Following a reader’s request, today I will guide you through some of the ways to recognize fertility, childbirth and a native’s perspectives on adoption in a natal chart; and at the end of the article I will also give you some real life examples and pregnancy stories from clients of mine. Due to personal ethics, I do not wish to play God, and so in my spiritual astrology sessions I do not take on clients who ask me questions such as “Will I ever conceive; will I ever have a child; will I ever …” I am here to guide you deeper on what’s possible for you and how to reach it on your unique life’s path.

It is my belief, and I’ve seen this over and over again in my practice, that these are matters concerning soul contracts, as well as God’s will, and that’s something to be honoured and respected; and not all can always be seen through a chart, nor should it. As human beings we will never know it all, because we were never meant to know it all. The humility of this deserves to be treasured. Also – please understand that astrology is not a substitute to medicine, and you should always consult with your doctor, and not take any astrology advice over that of your trained doctor.

The job of an astrologer and any spiritual practitioner, in my opinion, is also one of a spiritual counselor, and someone who has an integrative and holistic knowledge of energy, so that they may help guide you and give you insight on what you can do on your path ahead, that would be of most benefit for you as you fulfill your soul’s purpose. At the same time, as an astrologer, you need to respect your clients enough to be honest with them. There are certain circumstances, certain charts, which do not show much indication for physical birth; and while that may be a hard thing to share, you also need to know that this may actually serve as consolation and relief to the person, because they might have been really hard on themselves whether or not that was something they needed to do in this life but didn’t etc.

For those of you interested in the spiritual aspects of conception, the mother-child soul contracts, and to learn all about conscious conception, as well as practical wellness tips on this topic, you are welcome to read my in-depth article on Spirit Babies and Conscious Conception.

And one last thing before we begin. When it comes to childbirth, it is not only a woman’s chart that matters. She can be very fertile, have strong indications for physical conception and having children in this life, and yet if her partner doesn’t have these indications this may not happen. When two people come together, souls merge and this creates a new soul: the soul of the relationship. This means that there is a new form of creation, and out of their union things will be created. Emotions, thoughts, possibilities, dreams, dharmas, soul’s paths – it will all unite. At the end of the article I will give you some examples, but I have seen this to be true, that sometimes a woman may just not be meant to have a child with a specific person, and yet once she meets the right one, she gets pregnant almost right away.

Now let’s begin.

The Natal Moon:

The single most important thing we’d look for regarding fertility and children is the natal Moon, especially for a woman (for a man you’d also consider his Sun). Our natal Moon is the lineage of our soul, the mother, our emotional and spiritual inner wildlands, our ability to love and nurture, our home within, the church of skin, the deepest part of ourselves. The Moon is also our physical wellbeing, as our bodies speak the language of the Moon. The Moon is also the womb of which we were born in this life, it is our beginning, and naturally, it will be the womb of which we birth and create also.

As it is the most important part of ourselves and fertility also – there needs to be in-depth analysis of one’s natal Moon. This means: the sign, the energy, the phase of the Moon, its constellation or nakshatra, and the major aspects that it receives, because aspects change energies.

Natal Moon Signs & Energy:

Having your natal Moon in a water sign is the clearest and most powerful indications of fertility, because water is all about fertility, and especially the signs of Scorpio and Cancer are the most powerful. Scorpio rules the house of conception i.e. the 8th house, and it is all about sex and birth; and it is also a fixed water sign, which will give it some stability. Cancer is literally the sign of the mother, home and children, so it is their natural path in life to experience this. If you look at the sky and stars more closely, you may see that the constellation of Cancer actually has a tiny cluster of little stars that resemble a beehive surrounded by animal named stars – so this symbolized a manger for the ancients – and was one of the star constellations showing the path for the three Magi towards the Christ child. What this shows is that it is in the energy of the Cancer zodiac’s pathway in this life to build a home and a family, whether this is for children or animals – to nurture a home with their love and their tending to others.

Pisces is also a water sign, and while it is good to see water in a natal chart, it isn’t as powerful as the Cancer and Scorpio energies, because of its mutable nature. Childbirth is a physical thing, we bring spirit into matter, so ideally we also want to stay away from any hard Neptune aspects. But all else being equal, all water Moons are amazing.

Having an earth sign Moon is also favourable, because again, we need something physical to ground the energy in this life, and earth energy is feminine also, so it gives fertility and abundance. The sign of Taurus is very good, because it is associated with the yoni, and with birth; its symbol the cow is a strong fertility symbol, and its astrology symbol itself looks like that yoni sexual symbol. In astrology, we look at symbols, because they have their language and importance.

Capricorn and Virgo are fine too, and while many people might consider Virgo as a “virginal sign”, so not associated with fertility, that’s not really true. Virgo is about being of service to others and devotion also, and that’s an integral part of being a mother. And if you look at the sky and the stars above us at night – you will see how the constellation of Virgo travels across our night sky, with the rotation of our earth, showing what looks like a woman lying on her back, with her legs elevated and slightly spread; and in many stories and myths, this constellation was symbolizing giving birth. Some ancients believed that this constellation was one of the main ones guiding the Magi on their path towards the virginal birth of the Christ child. Beyond the books, spirituality is not about literalism – it is about understanding the essence and then, being able to understand the meanings by interpreting these celestial messages. So please don’t burden yourself with what some text says about “this and that” position or sign in a natal chart – it really is so much more than that.

Air Moons show a person’s connection to children on a mental and intellectual level – so this is what matters to them most. These natives may be more open to adoption, even when they can conceive naturally; and in some cases, if they are experiencing trouble with conceiving, once they adopt they conceive naturally soon after. Because air energy is about the mind, to help open it to physical conception, it might be helpful for them to work with children, do some volunteer work or write children’s tales – just to open up that energy and see it on a physical level.

When it comes to fire Moons, Sagittarius is a very open sign and they may love all children, regardless of whether they are adopted or birthed of their own. While some people may think that both fire and air signs may not as favourable indications for natural childbirth – again, that’s not necessarily true. Think about it: Leo Moon. Leo loves children. In nature, Leo is all about the cubs, the pride, the family; and also, fire is about blood, about life. So there is nothing to worry about.

Natal Moon Phases:

The natal Moon phase in which you were born matters also. New Moons or Waxing Moons are about attraction and creation, so working with that energy and following that natural flow and body rhythm matters to them most when they decide to become pregnant. Full Moons or Waning Moons carry a more introspective energy in this life, so going within and doing more spiritual cleansing, is helpful – and also, praying and building their spiritual core. Do not underestimate the power of prayer and faith.

Natal Moon Nakshatra:

The birth constellation will give you additional meaning and symbology. For example, while you might have a Gemini Moon, it could fall into the Punarvasu nakshatra – and this is a highly auspicious constellation, it is actually the purest of them all. It is ruled by Aditi, who is the mother of all Gods, and naturally, children, motherhood and nurturing would be important for those natives in their soul’s path.

Natal Moon Aspects:  

This is what you need to pay most attention to – because aspects change energies. If you have a Scorpio Moon, and yet this Moon is in a hard aspect to Saturn, Pluto, 12th house lord, Neptune etc. things might happen a bit harder. You also need to consider that even if Saturn is negatively impacting this area of your life, there could still be options for pregnancy, if it is receiving aspects from Jupiter for example. You need to consider everything in astrology, because it all speaks and blends together.

The 5th House Cusp and Ruler:

The house that rules children in the natal chart is the 5th house – which also rules creative expression, romance and part of our dharma. Look at what planets are in this house, and this might give you hints; but if you have no planets, look at the cusp of the 5th house – its sign and ruler, and where that ruler is. To see the cusp properly, you’d need to use the Placidus system. Suppose you have a Leo cusp, and your natal Sun is in your 3rd house. The 3rd house is 11 places from the 5th, and this is a beautiful placements, as it shows your higher dreams and desires, and the fulfillment of these.

Now suppose that you have Virgo on the cusp, and the ruler of it is Mercury, which is again in your 3rd house in the sign of Cancer. And suppose that you also have your Moon and Venus there, well this is wonderful. You have your 5th house ruler in a water sign, along with your Moon in water, and your Venus is conjunct them too – which is the ruler of your Ascendant (physical body and path of life), so naturally all will be well!

The 3rd house is also known as the Goddess Moon Temple, and it is the house that shows the courage of the soul, our free will and manifestation; and because it is 11th from the 5th, it is a favourable placement for its ruler. Since the 3rd house rules the hands, you can increase your feminine energy through the hands such as through writing, creating, painting, making jewellery, cooking, sewing etc. You can open that energy of childbirth even through writing children’s tales, or just journaling your dreams and desire for your baby, or maybe even make clothes for dolls!

The higher hopes and dreams of our children is actually us being able to develop our own self and creative expression, to have the courage, compassion and perseverance to put in the work and efforts into our talents and gifts. And this placement, 5th in 3rd, shows even further how you are your child’s higher hopes and dreams, and they are your own also. Your child might be a very creative and talented soul, and through watching you putting in the self efforts and practicing self compassion through mastering your own skills and crafts, they too will learn this and you’ll help them along their own life’s paths. They might be here to become an entrepreneur and have their own creative business, so you’ll be important for them to learn to trust themselves and persevere with kindness and patience of rhythm. 

The 4th House:

Analyzing the natal 4th house is really important also, at least in my practice. This is because the 4th house is the foundation of us – it is the beginning of us, our deepest self, ability to nurture and to love in this life, and our family and early life. It is the house where God resides, as this is the house of our heart, ruled by the Moon, and so, it is the home of our heart; and our heart is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness.

There are two houses in the chart that rule the heart: the 4th and the 5th. And there are two chambers of the heart: one receives blood, and the other pumps out blood – this is how we are alive. The 4th house is the one receiving – we learn to receive love and to be nurtured; and then in our 5th house, we give rise to our creative self expression, born out of that love, and we nurture others also, including children. So analyze the 4th house also, because this is the house known as our key to happiness; and one needs to have some peace and harmony within their home within, and with their family, as this clears out that channel and lineage.

The Ascendant, and the Path of Life:

You also need to consider the overall chart beginning with the Ascendant, as all is telling you a story and a natural unfolding that may happen in this person’s life. The Ascendant is our path of life, and it is our physical body also, how we come into this life, with our first breath – so ideally, it would be great to see its ruler making a harmonious aspect to the 5th ruler, or with the Moon, because this will show you that creativity and children are important for this person’s path of life, and they also have the body for the childbirth to happen through them. When analyzing the Ascendant, consider the sign, element, constellation, ruler placement and aspects. 

North Node, South Node and Jupiter:

You may also need to consider the North Node, or Rahu, and also the Atmakaraka, because this will show you what would be most important for the native, and where their soul is pulling them towards – the desires it needs to fulfill. For some people, childbirth may come later in life, because they first needed to complete something else. We all should know that having a child is a big responsibility, and once you have a family that would become the priority, so naturally, if the soul longed to complete something important for its evolution and growth, it’ll usually first focus on that.

Some people have really negative things to say about the South Node, or Ketu, being in the 5th house, but again, as all else, it really depends on the overall chart. In Ancient Bulgaria, the symbol of the South Node is a woman who sits on the ground with her hands open to the skies. This is what the South Node is: spiritual, a monk, prayers, surrender, it is the essence of things. Its highest lesson is detachment from the desires associated with it, so for example, people who have Ketu with their Venus, to bring in love and money, they need to actually detach from it. They should volunteer, do charity, stop running after love and relationships, and once they surrender to the will of God, all will more naturally come to them.

So when Ketu is associated with the 5th house or the Moon in some way, spiritual practice becomes important, and prayer may help you too. Also, don’t share too much on social media about wanting children, keep this private to yourself, as Ketu is about privacy and the inner world. Focus on charity, and being of service to others, especially things related to children. Some people believe that Ketu may give you twins, because it’s an energy that multiplies things.

On the other hand, the symbol for the North Node, or Rahu, is that same woman sitting on the ground, with her legs wide open. It is about bringing spirit into matter – Ketu is spirit, and Rahu is that forming on earth. So while there could obstacles and challenges on that path, as it is something new to us that we are learning to do in this life, opportunities will arise, and of them, you will put your work and effort, persevere, with a kindness and patience of rhythm. It’s part of your destiny.

We may also look at Jupiter – sign, house placement, aspects – because Jupiter is the significator of children, the 5th house, our dharma, and it essentially shows the pleasure of children, as well as our respect and wisdom. Some will say that you are neither your Sun, nor Moon, nor Ascendant – you are Jupiter. And Jupiter is what you’ve here to contribute as life’s work, and higher focus of life, what you will give to humanity and life itself.

Now let’s go through some examples.

Real Life Stories:

As I mentioned in the beginning, it is not just a woman’s chart, but also her partner’s and their synastry. I had a client once who was wondering about the higher purpose of a past relationship, and whether she had made the right choice, so I looked at their synastry. The backstory was that she always wanted to have a child, to be a mother, be married, ever since she was a little girl. She had a nice relationship with this guy for many years, but for one reason or another, she always felt a strong intuition, a very physical gut feeling of ughhhh, each time he spoke of having children with her and getting married. As the relationship progressed, and he really pushed for marriage and children, she couldn’t ignore her feelings anymore, as she felt physically nauseous at the thought of children with him; so she separated from him.

Well, that was the right choice for her. It was clear as night and day that he wasn’t the one for her, and there was another man with whom she was going to be absolutely in love with and have her child with him – and she did! She listened to her intuition, her gut, and she had the courage to be truthful to herself and to him about her feelings, and then make a choice. And the reason behind her powerful gut feelings was actually because they shared a karmic rope.

In synastry, depending on what the client is describing, I may sometimes look at whether they share a karmic rope or not. Some karmic ropes are unfortunately really hard, and can bring a lot of negative things, so it was actually a blessing for her, and for him, that they didn’t have a child together. Of course, every child is a blessing, but you need to listen to your gut and intuition, because karmic ropes are not easy; and while yes, there are remedies to relieve or heal the karma, it is best to know exactly what you are getting into, and out of that knowledge, make a discerning choice whether or not you want to pursue the relationship or go your separate ways. You need to understand and be discerning whom you choose to be with in this life. I can’t say this enough, but choosing a partner is essentially making a choice on the kind of life you will live.

Another example along those lines is a woman who was married for almost ten years to someone; they had been physically trying to conceive for years but nothing was happening. Due to many reasons, the marriage fell apart; and out of nowhere she is asked to go to some bar with a friend. There, she meets the love of her life who is from another continent; she moves there, and within a month of their relationship she is pregnant. She now has two kids, and she was in her late thirties when she conceived her first.

So let’s talk age – because as women we are constantly bombarded with this and carry so many burdens in our psyche because of it. Another client of mine, she is French, lives in France with her husband, very successful in her career; and because she wanted to focus on building her business, for which she has real talent and skill in, they didn’t begin trying for a child until she was in her thirties also. They tried for a year, and nothing. They go their doctor, and he says, “Well, look you’re just too old now.” She is devastated, crying, feeling depressed, until one of her clients shares the number of another doctor, a fertility specialist, whom she calls because he lives in another country. They have a five minute talk on the phone – in which he laughs and says, “Oh, you’re so young still, don’t worry about this at all!” This phone call makes her feel so relieved, like a burden dropped from her entire body; and guess what – within the next couple of months, she conceived while on vacation and having lots of fun!

I personally know women and friends of mine who have had their first born in their forties, with natural conception. Please do not put additional stress on yourself reading things online constantly about age and clocks ticking. The best you can do is take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, tend to your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health as much as you can.

Another example is a woman, she is also French but lives in Italy with her husband. She has been suffering with endometriosis, and had to have surgery because of the condition; and her doctor told her that basically, her chance of becoming a mother some day, after this surgery, which was unavoidable, was close to zero. Being a mother was always her dream, and this devastated her. And look, I am not a doctor, so I have absolutely no idea how these things happen – but after the surgery, her husband took really good care, and in some way, she shared with me, she just accepted that she won’t give birht naturally, but they can still have kids perhaps in other way. This sense of acceptance that came upon her, only God knows how and when and why things happen, but four months after her surgery and being told she won’t be pregnant and a mother in this life, she expected conceived! She couldn’t believe what the test was showing! And guess what – she is now expecting her second baby, due in a month!

Next is a woman, who is now in her sixties – and she shared how she always wanted to stay home, be a mom, a wife, but that just didn’t happen for her. And yet she wondered – was that suppose to happen, did I do something wrong, was it part of my soul’s purpose yet I didn’t do it? The astrology offered her the consolation and clarity she needed, and she felt a sense of peace knowing that all was as meant to. And while she didn’t have children herself, she had spent a life of giving so much love and guidance to people through her work; she created so many things (and our creations such as businesses, books and art carry the energy of birth also), and she also now had a beautiful group of women that she was counseling, and they were like her daughters. She also had a beautiful life of distant travels, living abroad in various countries and exploring (she is still travelling to all these exotic and exciting places that she absolutely loves!), and she just loves being creative in many ways. Essentially, this was exactly why she came here in this life – this was what her soul desired to experience and fulfill, and she did.

Another example is a couple who came to me – they had been trying for a long time to conceive, and their doctor said that perhaps it was time to look for other options such as adoption. So they reached out to me asking whether I could confirm this through their charts, so that they can have some peace. I don’t like to give false hope, but I also respect my clients enough to be honest with them about what I see in their charts, and I am also not a doctor, so don’t take astrology as medical advice nor absolute answers – but essentially, what I saw, very clearly, were strong and clear indications for physical conception from both of them. They did have some hard transits happening at the time, both in their synastry and in their natal charts, and also some hard Saturn aspects, which were indicating complications or obstacles, or things taking longer than usual; so I suggested that they continue a bit more, do some wellness techniques based on their energy and charts, because it might very well happen naturally in the near future. And it did. I am not saying this will always be the case for everyone, but in this particular case it did.

And the last example that I’ll share is of a woman, who went to a psychic to ask: “My daughter wants to have a baby, and is so worried because they’ve trying for so long now and nothing is happening. Will she have a child in this life?” The psychic laughed and said, “Yes, she will, don’t worry, I know these things. But she’ll need to walk a bit of a path to get there, and that would then become the name of the child.”

Well, years go by, and still nothing. The daughter goes through so many treatments, fertility things, moves through anxiety, hopelessness and extreme physical exhaustion, with little glipses of hope somewhere in between holding the dream of her child in her heart. One day her hormonal levels improve, and the doctor proposes that they do IVF, because “that’s the best it’ll get, and it’s now or never”. She chose never. As she walked out of that clinic, finally a burden dropped from her. For the first time in many years she felt clarity and peace. She didn’t want to put her body through more physical pressures, stress and anxiety, and go into further debt because of the expensive treatments. “If it’s God’s plan, it’ll happen, and if not, we’ll adopt as I’ll love my baby any way it comes” she said, and finally she felt free.

Well, you guessed it. She conceived naturally, and very unexpectedly, some time after. Today she has three children, driving mad around the house, and yet she is absolutely happy. Her first born was a girl, and she named her Faith – to remind her of the faith she needed to have along the way – faith in herself and her body, faith in God, faith in life itself and its natural unfolding and timing. Because outside of our manmade clocks are the other clocks – with hands unstrikeable and unclockable by us. But when it’s time, it’s time.

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