In my article The Astrology of Fertility and Children, we discussed how our natal moon is the most important indicator for fertility. Our natal moon shows the lineage of our soul, our ability to love and to nurture, our mother and understanding of what family truly means for us; our natal moon is the home of our heart, our deepest part of ourselves and offers wellness tips for our holistic wellbeing, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our natal moon essentially shows how we create and birth things, because it is the womb within which we were born, and of which we’ll create.

Whether you book a natal moon session with me, or a soul purpose astrology session, analyzing your natal moon is very important. And it isn’t just the sign – it is also about its constellation, house placement, and most importantly the aspects that it receives – because aspects change energies. If you have a Leo moon, but it is receiving hard aspects from Saturn, this would give you a Capricorn energy; or if that moon is sitting in the 2nd house, or with Venus, it will act more like a Taurus moon.

And the other thing I pay close attention to is the phase of your natal moon – because this shows your path of soul’s evolution and how you bring things in your life. While you might have read that we sew new seeds on each month’s new moon – this isn’t necessarily true for every woman; because if you were born on a full moon, your new beginning is the full moon each moon. Our natal moon phase also shows the most probable time of conception – and this is what we’ll discuss today, so let’s begin.

Our Natal Moon & Lunar Conception:

Our bodies speak the language of the moon. We wax and wane, and we all go through our cycles, just like the cycles of the land, and the moving waters of the waves – the ebbs and the flows.

As I mentioned, often times in my sessions I give my clients wellness techniques and routines they can practice that are unique to their energy flow, and we always begin with the natal moon – what her language is, how you can listen to your body and give it its needs. For us as women especially, our natal moon is perhaps the most important part of our chart. It is our natural flow, and connect to our body, all within as well as skin. Self care is of course a holistic process, and as much as we care for our physical self, we should also spend time each day caring for our emotions, our mind and our spiritual inner life. Our moon is actually all of these in one.

Our natal moon shows the lineage of our soul, and its constellation is like the womb through which we incarnated, and the soil within which we were first planted as little seeds. It is important to understand our nature, to then know how to nurture ourselves and what we need. Our natal moon is the deepest part of us, the most intimate and almost sacred, because it is the home of our heart and rules our emotional and spiritual inner wildlands.

In the Mohawk language, one word for midwife is iewirokwas. This word describes that “she’s pulling the baby out of the Earth”, out of the water, or a dark wet place. Connecting to the natural elements and aligning ourselves to our natural flow is important, which is what deeper analysis of our natal moon shows us, and why I focus so much on it in my astrology session with my clients. It is about wellness and keeping all aspects of our body in balance.

Being the womb of which we incarnated, being the flow of our feminine yin energy and our body’s natural rhythm, and being ruled by the intuitive waters, our moon sign is also connected to fertility and conception.

Our monthly moon phase return is our personal new beginning when our energy pulls in and attracts the strongest, just like we were pulled into this earth to be born, and it is said that that’s when women usually conceive.

Some people will say that a woman is most likely to conceive during a full moon, but that’s not necessarily true – because every woman is unique. It is not the moon above that matters, it is the moon within us.

The phase of our natal moon essentially shows where she was in the sky relative to the sun. It can be new moon (when sun was conjunct the moon), waxing moon (when moon was moving away from the sun), full moon (when the sun was opposite the moon) or waning/dark moon (when the moon was approaching the sun). During each month, when the transit moon returns to our natal moon phase is actually the time when our energy is strongest – it is like our personal new beginning. This is when we conceive new ideas that may later become creative projects, and we plant the intentions for our month ahead.

I know of this from old folk healers and traditions, and my own lineage and experience – that a woman is most fertile during the time of month when the difference in degrees between the transiting sun and moon are the same as the difference between the sun and the moon in her natal chart. In other words, at the time of month when the transit moon phase is the same as her natal moon phase, and within five degrees of it. For example, if you are born on a waxing crescent moon, each month when the transit moon phase is waxing crescent, your chance of conceiving increases significantly. If that aligns with your ovulation, within five days of the moon phase, you’ll have the highest rate of conceiving during that time. Moon phase conception works in alignment to ovulation windows, so naturally, you’d want to keep track of your cycle, health and fertility indications as these will always be your primary consideration.

Nonetheless, research has shown that 80% of pregnancies occur during these periods of astrological fertility, and that only 20% of pregnancies occur during periods of ovulation that do not coincide with astrological fertility. Most of this research was done by Dr. Eugen Jonas who had a fertility clinic and thus, was able to test his method for several years with numerous clients. While this approach is of course very simplistic, and cannot guarantee nor predict conception, the moon phase technique has been used by astrologers and healers for decades as a complement to all else.

Please try not to stress out during these dates, or put too much pressure on yourself thinking “it has to be now!”. You know yourself best, and if you feel that you will feel that pressure, it is best not to know them. For those of you that do have them, use them as a way to have some love making time, as well as me-time, indulging in some pleasures with dressing up, going to a spa, or eating whatever you want, and do only what pleases you! And of course, have a lot of sexy spicy time with your partner – make love and focus on the pleasures and the love you feel for one another; and spend some time re-connecting on an emotional level because sometimes life can get too busy. Also, perhaps try some new lingerie, and get a little playful or spontaneous (perhaps kinky too)! Spirit babies love playful and joyful energy, they love love and are attracted to passion also, so use this time in whatever way it aligns you to your own love, passions, creativity and joy. And more than anything – trust yourself, trust your body, trust the divine timing of your life.

For those of you wishing to read more on spirit babies and conception, you are welcome to read my article on Spirit Babies and Conscious Conception.

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How else can you use your natal moon phase?

Alternatively, you may use it as a birth control complement or guidance, being mindful of this frame of time each month.

You can also use it to align to your personal new beginning, and plant seeds for your month ahead. You can set new and fresh intentions, and be mindful of what ideas and inspirations show up for you during that time. You can use the days prior for more rest and retrospection, honour your body’s natural need for relaxation and quietness, do some cleansing or purification – so that you are ready and refreshed for your new beginning.

Knowing our personal phases allows us an opportunity for a deepening – to know the language of our body, it’s natural rhythm and flow of energy.

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