given: to be born.

Is your sun at the paw of the lion, walking a patience of rhythm and showing your courage of soul? Is your dad’s natal Jupiter found in that part of the sky also – showing how he’d guide you on your walks for he too has walked those walks before?

Is your brother’s sun at the hand of the Virgo woman, holding the branch of wheat – and is this the same constellation where your natal Saturn sits? This may show how your brother understands you and may know to share a sweet supportive word and advise to you where you feel burdened in life – he may have the bread of soothing you need, so be sure to ask for help when you need it.

Is your Venus, who is your Ascendant ruler signifying your path in life, at the tail of the great wise whale? This gifts you with musical and artistic talents, and the deep voice of your wise heart and intuition – and trust, trust in the unique unfolding and timing of your life, for the the wave of life itself will lead you where you need to be even when you feel you can’t see the shore nor even know what sea you’re in.

Throughout the readings I often express the spiritual guidance with referring to the planets through their natural expressions, which further nourishes the interconnection that life is.

Saturn is the ruler of time and nature; he is the wise teacher that shows us the cycles of the land – that we can’t push flower seeds into ground as flowers will not grow, it is just not their time yet. Saturn shows us to walk with patience and kindness of rhythm, and learn perseverance, dedication and devotion, while remaining in integrity and aligned to higher values and virtues.

What about Venus? Well, she is our body in dream state – how we gently turn and shift to put ourselves into more comfort and balance. Venus is that which puts into balance all that isn’t yet, reminding us that balance is not static, it is dynamic. Venus is what makes forms round, which is why she rules cherries! Venus softens us through beauty – beauty of words, beauty of our hearts, beauty of our gestures and kindness. She is the hands of the sea waves which soften the roughest edges of stones and rocks at shores; and through her beautiful and loving energy, we soften hearts and minds, and we express our love through our kind words, hands and gestures.

And the Moon, our lunar maiden? She waxes and wanes like us and our bodies and our emotions, like the ebbs and flow of sea waves, like the breath in our chest, and of life itself; and yet the waning is always being by the waxing even if we don’t see it – it is whole. So the Moon teaches all of us about emotions and the ebbs and flows – and that even when we can’t see the side of the moon upon which the Sun doesn’t yet shine, it is there, all is there, it is just not seen yet; perhaps it needs time to retreat, perhaps it needs time for some privacy or to be in its own dreamy world a little, perhaps it’s just a little shy. The Moon rules our emotional world, wellbeing and inner wild lands, it rules our mother and our ability to love, it is the home of our heart, it is our church within, the cosmic womb from which seed we were born, and it shows the lineage of our soul; it is all the things our heart knows way before our hands do.

Let us open the doorways of your starry skies today dear one, traveling along the constellations and planets that you hold within your own inner world also. Each planet has its home there within stars, and then travels along too across other stars, but the home of it all is always within your own heart – you carry it all within you. Every story has a beginning, and the beginnings of our soul stories are from a time beyond time before time. You hold a universe within you – a universe of many constellations, travels of worlds within worlds within worlds, and yet you are absolutely unique – with a unique soul song!

These readings offer layers of depth, and are helpful to nurture the connections between siblings, so that they build and sustain a friendship together throughout their life. It shows them all the way in which they are each unique in their individuality, while also similar; and through both the similarities and their differences they are actually complementary and supportive of each other’s paths. For each individual I also offer wellness techniques, as it is especially important for us to learn how to listen to our bodies, our unique rhythm of life, and the environment in which our energy thrives.

The readings also help the whole family see the threads and soul songs that connect them – and thereby deepen the bond that is shared, while also respecting their unique paths. We see what gifts each of you inspire and gift to one another as a family, and how each of you connects to the other in order to inspire more togetherness and understanding as a family unit.

What I love so much about these readings is my clients then sharing with me how much they read and re-read them all as a family – how meaningful and wonderful it is for them to read it together, to learn about themselves and one another, and share in the love and deeper understanding. The insight and guidance these readings offer is invaluable and will last for many years, for a whole lifetime; but for me personally what I find makes this even more special is to see what unites you, and no matter how different you may seem or how different your unique paths of life may be, you’ll forever share the soul songs, and the invisible threads that unite you.

There is a higher spiritual purpose why people come together as a family, and it is important to remember this and have the root that will always center you – because when we have the strong roots, we become stable and unshakeable in our inner core also. The reason why the 4th house of family is at the root of the chart is because truthfully all depends on it; we share lineage of souls, we learn what love and nurturing are, and we share in dynamics and karma as well – but the peace and harmony and deepening of understanding are what leads us to love, and allows us to create better relationships and lead a fuller life of emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Whether or not you and your partner are together, or are co-parenting, these readings allow the children to see how you will always be a family; and no matter where each of you are in life, as the kids too grow up, you are all connected always. It helps the kids know their connections to one another as not only siblings but friends as well, as this will nurture their bond in adulthood. And there is so much to learn from nature and through celestial awareness; we too don’t always see the moon above us, for she waxes and wanes, and sometimes is new, hidden from our sight, but just because we can’t see her doesn’t mean she doesn’t see us – she is still there, always and forever. In times of change in life, these readings will provide the comfort of this knowing and immovable truth.

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Cover art by Margarete Petersen.

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