As I recently launched my new service Spiritual Bath Guides, I thought that today we can briefly talk about the natural flow of our energy according to our natal moon phase. When we understand and are aligned to our natural inner flow, things in our life happen with greater ease and synchronicity, thereby creating a sense of increased well-being, and expression of our natural abilities and talents.

Our natal moon is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of our chart. The moon is connected to our inner world, our well-being, our nurturing and nourishment, our emotional connection and expression, our creativity, our intimacy and relationships, our mind and our heart, our memory and subconscious, our natural rhythm and natural flow of energy, and it rules the deepest part of ourselves – the home within. It is the place most intimate and sacred within the physical, spiritual and emotional wildlands that define us and carry us through life. It is the church within – the hearth of flames where we settle to warm ourselves. It is the love that returns us to love; it is the voice that calls us to remember ourselves. It also rules our intuition, inner guidance compass, and inspired creativity; and it is our yin energy through which we can manifest and bring all into our loving, caring hands. In Shamanic astrology, the moon shows the lineage of our soul and some of the many natural gifts and skills that we come into this life with. In this way, it also reveals some of our greatest spiritual strengths.

Our natal moon is the moon at which we were born and you can find this in your natal chart. The phase of our natal moon essentially shows where she was in the sky relative to the sun. It can be new moon (when sun was conjunct the moon), waxing moon (when moon was moving away from the sun), full moon (when the sun was opposite the moon) or waning/dark moon (when the moon was approaching the sun). During each month, when the transit moon returns to our natal moon phase is actually the time when our energy is strongest – it is like our personal new beginning! So even if traditionally new moons are the times of new beginning and initiating ideas, perhaps for you it might be during the waxing crescent if that was your natal phase. 

For women particularly, the moon is very important for their wellness, emotional balance and natural rhythm alignment. As women, we mainly flow through our feminine energy. Feminine energy is magnetic, which means that we pull in things, we attract things, we receive – and we do this through our heart center and our emotions. Yin energy flows through both water and earth, emphasizing the importance of our emotional body and of physical nurturing. On the other hand, masculine energy is electric, as thoughts too are electric, and so it is initiative, it is giving, it is the solar arc of the sun and the fiery sword of yang energy that flows through the elements of fire and air.

While feminine energy will always pull in and attract, as this is its essence and natural flow, and masculine energy will always have its more outward expression, movement and direction, our natal moon phase shows us how to be in greater alignment to ourselves and where our spiritual strengths are. If you were born during a new moon or waxing moon, you are a master at attracting and you attract further by creating more. If you were born during a full moon or waning moon, then your energy flows better when you focus on cleansing and clearing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t attract, but your magnetism flows best when it comes through subtraction. In other words, you attract when you subtract. As such, your spiritual strengths will be in cleansing, banishing and removing obstacles; while for new and waxing moons, their strengths will be in magnetism, attraction, creation and birthing new things.

Let’s delve further, and of course as always, keep in mind that these are only general descriptions. Your moon sign, nakshatra, house placement and planetary aspects, as well as the current cycle of your life, will give you a more in-depth analysis specific to your unique energy. Astrology is not meant to put you in a box, but to give you an additional perspective or a stepping stone as you explore your unique inner pathways of self and interconnection.

New Moon or Waxing Moon

Spiritual Strengths: 

Natural Attraction, Magnetism, Growing, Birthing New Things, Seed Planting, Manifestation through Accumulation and Creation, Nurturing, and Resource Generation

New moon and waxing moons are natural generators. It is very easy for them to attract and they can be powerful and magnetic in their manifestations. Their natural abilities and powers are in creating new things, birthing new things, attracting new things, and then growing them and amplifying them through nurturing, devotion and care.

To attract even more into their life, they need to focus on their creativity and create even more, or plant seeds for something new. Their well-being and natural flow of energy is one of nurturing, creating and nourishing. They have big reserves of energy within themselves, so all is naturally pulled towards them through their powerful and magnetic auras.

New moons are born when the sun and moon are conjunct – meaning that their energy of yin and yang are perfectly married and flowing in unison. The lineage of their soul (moon) is united to the fire force that drives them forward in life (the sun) creating a powerful one-directional energy that acts as a magnet. They are also born during the evolutionary cycle of their soul of new beginnings and new growth, so their lives usually revolve around creating new things and birthing new ideas born of their true heart’s desires. They are curious, energetic and passionate, and should continue to nurture these fires. Their desires are in many ways their inner compass and intuitive guidance.

What new moons and waxing moons need to be mindful of is discernment. As powerful magnets, they may find that things come very easily to them, which is why they need to discern what to accept and what notto, as well as where to invest their energy. They also have powerful heart centers and need to take care of their emotions, keeping connection to their heart – which is their initiatory portal towards higher consciousness expansion. They should absolutely follow their true heart’s desires and focus on what makes them feel good and happy – but they need to discern what’s true heart’s desire versus what is ego desire. If they feel down, they should focus on their creativity, passions, and whatever gives them true joy; and they should stay away doing things that they don’t like, as well as stay away from people and relationships that are unfulfilling or contracting/limiting.

Full Moon or Waning Moon

Spiritual Strengths: 

Natural Protectors, Releasing, Shielding, Clearing, Road Opening, Purging, and Neutralizing Obstacles

People born on a full moon or waning moon best flow in their energy when they are focusing on clearing and cleansing. Full moon babies are born when the sun opposed the moon, which can sometimes create an energy of conflict and inner tension, as heart and mind may not be aligned through action. A big part of their spiritual path will be about introspection and self-development, as they have come to a kind of culmination from their past and now have to open roads and remove blocks to continue further in greater alignment and evolve their soul. Their greatest spiritual strengths are in being natural protectors, purification and clearing energy, and they can become masters at teaching others in areas that have to do with cutting energetic ties or psychic protection.

Manifestation for full moon and waning moons happens easier when they have first cleared something from their lives. In other words, they attract through subtraction. This doesn’t mean that they can’t attract as easily as the new and waxing moons – but they need to learn how to eliminate things from their life first, and how to purify their own energy, so that all flows more naturally and to their highest benefit. In general, even cleaning the house will always help before starting something new or inviting new energy to flow in. This also means that whenever they feel down, the key to their well-being is to focus on spiritual cleansing, purging, purification and psychic protection. All of these will help balance and clear their emotional body, restore their energy, heal any inner wounds, and cleanse their auric field.

The above don’t mean that new or waxing moons can’t clear and cut energetic ties, or that full and waning moons can’t attract and manifest. It is only about where your natural strengths and skills are, and how to align to your natural flow so that you create more easily.

For example, some people were born with a natural talent to play the piano, and so they will learn it easier. This doesn’t mean that no one else could ever learn the piano and become a master – but it will just require a bit more effort, energy and dedication.

Apply this philosophy to all in your life. Don’t put yourself in a box – just be aware of your energy, so that you know where and how to work with it. When we are aligned to our natural flow, we follow the rhythm of our body and of our life more easily and are more connected to our inner self. That’s the biggest magic of all.

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